Offseason Practice Ban discussion at the NCAA Convention

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Per Mitch Sherman of ESPN:

Interesting comment during the autonomy discussion on Proposal No. 2016-139 (banning offseason practice off campus) from Nandi Mehta of Northwestern women's soccer: "Why are we here?" Mehta, among 15 student-athlete reps on the autonomy committee, opposes the proposal. She says the point of college athletics is to create opportunity for student-athletes. "I don't think it's right to strip a student-athlete of this opportunity."

I guess this is why we have to think of the kids-- they clearly aren't thinking for themselves (sic).


Apparently, this is the talk of the NCAA Convention right now: 

Easily the most hotly contested subject so far at autonomy discussion forum at the NCAA convention. Many good arguments for and against.

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oriental andrew

January 20th, 2017 at 11:04 AM ^

The big issue with this proposal is that it was literally written to address the Michigan spring break practice trip, and then expanded to figure out how to make it apply to all other sports, while trying to preserve the status quo of off-season practices/competitions for the other sports. 

There is likely to be some confusion and uncertainty over how this affects specific situations in other sports, and whether it truly is for the benefit of student athletes or merely to level the playing field for recruiting in a single sport. 

I have to wonder if this is more a case of the administrators actually having heard from their student-athletes on the issue, or more of "we know what's best for you so do what we say." I'm strongly inclined to believe it is the latter.


January 20th, 2017 at 11:51 AM ^

The organization does not respresent the interests of student athletes, except to the extent that it functions to control how athletes are to be treated by its member schools. The NCAA is nominally led by the presidents of each school and their appointed officials.

f you think the NCAA is corrupt and useless, then advocate dissolution of the membership and breakup of its functions by school presidents. I mean the organization is run by the schools who belong to it because of the financial and adminstrative benefits it allegedly offers. It is not by any stretch some outside authority. It's not a them or a they, it's an us.

If Michigan wants to fight this, it can fight to keep this ban from being approved.

I would agree the organization serves the interests of those who created and oversee it. And those interests may or may not include those of students who are most directly impacted by the regulations of the organization. But that's brecause they don't have a continuing role in its instuational operation and control.


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Couldn't UM rent/buy some land in Australia and have a "Great Berrier Reef Conervation" Class that all football players are required to take. Or anywhere they want for that matter?


January 20th, 2017 at 11:38 AM ^

If I'm understanding this right, they can have practice on campus still and therefore still be deprived of their spring break vacation just not at a fun place?

Perkis-Size Me

January 20th, 2017 at 1:17 PM ^

Banning these camps isn't about "the kids." It never was, and never will be. This is about the greed of the SEC and them wanting to protect what they deem to be their turf. You think Saban would give two shits about satellite camps if Harbaugh only hosted them on the West Coast? 

Look, I'm more than happy to call Harbaugh's camps what they are: they're for recruiting. He can talk about spreading the gospel of football all he wants, but he's setting these up in Texas, Florida, Georgia, California, all recruiting hot beds. Its no coincidence that he's also not going to a place like Montana, North Dakota, or Wyoming to host these camps. He wants to get access to the best players, and I applaud his efforts. His job is to build the best damn team he can. I'm happy to call these satellite camps what they really are. 

So why can't the powers that be, at the very least, call this ban what it is? Hiding behind the "we're protecting the student athletes" crap is such a cop out and just downright insulting to our intelligence. 

You'd think the hypocritical, spineless NCAA would have bigger things to worry about. But GOD FORBID Harbaugh hosts a satellite camp. That's where the line in the sand is drawn.