OH QB Austin Appleby commits to Purdue

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OH QB Austin Appleby who camped at Michigan hoping for an offer has committed to Purdue.


Of course this means that Michigan will offer him late in the process and switch him by signing day.


Another QB off the board (even though he didn't have an offer). Interesting to see how everything will play out moving forward.



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2. Magnuson is really that good

According to camp position coach Courtney MorganErik Magnusonwas the best offensive lineman in attendance and it's really no surprise since the four-star tackle from Carlsbad (Calif.) La Costa Canyon has proven multiple times that he's one of the best in the country.

Magnuson has great footwork, plays with a lot of intensity and passion, and simply doesn't let defensive ends around him. He was really good at the B2G Camp, the Stanford NIKE Camp and the Asante Trenchmen Academy this spring and summer.

In an absolutely loaded group of offensive linemen in the West this recruiting cycle, Magnuson continues to prove he's one of the best.

Mike Farrell supposedly said that a fifth star for Magnuson might be in the books...that's looking more and more likely.

Mr Mackey

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Imagine if Magnuson gets the 5th star, Diamond and Kalis goes blue, and Peat makes a miraculous turnaround and commits (I know that's not gonna happen, and I'm not expecting it - and I know we're only taking 1-2 more OL. But still). Four five star OL plus three very solid 3/4 stars.. 


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You're not kidding. That is some serious praise in that article. Between him and Braden, our o-line recruits have really gotten some good press in these last few days. Thanks for posting that link, as I hadn't seen it.


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Seriously, even if they get bad his dirtbaggery, they could look at how many games he hasn't won and pick not-Purdue because of that.

But in all honesty, Appleby had 2 non-MAC offers, and they were Purdue and Louisville.  Anyone considering the Big East should ask themselves if they're playing basketball and if the answer's no they shouldn't go there. 


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No panic, but it does raise the question of whom we are going to bring in as a QB. Too bad the rumors about Appleby not impressing at camp appear to be true.


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I'm OK with Mauk if the coaches are set on taking a QB.  He has a much better offer list than Appleby (UM, ND, Mizzou, Illinois, Cinci, Vandy).  That's not murderer's row, but it beats the hell out of Purdue, Louisville and the MAC.  We're looking for a guy to fight with Bellomy for the back-up QB spot for a handful of years.  Mauk is a fine pick.


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I didn't mean that he wouldn't get the chance to battle for the starting spot.  I meant that, at a minimum, we need the guy from this class to battle Bellomy for the back-up spot, not that that's the most opportunity they have.  If they do better than that, awesome. 


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I think that would probably come in to play if both Kiel and Mauk go elsewhere. The two backup plans are off the board (O'Connor to MSU and Appleby to Purdue) and we'll have missed on the first-choice guys. Unless they want to try and move on another decent kid then we'd be in to the taking a body for the sake of having one range which I don't agree with. Wait and see what happens with Kiel and Mauk. Kiel I don't have a lot of hope for but we appear to be in a good spot with Mauk.

Bluer than yue

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If we strike out on Mauk and Kiel I would expect the coaches to evaluate players this fall. Similar to what they did with Bellomy, they could pull a late offer to a guy with a not a stellar offer list and grab one within the last month if they're dead set on taking a QB, which it seems they are.


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see above.  we dont need another "project" 3 star recruit.  our depth at QB (granted Devin gets a red-shirt) allows us to be somewhat selective.  no sense in wasting a scholarship. 


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I agree about not needing a "project 3 star recruit" however people care because

a) it seems like the coaches want a QB and we don't look good for higher rated guys like Kiel, Fuller hasn't scheduled a visit yet, and that leaves Mauk as potentially the only guy who has an offer and interest I believe

b) it's a random Wednesday with little news

c) Appleby camped at Michigan and was reported to want a Michigan offer, and most importantly

d) just the thought of the potential to steal another recruit from Danny Hope is absolutely too good to pass up based on the hilarity that would be sure to follow.


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The coaches were not overly impressed with Appleby, from what I hear.

If that is the case, I would rather wait it out.  I want a QB in the class, but no reason to reach for one you don't like that much. 

I agree with the above...Mauk looks more and more like the target, assuming Kiel doesn't shock the world. 


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I am waiting for Brady Hoke to change his last name to Hope so we can steal that from him too--but then change it back on the grounds that "K is a tougher letter than P" 


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Current commit Kaleb Ringer's teammate Mike Simpson, who if you watch his highlights he doesnt have the strongest arm but he is accurate and but great touch on the ball.


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i just saw some retweets and i thought they were teammates. he is listed a Dual threat but he kinda reminds me of Gardner in the aspect that he can run if he wants to but he has a capable arm. he isnt on the same level as talent of Devin but he could develop into a solid QB that would be a great backup. he seemed to hit his WRs right in the hands every time and showed some good mechanics along with a big 3 step drop


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Many kids without offers right now (or MAC-level offers, or even low-BCS offers) will have impressive senior years that get the attention of coaching staffs, including Michigan's.

There's nothing wrong with taking a '3-star' guy down the line after more information becomes available in the fall.


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I have been on this board a while.  And I can say with 100% certainty that what you just wrote was the dumbest* thing I have ever read on this board. 

*Dumbest excludes anything political, racist, or sarcasm, and refers to serious posts only.


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Sorry but Austin Appleby sounds like a soap opera character or a kid who would be in a boy band. Names matter again.
<br>Shane Morris, on the other hand, sounds like a guy who might punch you in the throat for looking at him funny.