Officiating yesterday

Submitted by Bringitback2a2 on September 26th, 2010 at 12:52 PM

Did anyone hear the personal foul call on David Molk??? IIRC, "Personal Foul, On the offense, The offensive player.... hit the defensive player." This made me laugh out loud. How did those idiots get certified to officiate a big ten game


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From where I was sitting, it sounded at first like "spitting on" a defensive player. We figured we'd misheard, and that the call was "sitting on" . . .

It's not a big deal, but the refs were awfully indecisive: flags long after the end of e play, confusing calls, ambiguous resolutions of long discussions (especially on th re- punt call, and on the punt return penalty that put M back on the nine -- these may have been back-to-back).


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I know, my statement was more a rebuttal to the OP's statement referring to how the refs are idiots and he doesn't know how they get certified.

I am more just grumpy about all the dumb threads on officiating.  When has it ever been good?  I don't know why people constantly complain about it.  


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It's gonna be bad after our first loss. There is still so much distrust/hatred/ignorance about RR that those douche bags will look for any reason to trash him and the program. The perceived let down of the first loss after a winning streak will make it that much worse. Remember, we WON last week and the trolls were having a field day.  Hell, after the ND game tons of folks were bitching about running Denard too much.  


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Can we do anything about who starts?  Can we do anything about injuries?  Can we do anything about schedules?

We talk about officiating, win or lose because, as fans, we talk about all components of football, not just the components that DGDestroys, or anyone else pre-approves.

With all of the ridiculous posts we see every day, you choose to ride the OP for opening a discussion about the officiaitng of Michigan's game saturday?  You're right.  Maybe we should discuss the decision to burn Gardner's redshirt instead..........


September 26th, 2010 at 3:24 PM ^

Don't get me wrong, and I probably shouldn't have posted the previous comment either, but there's a fine line between discussing and complaining. What some of the people who have responded to the OP are doing, which is great, is discussing. However, the OP did nothing to add to the conversation, but complain. That's why I negged him. Also, his joke at the officials was off base, so I corrected him. I don't want to silence the conversation, and I totally agree that the officiating yesterday was dreadful, I just think we should be mindful of the difference between pointing out mistakes officials made, and complaining (like the Irish) that we were wronged in so many ways. 


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I'm thrilled you are happy that we won, and so am I.But...the officiating at that game was horrible...seemed like the refs were totally out of it with their calls and their announcements.

As far as the game goes, after the first quarter, the game was a joke, another Delaware State, as was the OSU, Wisconsin and Iowa games.  Playing these cream puffs should be done via scrimmages.  I'll take a great game against a quality opponent, even if it is a loss, any day of the week. I, for one, will be much happier to see a nine game Big Ten schedule along with playing teams like Bama and ND, assuming that happens. 


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Every team needs a few games like this on their schedule. Did you notice the amount of different players that got into the game? Starters got a nice little rest right before conference play starts which is much needed. I understand how you as a fan may not like scheduling cream puffs but think about the team, the team , the team.


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No reason to tell people to "shut up" - they can say the same thing to you.  The officiating has been horrible, plain and simple.  It has nothing to do with Notre Dame or BGSU.  There have been an amazing number of missed penalties in each game.  I'm sure the other team would say the same.  If you don't like the posts, don't respond.


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Obviously, no one is blaming the officials for anything, since we won big.  But it was definitely a poorly-officiated game.  The TV announcers themselves questioned a lot of the calls, more than usual.  I am getting a little concerned about us getting flagged for illegal blocks on plays that look perfectly legal.  It didn't matter yesterday, but against ND some of those were drive-killers.  RR might want to contact the league office about us being unfairly targeted on our downfield blocks.


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The principle is this: complaining about officials is almost always annoying unless it was exceptionally egregious or altered the outcome of the game. The ND game I thought qualified, but the UMass/BGSU complaints have been pure whining and it's annoying.

Your concern about some of these calls continuing into the future is related, but separate from what I'm complaining about. FWIW I don't think your worry has much merit. If we've been getting relatively bad calls it's bad luck and there's no reason to expect it to continue. If we see some of these blocking calls continue into Big Ten play, it will probably be because officials interpret and apply the rules differently from how the mgocommunity would.

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The refs could call O holding every time Martin rushes the passer. Will they? NO! It will be a long season if we keep bitching about the refs. I think as the season rools along we will get our calls.


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yesterday...and the officials took forever to figure out what the call was, who it was on; in addition they picked up 3-4 flags during the game...

I wonder what conference they officiate for....because they were god awful- I am guessing the Big East


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Referee - Dennis Lipski, Umpire - Jim Krogstad, Head Linesman - Brent Durbin, Line Judge - Dave Chesney, Back Judge - Robert Smith, Field Judge - Al Terry, Side Judge - Steve Hassel.

Lipski and Hassel officiated the Indiana-Michigan game last year.  Krogstad officiated the Ohio State-Michigan game last year.  Durbin officiated the Penn State-Michigan game last year.  Chesney and Terry officiated the Michigan-Iowa and Michigan-Purdue games last year.  Smith officiated the Michigan-Illinois game last year. 

This was a 100 percent Big Ten crew. 


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Yes, please, how about a moratorium on officiating threads, barring some monumental, game-changing blunder by a zebra. Bitching about the officials is loser-talk. 


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Sure.  When it comes to zebras, let's use the ostrich approach and bury our heads in the sand.  Let's just pretend the bad calls never happened. 

That was a pretty common approach in the 1950's, but officials are now held accountable for their performances, too, just like players and coaches.  Bad officiating, whether from bias, accident, luck, or just plain incompetence, affects a lot of games.  It had no part in the outcome of the game, but the officials cornholed the team during one of DG's drives.  They ignored a blatant PI on BGSU on one play and then called a chop block on Michigan on the next.   

It's no accident that "working the officials" is now counted as a coaching skill.


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Eh, officiating has been bad all year, but that is the nature of college football.  UM got away with a couple of holds there, and I'm sure a PI could have been called on a couple of pass blocks by the defense.  Stuff happens.  I'm happy that the team won, and while everyone can recognize that there were missed calls, I'd rather the focus be on egregious penalties or missed calls.  That said, the Molk penalty seemed somewhat legit if the focus is to protect the player from injury.


September 26th, 2010 at 4:38 PM ^

All I know is that I am getting sick and tired of being called for all of these"illegal crack back blocks". I cant even count how many we have been called for now. That one on Odoms yesterday was not even close to being a foul. 


September 26th, 2010 at 8:51 PM ^

Everybody agrees the refs bungle too many calls. Everyone knows home teams have an edge. But the real implication, in threads such as this one, is that refs are aligned in some sort of broad anti-Michigan effort. I'm quite sure fans of M's could find just as many iffy calls to complain about. (Do you really think a tiny team like UMass gets the benefit of the doubt in the Big House? Please.) Every team's fans think the refs are out to get their team. It's ridiculous, and such complaint's make fans look defensive and paranoid. Which is the nature of fandom, I realize. But there ought to be limits.


September 26th, 2010 at 10:06 PM ^

I was at the game, and there were some bad calls. Someone posted earlier about the holding calls. I watched through the binoculars and holding Martin is a regular occurance. It just isn't getting called.


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I'm not complaining about the officials at all. I just simply thought it was funny. You guys jump all over people for being "idiots" and what not. Who gives a flying f*ck.... Chill out you michigan dousche bags, you guys are the reason people think Michigan fans are arrogant