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Does Rutgers and Ash realize that they are a separate institution from Ohio State?  And that OSU is also satellite camping in New Jersey?  And that OSU is just as big of a recruiting threat as Michigan?  And that OSU is going to kick their heads in the week before Michigan does? 

The lack of perspective here is alarming.




Pepto Bismol

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If you're going to be a douchebag about it, Rutgers was indeed a person. Colonel Henry Rutgers (1745-1830).  That's to whom I was referring.  I was asking if a 200 year old ghost was aware of the OSU-RU relationship.  Okay? Feel better? 

I'm pretty sure that the Rutgers football program knows who Ohio State is, that they're not affiliated with Rutgers, that OSU is good and that they're on the RU schedule.  I was being sarcastic, mocking the letter.  Sorry you didn't pick up on it.

A word of advice, the real hail_yes, some things shouldn't be analyzed too deeply.

the real hail_yes

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My bad, I sincerely didn't pickup on your sarcasm, it just kind of sounded like someone responding to this 'prank' as though it was organized by Rutgers, you know - like an idiot comment you would expect to find on mlive... I'll go back to being a douche, and you keep up the top notch humor.


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about this yet? It would not suprise me one bit that Ash and his Ohio State alums who want to see him succeed are behind this. I think its like cutting your nose off to spite your face because the last thing Ash needs is a jacked up UM football team playing them. I mean he does want to keep his job right? He also needs to recruit Paramus. 

That is the urban meyer prescription for success, never go to a place like UM the state of Michigan is no hotbed for recruiting. So you go to Florida, Ohio, Texas, it makes your recruiting sooo much easier by putting a fence around your state and bash anyone who comes in your state to pick up recruits UM, Notre Dame, are selling their educations/schools as well as their football traditions to kids outside the home area. In order to get the players capable of winning football games. 

Thats why I don't believe urban is that good of a coach he has to have the top players in the country to win. ohi-lo state is sick to their stomachs UM is getting quality players with personalities that keep them out of trouble (for the most part) and hard workers who aren't afraid to leave their homes from places like NJ. Cali. Fla. Ind. Penn. Tex. look at UMs roster and compare it to Notre Dame and then compare those two schools to any team in the country who gets the talent from around their area maybe Alabama, Oregon, So Cal. recruit the country as well as UM. ND. 



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This would be funny EXCEPT they are literally attacking friends of ours in the State.

CALM THE FUCK DOWN! It's just football. And we LITERALLY asked your University to participate.

EDIT: I know the attack was stupid and easy to clean up, but it's still an attack.


June 8th, 2016 at 12:55 PM ^

The author of that letter is borderline illiterate*. Consider that a group of people typed that up and thought it sufficient to put on their group's official letterhead and leave for Jim. Outstanding.

*Which still qualified him for acceptance Rutgers!

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