OH DE Pharaoh Brown Offered *TomVH: Quotes Added*

Submitted by DGDestroys on February 8th, 2011 at 5:28 PM

Another OH DE got an offer today, by the name of Pharoah Brown. 6'6 220, and could probably play TE too. From Allen Trieu

Lyndhurst Brush (Ohio) DE Pharaoh Brown is blowing up. Michigan and Arizona State offered today:

Also has offers from Arizona State and Syracuse.

Walk like an Egyptian, Hoke. (I'm really hoping someone can think of a better pun than that)

***TomVH EDIT***** Here's a few quotes from Pharaoh about the offer, no reason to create a new thread.

"I talked to Coach Mattison today, and then he put the head coach on the phone and they offered me right there. They said they saw my film and they really liked me." 

"I'm going to try to get up there for the one day camp, but I'll try to get up there before that for the Junior day too. This is a very big offer for me, I was also offered by Arizona State today too." 

Pharaoh said he plays quarterback, defensive end, and tight end but Michigan is recruiting him for DE. 



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does anyone know how many offers have been sent out so far? I don't trust the lists on the pay sites because they don't update frequently enough. Maybe we can get our own full list together.


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Change year to 2012, scroll down to "Michigan" in colleges, and make sure to only have the "only prospects with offers" box checked.

This will bring up everyone in the Rivals database with an offer. It doesn't look like Pharoh Brown has a Rivals page yet, and I'm sure it will take a few weeks until some of these guys have pages.


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I'll go through all 7.

1) SC RB Demetrius Williams-I'm not sure that he has an offer, I'm taking that one on faith from Magnus.

2)OH WR Dwayne Stanford- Rivals doesn't have Dwayne Standford listed as an offer. He self-reported an M offer on Scout, so it makes sense. He's probably the top WR in the midwest (as long as you don't count Missouri being in the midwest).

3)WA T Zach Banner- Another one who self-reported it on Rivals. Seems legit. We won't land him either way, though.

4) OH DE Pharaoh Brown- Rivals doesn't have a page for him?

5) DC CB Kenny Crawley- Self reported it to a local newspaper...I'm not sure this one's legit either. Not reported on either of the premium sites, it was before the CC, and I've seen film of him...he's not that impressive.

6) NJ S DJ Singleton- Self-reported on Scout. Legit, but M doesn't have much of a shot anyway.

7) PA LB Deaysean Rippy- Reported on Scout. Top national LB recruit, likely a lock for UF anyway.

To answer your second question: Yes, there might be a few. All three of the safeties I have listed on the offer board were from the RR staff, and don't have ties to Michigan. Plus, with the DB class we took, Hoke might not see it as necessary. I think he'll be targeting his own safeties. If Kenny Crawley's is legit...well I imagine the new staff might not follow up on that. There are some other offerrees like FL TE Sean Price, FL S/WR LaTroy Pittman, or FL WR Avery Johnson who are either committed elsewhere or not coming to M, so the staff might focus their attention elsewhere. I think the rest of the guys they offered are going to be pursued, however.


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Thanks for the run down.

How about the Tampa Plant QB Bennie Coney.  I would guess he was offered by the current staff since he is a pro style QB.  I just read recently that he had some off-field issues last year and is working hard to put that behind him.


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He was actually offered by the old staff. However, like Robert Gregory, he's one that could potentially fit into both systems. People think because he was offered by the old staff, or because he's got a fast 40, or because he's black, or Lord-knows-why, he doesn't have a pro-style arm. That's just not the case.

He got suspended for part of his season for reasons that are escaping me right now...I think it had something to do with his coaches. But everything I've read really backs up what you've said...he's trying really hard to put it behind him and focus on the team for the upcoming year.