Ohio news coming?

Submitted by trueblue262 on December 19th, 2011 at 7:01 PM
There has been a few tweets thrown out there about them getting notice from NCAA, and no new sanctions. Don't know if credible sources but really? How is that possible? I would love to see an uproar from places other than Ann arbor



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It sucks if it's true, but the only people who care outside of Michigan and Ohio are schools that got punished more severely, and their voices won't be taken seriously.  I hope the rumors are false.


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Early on in the process the PAC12 made some noise about watching this closely and that they wouldn't tolerate a double standard.  We'll have to see what they do. 

Likely not much though because I doubt they want the NCAA to dig any deeper at Oregon.  We could very well have a deal along the lines of no bitching over the tOSU sanctions in exchange for that whole "Chip Kelly pays people thousands of dollars" thing not getting looked at.  


December 19th, 2011 at 7:10 PM ^

"but the only people who care outside of Michigan and Ohio are schools that got punished more severely"

You repeat yourself. What absolutely stuns me about this whole situation is that Michigan is going to be punished more severely by the NCAA for something that even the NCAA said was hugely overblown (practice time, obviously), than OSU for illegal benefits. If I had any respect left for the NCAA, I would have lost it by now.


December 20th, 2011 at 10:22 AM ^

...it just might, unortunately. All the NCAA is doing is encouraging teams to not self-report major violations while inundating the system with minor infractions. Not bothering to investigate on their own, because the NCAA does not have the man-power or will or resources? to do it themselves. Michigan did things the right way with the MBB program as well was with stretchgate; however, we obviously did way more than we had to. 


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not just for the sake of them not profiting from so much cheating, but also the message it'll send to all the other schools in the NCAA one way or the other. If Ohio breaks as many rules as it did and basically moons and flips off the NCAA in the process and nothing comes of it then pretty soon every school will be pulling a page from the Ohio/UNC book. Ohio will bounce back from sanctions in time, but nothing good can come from glossing over their overwhelming, and deliberate graft.


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Its messed up to think they could come out of this whole thing even better than they did before it started. They got a more successful coach than they had before. Someone needs to do something about the NCAA, theyre the real problem with college football.. Its all about money, somehow they're benefiting from Ohio


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People forget that the bowl ban and scholly ban to USC potentially costs the PAC 12 millions in revenue. USC had the Rose Bowl locked down every other year for the better part of the decade. It's not simply Ohio not being "punished" in  a manner similar to USC but, rather, the economic implications to the conference as a whole.

The fact that USC is the darling of a giant media market while Columbus is Columbus will only magnify the USC perception of getting screwed over. That is good.


December 19th, 2011 at 10:12 PM ^

The NCAA really had no choice with usc.  The facts were laid out in transcript and the facts clear.  The NCAA had to do. ... . somthing.  They did.  Here, the only way anything is going to  happen if there is a suit, deps are taken, and facts are clear. Right now, they are not, nor is there any reason to believe they will be.  It looks like we know what happened, on many occaisions, but the only people who have admitted anything are former players now in the pros, and not under oath.  If the oppotuity to depose Pryor comes up soon, I suppose there is a chance,BUT, at this point, he's in the NFL, and absent an agent suing him for money he will not be compelled to testiry. Ohio sure as hell isn't going to sue Pryor to recoup the schoilie is it?  I suppose the espn suit could unearth something, but even then, unless its crazy ridcuculous admissions, it's not likely to lead to much without testimony.


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Yes and no.

I think people are minusing posts and threads that they don't agree with which IMO is incredibly immature. Whatever happened to the phrase "I disagree with your point of view but I will fight to protect it" or something like that.

Don't get me wrong there are times where posts are rude and obstructive which, case by case, should be minused all the points.

The main difference is that in this system the Mods have the power to really down vote somebody. We regular users can still hide comments which has a similar effect.

All in all, I like this system due to the recent practice I described above. I do miss the pos bang though.


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A few explanations are in order.

  1. First rule of points:  don't talk about points.
  2. Moderate button apparently shows up after you have 100 points. (This keeps trolls from doing much to negbang people.)
  3. The points thing is basically a beauty contest. 
  4. The only way you control points is with new posts (or responses in threads.)
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  6. In the old days, posbangs and negbangs actually showed up in your point total immediately. So it really made a difference. I think/suspect that moderating this grew so annoying that Brian finally disabled it. I dunno, but whatever.

To sum up:  avoid talking and asking about points, put up informative posts, give good analysis, be civil, and even potentially break something new that the Michigan fanbase wants to hear about, and your point total will gradually increase.


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I'll be surprised if Ohio is not allowed extra scholarships to make up for the pain and suffering during this frivalous investigation into their more thazn pious institution of higher learning and integrity.

With Smith on the basketball committee, how could we ever think the NCAA would even slap them on the wrist.  They wll protect their own and probably give them the Sugar Bowl money back plus interest.

Seriously though, if Tressel doesn't get a show-Cause for lying to the NCAA (their Cardinal sin) and covering it up, won't Bruce Pearl and others go bananas?


December 19th, 2011 at 7:47 PM ^

when you are in prison you have all the time in the world to read books such as "The Art of War." 

it is cool that he is bettering himself, but if he never shot himself would he be a bookworm today? 


December 19th, 2011 at 8:02 PM ^

if those fucking fucks on the banks of the oldngrungy get away with a slap on the wrist then the NCAA has no balls, morals, ethics, back bone, etc..  they will no longer be a functioning governing body to over see collegiate athletics.  it is a fucking embarrassment.  fuck em.  God i hate that fucking school, they are a bunch of fuckwads (including their fans).  i hope this opens a can of worms for the NCAA and i hope USC goes after their asses with a vengance.  


because money talks, bullshit walks.