Oh no- Harbs might not work at Michigan, latest Bleacher Report exclusive

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Gasp! Harbaugh is too tough! He might not work as reported by Lars Anderson, an instructor of Journalism at Alabama (possible agenda) since he obviously knows Harbaugh pretty well due to all of this exposure to our program....

Rehash of currently available content, he seems to have one original comment from Rich Rod on recruiting at Michigan.









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Tough coaches get results. It's not like potential recruits have zero chances to communicate with Harbaugh and current players before committing.

It's crazy that people get paid to write such shit articles.


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The best part is how he linked it on his Twitter: "I spent a few months traveling the country trying to understand Jim Harbaugh. Here's my story...". You spent a few months traveling the country....to read everyone else's pieces on Harbaugh and gather absolutely zero original content. Bravo.


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Has there ever been a nice, friendly, cuddly, Awww shucks coach that was succesful? Rick Nueheisel had 1-2 good years and maybe Pete Carroll at USC

Big Blue 4

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Saban is a first class Ass Hole. He seems to have longevity with Alabama. Winning solves EVERTHING. people tend to forget this is Harbaughs dream job. SF players were idiots and getting into trouble. He wanted them to be held accoutable. He lacked backing from the organization. Everywhere else he coached, he left because of a promotion. Harbaugh is better suited for the college game. He doesnt have to put up with the the pomous asses like he did in the NFL. Harbaugh is HOME. This is altimately where he wants to be.


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I may have missed the change, but I thought BR was on the spam list around there parts.  

If not, then articles like this should reaffirm it being added to that list.


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This is the article with the Beamer quotes that were discussed on the board yesterday, if anyone wants to read through.  Kinda funny that everyone in that thread was getting a boner from the quotes (since the OP framed it positively), and everyone in this thread is calling the article a hack job (since the OP framed it negatively).

Woo confirmation bias.


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I'm not sure why this article is getting crapped on....I thought it was pretty good and had some original stories about Harbaugh I hadn't seen anywhere else. It was very interesting to hear RRod's thoughts on recruiting and the alumni involvement in the day to day details going down to his accent and the way he talked.

RRod very subtley admitted he would never have worked out at Michigan because of those two issues .... and then he correctly pointed out that Harbaugh won't have any of those issues because he knows how to recruit Michigan type players having done it at Stanford and Harbaugh was born and bred into the program and knows exactly how to act and exactly what to say. He seemed very complimentary of Harbaugh and high on his chances of doing well here.


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Totally agree.  There was lots of content in there that I had never read.  I googled it after yesterday's Beamer thread and it was one of the freshest reads on Harbaugh I'd had in awhile.

I also don't get why people are completely dismissive of the "he rubs people the wrong way" criticism.  I mean, you read some of the stories and he clearly does rub people the wrong way sometimes, and probably for good reason.  He's a weird guy.  I'm sure some people in the Michigan program will dislike that.  I think it'll be fine because he'll win like crazy and people will just deal with it, just like no one was running him out of town at USD or Stanford when he was winning like crazy.


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And that's the big difference between the NFL and CFB.....the Head Coach has ALL the power in a college program and none of it in the NFL. Jim ain't going anywhere unless an NFL team gives him 100% control over operations, which ain't gonna happen, or he wins multiple NC's and needs a new challenge.



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Is Bleacher Report no longer insta-banned here? Because random goofballs writing poorly informed articles trolling for clicks is the reason they used to get the Sharp treatment here. 


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Who gives a flying gorilla fuck about what some idiot on Bleacher Report thinks? Journalism classes at Alabama probably include a review of the ABC's and how to write your name in crayon.