Ohio Hires New Head Hockey Coach

Submitted by Fhshockey112002 on April 29th, 2013 at 5:20 PM

Ohio has promoted current assistant coach Steve Rohlik to become the Head-Coach next season. Rohlik spent 10 seasons as an assistant at Minnesota Duluth (2001-10) before joining the Ohio coaching staff. Prior to UMD he was part of Nebraska-Omaha's coaching staff (1997-2000).

I personally am surprised they stayed in house for the new head coach. I thought moving to a new conference and after a disappointing season they would go outside the program. 




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This will likely keep OSU at the bottom of the conference for many more years. They can troll it out at the bottom with MSU

I too am surprised they didn't go out of house. Years and years of mediocrity and now they're moving to the Big Ten. Perfect opportunity to get a big name with the added exposure from the BTN (Gwozdecky anyone?). Whatever, I'll be happy to continue to sweep them in Columbus whenever they finally feel like they're putting a good season together

Sac Fly

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With the extra 2 million dollars B1G hockey programs are going to get because of Big Ten Network, George Gwozdecky could have turned Ohio State hockey into a premier program right away.


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I actually think they still might've struggled with Gwoz. Until they get a decent arena, I feel like their program is going to be lifeless. They typically play in front of 1,000 fans in an arena that seats 17,500 for hockey. They would really benefit from just getting a 4,000 seat arena that isn't a cavernous tomb of emptiness


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What comes first chicken or the egg? Do you get a new arena hoping to attract better players and better fan base, or do you try and get a quality product on the ice and hope people come out to see a top team? 

I agree that trying to play at Value City Arena isn't ideal especially for non-traditional hockey market. Like you said 4,000-6,000 seats would be ideal. Even teams like Minnesota (10,000) and North Dakota (11,634) don't play in that sized arena.


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I think we've seen how much improving facilities can help. Michigan's resurgence in basketball recruiting can partially be attributed to the new Crisler Center. I was just watching an Oregon baseball game where the announcers were praising the #7 Ducks because they had come out of nowhere in 5 years because their new stadium is as nice as most minor league parks.

I think 50 years of OSU hockey has shown they can't sustain much success and with all that BTN money they have plus normal revenue, they could probably(?) afford an arena. We've seen with PSU though how much ice hockey arenas can end up costing


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So are there any potential candidates?

Is that why Pearson (and to a lesser extent Shields) went to MTU, to get head coaching experience so they could then interview for the HC job at UM when Red retires?


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I think everyone pretty much assumes it's Pearson's job for the taking if he wants it. I have zero insider info, but I don't think he plans to end his career up in Houghton


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 is just not a priority.  I have traveled down for quite a few games and when they play us it is the only time they have decent crowds.  Most of the people there don't even know what they are watching, they just root for the red team to beat the blue team.

They have had quite a bit of talent in the past but have never seemed to be able to take it to the next level.  I don't see it happening with this hire either....


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It's the sugary underbelly to the more heated basketball and football rivalries. Throw in the BJs and you have a concoction of local athletic misery as vulnerable as any in Ohio.