Oh Les...

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One things for sure, press conferences sure would have been more interesting with Les Miles in charge.



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Saw him in the DP show during super bowl week and I had never seen a more awkward interview. Les's personality is so dry and boring, also comes across as very arrogant, i hate his little freakin smirk!


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Les is the anti-Hoke. Or to put it in old-school comic book terms, Miles is Bizarro Hoke.

The UM blue-blood establishment is wayyyy too full of itself to put up with Les Miles unchained, since he doesn't give a shit about projecting the aura of unrelenting pastor-like moral rectitude that's expected of any Michigan coach.


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Les is the bizarro Carr.  Those two are polar opposites.

Hoke has a little bit of Les in him, personality-wise.   Not a ton, but a little.  Referring to injuries as "boo-boos", not wearing long sleeves (except when indoors), not wearing red -  those are things I could see Miles doing.  Miles would, of course, go much further though if he were here.  He'd probably stop a press conference if he saw a reporter wearing red, walk over to the guy, rip the shirt off his back, and then throw it in the toilet.  







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I think you hit it.  Not to say Lloyd had no personality, but he just seemed to enjoy letting the media see none of it.  Brady is more affable.  Both Brady and Lloyd will tell the media "this is the way it is, get used to it" but Brady does it with a smile and Lloyd did it with a growl.


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... the aura of unrelenting pastor-like moral rectitude that's expected of any Michigan coach.

I'll grant the point that Miles' style would have been a difficult swallow for the "U-M blue-blood establishment."  But I think the implicit characterization of Hoke (or any U-M coach for that matter) having to project an "aura of unrelenting pastor-like rectitude" is not quite applicable to Hoke.

Or, to be more precise, to the degree Hoke demonstrates "rightness of principle or conduct; moral virtue" (dictionary.com) I believe it is quite sincere, and springs from a very deep belief in Hoke about the principles and virtues he espouses.

I'm not saying you were questioning Hoke's sincerity ... what I'm saying is that in today's world rectitude is taken as a bad thing; a sign of judgmentalism; a sign of unfair restraints imposed on others against their will.

I don't think Hoke embodies that at all.  Is he lax and permissive?  Certainly not.  He outlines the principles under which Michigan players are expected to operate, and he's quite clear about why he's doing it -- for the benefit of the players. Hard-word, honor, integrity, responsibility and community are hardly vices; they are in fact powerful virtues in this day and age.  Hoke is providing his players a real-life appreciation of them.  That will serve these players throughout their life.

For that I give Hoke a lot of credit.  And I have deep respect for him because of it.

snarling wolverine

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Of course, part of the Les Miles package includes what seems like a cavalier regard to some of the rules, and a willingness to oversign (and tell student-athletes already in the dorms that there's no room for them).  He's entertaining from afar (his Epic Sax video truly is epic), but I'll pass on him.


Mr. Yost

April 21st, 2013 at 6:54 PM ^

...just not my kind of coach. I'd much rather play for a Hoke/Beilein type personality. And I don't say that because they're at Michigan.

Hell, I hate Urban Meyer, but I'd rather play for HIM rather than Miles (assuming it wasn't at Ohio).

I think Miles is like John L. Smith and Bobby Petrino...a nut. And that's okay, he wins. But in response to your comment, I would prefer not to play for a guy like Miles.


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Did Les collect all the reporters' phones before the press conference?  Why would they let him do that? I found the whole thing awkward, almost like Bobby Knight's antics during some of his press conferences.


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If Les Miles coached at Michigan, he would get the RR treatment from the media and from the sizable portion of the fanbase and administration that have sticks lodged between their glutes.

He could get away with being himself, as long as he was winning championships.  But the first bad year, someone would use his bizarre behavior as an excuse to fire him.


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Les Miles strikes me as someone who would run a ponzi scheme if he were in another walk of life.

Urban Meyer would be a used car salesman.

Nick Saban would be Satan disguised as (enter occupation here______)