Offseason Fun: Way too early 2015 Depth Chart(!)

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Look, I know. These guys haven't even begun their frosh season. There'll be attrition, busts, redshirts, other classes and other intangible normalcies that are a part of football. That's a fact. But it's still fun to look at what could (and will) be one damn good team in 2015!

Let's go:


WDE: Mario Ojemudia SR. Taco Charlton JR.

NT: Ondre Pipkins SR. Maurice Hurst Jr. JR.

3tech: Henry Poggi JR. Matthew Godin SR./Willie Henry SR.

SDE: Christopher Wormley SR. Tom Strobel SR.

WLB: James Ross SR. Ben Gedeon JR.

MIKE: Joe Bolden SR. Mike McCray JR. Kaleb Ringer SR.

SAM: Royce Jenkins-Stone SR.

Field CB: Jourdan Lewis JR. Terry Richardson SR. Ross Douglass JR.

Boundary: Gareon Conley JR. Channing Stribling JR.

Slot CB: Terry Richardson SR. Ross Douglass JR.

SS: Dymonte Thomas JR. Allen Gant SR.

FS: Jarrod Wilson SR. Jeremy Clark SR.


QB: Shane Morris JR.

RB: Deveon Smith JR. Drake Johnson SR.

FB: Wyatt Shallman JR. Sione Houma SR.

RT: Erik Magnuson SR. Ben Braden SR.

RG: Kyle Bosch JR. Blake Bars SR.

C. Patrick Kugler JR. Blake Bars SR.

LG: Kyle Kalis SR. David Dawson JR.

LT: Chris Fox JR. Logan Tuley-Tillman JR.

WR1: Amara Darboh SR. Jaron Dukes JR.

WR2: Jehu Chesson SR. Csont'e York JR.

Slot Reciever: Dennis Norfleet SR.

TE: Devin Funchess SR. Jake Butt JR.

U-Back: AJ Williams SR. Khalid Hill JR.

....Obviously the team won't look anything like this come 2015, but imagining Hoke fielding a team like this, captained by Mattison and Borges, makes for some nice fantasies on a dreary Monday.



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your dedication in putting this together.  That being said, the Board entries running down the side of the page at this very moment highlight just how badly this season needs to start.  Two weeks from now, the entries will feature "First ten plays against Alabama" and "Will we return the first kickoff of the year for a touchdown."

Swang on These

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I'm going to get neg'd to Bolivian for this, but I wouldn't be surprised if Shane gets a redshirt (pending Devin's medical redshirt). Russell Bellomy by all accounts can play, and DG has at least shown flashes.


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As GrowBlue mentioned, Strobel and Wormley are 5-techs and Wormley by this point will probably be a 3-tech. Ojemudia and Charlton are your WDEs, plus I'm guessing a LB will be here by this point.

I did an exercise once to see what we thought the depth chart would be, and what it ended up being. Don't remember what the series was called. Might be fun to revisit that. The point was things turned out very different than we projected.


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A guy named Em0 beat you to it. He put together a 2015 depth chart a full two years ago.. and then complained about the anticipated lack of depth.


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I was really hoping that it was Em0 when I saw this thread on the sidebar.  I miss Em0 and Mcfarlin sometimes during the slow days of the offseason.  


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I don't know what the depth chart is going to look like, but we are going to be really fuckin' good.  We'll have tons of returning starters who are third and fourth year guys.  I expect us to have some three year starters who take their lumps in 2013.   Maybe even a few four year guys ala David Molk. Nexty year, let's all fantasize about how awesome we'll be in a few years.

I suspect that we'll have a starter at both WR and RB who is as of yet uncommitted.  Either a 2014 guy, or Treadwell+Green.  Maybe even a freshman from the 2015 class. 

In 2015, for the first time ever, we might have 11 returning starters on offense. 


July 30th, 2012 at 10:12 AM ^

Projected Depth Chart for 2012, as of this date 2009:

OFFENSE (Spread 'n Shred)

QB: Tate Forcier SR, Devin Gardner JR, Conelius Jones SO/JR

RB-Superback: Fitz Toussaint SR, Vincent Smith SR, Austin White SR

RB-Hammer: Mike Cox 5th, Stephen Hopkins JR/SR

WR: Ricardo Miller JR, Darryl Stonum SR, Je'Ron Stokes JR/SR, D.J. Williamson SO/JR, Cam Gordon JR/SR, Jeremy Jackson SO/JR, Jerald Robinson SO/JR

Slot: Jeremy Gallon JR/SR, Roy Roundtree 5th, Terrence Robinson 5th, Drew Dileo JR/SR

RT: Michael Schofield JR/SR, Patrick Omameh 5th

RG: Quinton Washington JR/SR, Elliott Mealer 5th

C: Christian Pace JR/SR, Rocko Khoury 5th

LG: Ricky Barnum 5th, Khoury/Stud

LT: Taylor Lewan JR/SR, Some stud-muffin who is awesome at zone blocking

DEFENSE (3-3-5 Stack)

NT: Will Campbell SR (if he hasn't left early to be a 1st round pick in the NFL, which he probably has but let's pretend like he will stick around), The Next Will Campbell (of course we'll have a young guy recruited by then (If we don't get Sharrif Floyd, Pahokee's Richard Ash will commit -- he's a planet!)

SDE: Anthony LaLota JR/SR, Ken Wilkins SO/JR

WDE: Craig Roh JR/SR, Jordan Paskorz SO/JR

Quick: Marvin Robinson JR, Antonio Kinard SO/JR

Middle: Kenny Demens 5th (we should get at least one of Jordan Hicks/Khairi Fortt/Aramide Olaniyan)

WLB: JB Fitzgerald 5th, Brandin Hawthorne JR/SR

Spinner: Isaiah Bell JR/SR, Mike Jones JR/SR

SS: Brandon Smith 5th, Thomas "Prison Abs" Gordon JR/SR (or Cam Gordon may move here)

FS: Demar Dorsey JR or Sean Parker or both, Vladimir "the Impaler" Emilien JR/SR

CB-Field: Denard Robinson JR/SR, Courtney Avery JR, pluse we lead for Dior Mathis and Cullen Christian

CB-Boundar: J.T. Turner SR, J.T. Floyd 5th


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Hart was a 2011 recruit -- I know he was on our radar already but he was a long way from pulling the trigger.

At this point 3 years ago we were coming off of 2008 and understood recruiting would have to rebuild the defense, however we also thought GERG knew what he was doing.

Mr. Yost

August 10th, 2012 at 8:52 AM ^

#1 --- I hate 4th grade depth chart posts that include nicknames

#2 --- I hate 4th grade depth chart posts that include uncommitted high school seniors

#3 --- I hate 4th grade depth chart posts that include "pie in the sky" comments (i.e. Will Campbell) someone who prides himself on an unecessary depth chart at least every other month...this pisses me off. It's sloppy and poorly done. It angers me.