Ohio news coming?

Submitted by trueblue262 on December 19th, 2011 at 7:01 PM
There has been a few tweets thrown out there about them getting notice from NCAA, and no new sanctions. Don't know if credible sources but really? How is that possible? I would love to see an uproar from places other than Ann arbor



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anger management classes.  But I totally agree with every f'ing word.  I want them tro get totally screwed by the NCAA, but it will never happen.  I have never had so little faith in my fellow man as I have with the NCAA in this case.  NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING will happen to them.


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USC would have,  but I remember reading something along the lines of an institution like the NCAA unfairly discriminating against certaing members, i.e. harsh punishment for USC, light punishment for Ohio, violates anti-trust law. I'll work on finding the article.


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There has got to be enough ethical/conflict of interest stuff here to at least blow up the entire inner sanctum ot the NCAA! If what Meyer is saying to recruits is true, and those at Ohio knew well in advance of the final hearing/announcement of findings and penalties what was going to transpire, then I think it is also safe to assume that there was some influence over the decision making process as well.

If nothing else happens, Ohio has cost MSU more than they cost themselves. The NCAA should certainly look at what one school's violations cost other schools, i.e. a Sugar Bowl Appearance, a Big 10 Championship (Wouldn't it have been outright for MSU last year w/o the 3-way tie or am I mistaken?) 

At any rate, I suppose we should reserve meltdown mode for 3PM to avoid looking like a bunch of  whiners.

Indiana Blue

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this year I think it is VERY obvious that the tsio owns not only the NCAA's gonads, but the replay officials too.  I am actually VERY surprised that the blocked extra point at Purdue wasn't reviewed ... and then determined that Purdue was offsides.

Moral of the story .... cheat (for a decade), give players money, tattoos and cars (drugs? - no way huh), then get caught, the lie, cheat and lie again.  Fire the coach ... no wait  -  he retired (gets his retirement money  -  bribery?) .....   oh poop .... oh well, time to get a new coach anyway.  NCAA sanctions  -  WTF everyone is innocent, but we'll remove 5 schollies over the next 3 years.  Bowl ban .... are you kidding  -  we are That school in ohio!

Go Blue! 


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I don't think the NCAA will visit the concept of sanctions until the World Wide Leader's Supreme Court of Ohio FERPA lawsuit is settled. The World Wide Leader is investing a lot of resources into chasing the Tressel/Sarniak email trail...now why would that be?

I suspect the NCAA is at least somewhat aware of what is contained in those emails and if/when their content is released to the World Wide Leader any premature ruling on a lack of sanctions etc would make the NCAA look far more toothless, ineffective and in Ohio's pocket.

It's not like ESPN is bringing a knife to a gunfight on this one, either. They got scooped on the first set of Ohio problems but it looks like they are in it for the long run on this one. 


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to the last few weeks when there were numerous signs nothing would happen to Ohio or to the last 20 years of NCAA impotence. 


Its been clear for awhile that Ohio was basically going to get off scott free.

we the roses

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reading somewhere that USC would really look into suing the NCAA if Ohio did not receive worse/similar santctions that they did. Would love to see how that turns out...


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Fortunately (because I"m sick of this bullshit), or unfortunately (becuase Ohio won't be punished) this is the way it is likely to come down. The NCAA is nothing without schools like Michigan, or OSU, or the Big 10 or the SEC.  If the NCAA comes down harshly, they speed the exodus of fhe major conferences from the NCAA and into a separate playoff, which we've been discussing from some time.  In all seriousness, the SEC, Big 10, Big 12 and maybe the PAC no longer need the NCAA anyway.  Why not a four division playoff?  The NCAA knows this and will tread very lightly against powerhouses as a result.


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Hate to say it, but I think the rumors are probably true and that they won't face much additional discipline (perhaps another year of probation or an additional scholarship reduction). The pattern with the NCAA is that if you cooperate with them and pretend like you take the matter seriously, they generally accept your self-imposed sanctions (in the absence of truly shocking and egregious conduct). OSU is at least pretending to cooperate and take the matter seriously (emphasis on pretend). That's the crucial distinction between OSU and USC. USC didn't even act like it cared.  


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Yahoo! had already informed the world of Cicero's e-mails before OSU self-reported. They claim they would have self-reported anyway and no doubt they had already started the process before Yahoo! published, but there's also little doubt they would have already been aware that Yahoo! had the scoop and was going to print.


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that what Clarkie from Canada is right: that the NCAA is backing off until it sees what happens with the espn demand.

And then, no matter what, they will do nothing - nothing major anyway. There is no way meyer is 'guessing' about the total lack of sanctions while he recruits: he already knows. At worst, the very worst, they will get docked 3 schollies next year max.

I've been saying it all along, as much as everyone wants to see them go down, Gee and Smith have the NCAA and Emmert in their pocket. All the blame is on people no longer there (I'd say not associated with the program, but of course Martyr Tress is available anytime on campus for pre-game motivational speeches).


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Given the lack of a playoff system and the presumed lack of punishment for OSU, I was wondering if we could do anything to apply pressure the NCAA (calling any film majors). Below is a proposed documentary script that would force the NCAA to do the right thing
1. Overview of recent scandals, Auburn, Ohio State, Oregon, etc. With specific emphasis on how poorly the NCAA investigated and how light the proposed penalties have been. Including follow up interviews with ESPN, SI, and Yahoo informants to see how thorough the NCAA investigated. Furthermore, trying to understand how/why OSU players were allowed to play in a BCS bowl, when they were known to have broken the rules. Then when finally suspended Prior was allowed to leave for the NFL and not cooperate with investigations. Then Tressel gets fired (after many unbelievable quotes by the administration) only to receive full benefits and pay. Furthermore, he comes back and address the team before games (paid for doing nothing and still talking to the team...is that even punishment). But if that wasn’t enough, then the NCAA gives OSU (which should be in the dog house) an exemption to allow two coaching staffs, thus giving them an advantage over other “non cheating” programs.
2. Transitions to discussion about how the NCAA has developed the BCS bowl system and a means to maximize profits for bowl non-profits and large universities. And display how playoffs are used at all other levels of college football and could easily be implement instead of the BCS.
Up until this point everything listed has been seen before and may create some buzz, but lets face it, people love college football so it won’t have much impact on the all important NCAA $$$ steam. However see connection 3 & 4.
3. Penn State – Connect that the NCAA’s drive for money has clearly created an situation where $$$ outweighs morals, integrity, and common sense. Thus, the win at all cost environment allowed the horrors of child molestation to take place in Happy Valley. Think grand jury documents.
4. So who’s responsible?? Guess what, not the NCAA. It the NCAA’s sponsors. Split screen each of the NCAA’s sponsors with Sandusky and personally thank them for providing the $$$ that created the environment for morals and integrity to be ignored.
Given the huge fan base of the teams highlighted in the production and the huge followings of their rivals, a large audience would be expected. Sponsors would flee the NCAA quicker than they left Tiger.  What do you guys think?


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You're hoping for cooperation from Yahoo, SI, ESPN with commentary on how thorough the NCAA investigations were, but if they get wind of your eventual goal in #4 I don't think you'll get it. From their perspective, scandal is good but real damage to advertiser interest in the sport is not. They are not going to do anything at all to help you pair sponsors' images with Jerry Sandusky.


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I'll but it when I see it.  The NCAA isn't going to let this stuff go unpunished - it might not be stoning Ohio back to the stoneage, but only the most blind/optimistic Ohio fans honestly believe that they will skate by with no additional sanctions.


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Well, you could say he locked down Ohio, on the other hand you could say that Ohio's recruiting allowed them to lock down Ohio.  Another way of saying that is that Ohio cheated in many ways in recruiting, and after the kids got to school, which developed a very substantial advantage in recruiting, since it made it harder for clean schools to poach Ohio students.  As an example is Ted Ginn Sr., and the shananigans between he and ohio.


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Which sanctions are you talking about -- the ones that are coming down this week, or the ones that will be coming after the Ohio Supreme Court unleashes incriminating emails that Ohio State never disclosed to the NCAA?

I'm only slightly joking.  Don't sleep on ESPN v. Ohio State.  It's for real.  I'd say there's a 30-40% chance of something wicked sprouting from it.

Obviously, that's pure speculation, but hey... what else are we supposed to do on the internet?


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I checked the Twitters and didn't find anything brewing from the Ohio State crew about what the penalty would be.  However, I did find some speculation about timing from Ramzy at 11W and a Buckeye reporter for Fox:

Ramzy Nasrallah

Have been told Ohio State's NCAA verdict should be out no later than Wednesday. That's 12/21, the anniversary of the Tatgate news breaking.
in reply to ↑

Marcus Hartman
Yeah we've heard it will probably be Tuesday


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There is no punishment the NCAA could hand down to Ohio State that would satisfy the MGoUsers.

There is no punishment the NCAA could hand down to Ohio State that wouldn't have the Ohio State fanbase crying unfair.

USC sanctions: 

(just listing the relevant football bits, not things like censure or vacated wins or probation that are meaningless, unless you cheat again)

Postseason ban for the 2010 and 2011 football seasons.

Reduction of football scholarships by 10 for the next three academic years.


UM sanctions:

Reduction of 130 hours practice time.  (This was self imposed not NCAA ordered)


OSU self imposed penalties:

Reduction of 5 football scholarhips fot the next three academic years.

Head coach Jim Tressel forced out


1.  You are insane if you think Michigan got hit harder by the NCAA for stretchapalooza than Ohio State will get hit for this.  Scholarships are the lifeblood of a football program.

2.  The Ohio State administration was insane not to take a postseason ban this season.  Yeah, next year will hurt them when they try to completely change offensive philosophies with almost complete turnover in the offensive line and no receivers.  They aren't going to be competing for a conference title then.  But they didn't want any potential post season ban to stretch into the 2013 season when Miller is in year 2 under Meyer.  Now that possibility exists. 




Picktown GoBlue

December 19th, 2011 at 11:13 PM ^

To put the punishments into the same units of measure, USC got reductions of 30 scholarships over 3 years vs. the 5 over 3 years that OSU has self-imposed (10-10-10 vs. 2-2-1).

I think I'd be satisfied if osu got something more than they've self-imposed.  You've failed to mention all the vacated games that they've also self-imposed...

But what I'm expecting is for the NCAA to line up both coaching staffs, Gene Smith, JT, and president Gee along Woody Hayes Drive, have them each hold out their wrist, then have Emmert daintily slap each of them.  Hopefully as he's dressed in either a mime outfit or a ballet tutu.


December 19th, 2011 at 11:54 PM ^

Honestly, I've stopped caring about this. The OSU sanctions will just be one more reason why the NCAA is a hypocritical farce. Let's get back to settling it on the field.


December 20th, 2011 at 12:36 AM ^

There will be too much schadenfreude among Ohio fans as they witness the angst in Michigan when nothing happens to Ohio. I have a suspicion Hoke doesn't care, and just wants to settle things on the field. I believe he will. And that we will be happy with the results.


December 20th, 2011 at 7:43 AM ^

I doubt the PAC12 will raise too much of a fuss if OSU doesn't get any further sanctions.  It's in the best interest of the B10 that OSU doesn't get hammered.  The PAC12 and BIG10 have always had an alliance because of the Rose Bowl.  That being said USC will feel like they were screwed.  Personally, I would love to see OSU get the death penatallity because they deserve it and most of their fans are jerks.


Waldorf Wolverine

December 20th, 2011 at 9:25 AM ^

According to the Ohio AD:



Goes nicely with the Times' previous report stating that the NCAA is basically powerless.  


Because it does not have the manpower to comprehensively police the more than 1,000 member institutions, the N.C.A.A. largely relies on a system of self-reporting. It urges colleges to come forward when they know of wrongdoing, promising lighter penalties than if violations are exposed other ways.


Of major cases, less than half are self-reported. But, Roe Lach said, among secondary violations, some “99.9 percent” of the 4,000 or so enforcement processes are self-reported.


“In 100 years of the N.C.A.A., it has never worked,” Ridpath said of the self-reporting model.