Ohio and Indiana game thread

Submitted by Ball Hawk on February 10th, 2013 at 1:45 PM
For those of you that thought we had bad officiating last night, make sure you tune in to the Indiana and Ohio St. The calls are so horrendous its almost funny.



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the decision would have been made to guard the inbounds pass with 2.4 seconds to play in regulation yesterday (or fouling as instructed), the fucking refs would not have mattered.

Insanity= doing the same thing over and over again to the same results but still expecting a different outcome.

The refs do suck, but our team still has control over the outcome.


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Completely agree that a big man should have been on the inbounder (ask Pitino and Kentucky fans) A 30 ft.  inbound pass to the middle lane is virtually impossible if a big is on inbounder, a long pass over the head of inbound defender will give defense plenty of time to close and be in position to foul.Defense should force inbound pass toward sideline.Also defenders should always overplay the strong hand of offensive players on the floor.If you decide to NOT guard the inbounder you have 5 defending 4,so how do you use the 5th defender? The LAST place you put him (if up 3) is underneath your basket or inside the 3 point arch (where McGary was). You either double team the most obvious offensive threat ( Wis doesn't have 1) or you use the 5th guy to double the guy who receives the inbound pass.The best place to position the 5th defender is at mid court and tell him to sprint to wherever the inbound pass goes.None of that happened so we are now in a must win situation tues. GO BLUE 


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Living in Columbus, effects my judgement.

Even if it helps us, I cannot cheer for Ohio. I find life easier when they loose. Today's recruiting news, Marshall choosing Urban's crew is enough of that kind of news today. Go IU.

snarling wolverine

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It's simple: we want any team ahead of us to lose.  IU is currently a half-game ahead of us (and one in the loss column), while Ohio is a half-game behind us.

If Ohio wins and we beat MSU, there will be a five-way tie for first place - and we'll have the most favorable schedule the rest of the way.  So that's the logical thing to root for.

(BTW, to the OP, you might want to change the title to make it clear that this is about today's games and not just rants about officiating.)


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Pretty hard, apparently. I think it'd be better if they were made to be full time employees, with no other job than to officiate. In the off season they could be lent out to the schools for practice purposes, and their other down time could be spend studying etc...

There's plenty of money in NCAA basketball to pay for it. 

Bando Calrissian

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There are no such thing as "Big 10 refs" in basketball.

NCAA basketball officials are not confined to/employed by particular conferences the way that football and hockey officials are.   They work games all over the country in all sorts of conferences.


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I see NC State hit a trey at the buzzer to beat Clemson.  I guess I'm happy but it still feels too soon to see another buzzer-beater go down even if it technically "helps" Michigan.

You Enjoy Myself

February 10th, 2013 at 4:24 PM ^

So OSU sold the naming rights for cash? Wow, and you guys say Ann Arbor is a whore.

What's the Horseshoe called these days? Pizza Hut Stadum?

And despite paying for the exposure, I still have no idea what you can buy at Value City,I just heard it would be a good value(and that its a city).



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I think Indiana is the class of the conference right now, especially with holding wins over us, MSU, and Ohio State.  Too bad they don't play Wisconsin again.


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Mostly that defense made me concerned about our defense.  Indiana is a little better than us because they have a stopper, but they shouldn't be that much better.  Of course we defended OSU fine in the last 30 in Columbus.

Maybe it really is Morgan.


February 10th, 2013 at 6:16 PM ^

The performance by Indiana today in Columbus was their best of the season, in my opinion.  I still had doubts about how good IU was because I hadn't seen them dominate on the road but they dominated a good team on the road today.  If IU can turn in more games like that on the road, it will be tough to take the conference from them.  We need to win in EL on Tuesday or I think a 2 game deficit may be too much to overcome.  We are still waiting to have a break-out performance by GRIII and Stauskas against a top opponent on the road.  Let's hope it happens Tuesday.  Go Blue!!!


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is arbitrary, but the Gophers only home loss in the B1G thus far has been to Mich.  Also, MN took out MSU there way back in 2012 (Dec 31).

Also, despite only being 3-7 in B1G play, two of the Illini's wins have been at home against OSU & IU.  However, there will be no more Dr Jekyl appearances at Assembly Hall (Champaign), as none of the B1G contenders still have to go there.


February 11th, 2013 at 8:31 AM ^

that ohio is in every one of our athlete's heads. These recruits are picking ohio because thats the program that dominated when they were growing up. Our current players are also used to them dominating and it shows when they look like deer in headlights when we play them, imagery is very powerful