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Submitted by jsquigg on October 27th, 2012 at 11:18 PM

It was looking ok until Denard went out and our defense decided to implode and Bellomy couldn't make a throw to save his life.  Commence the bitching.  Oh, and the refs where all around the worst I've seen this year both ways.  Whisky time....



October 27th, 2012 at 11:54 PM ^

Neg away, but this comes as the result of not one, but now three important games.  It is not just a product of the steaming pile of offense we witnessed today.  I'm beginning to wonder if we aren't getting a little reverse RichRod here.  Now we have a coach who focuses completely on defense and allows the coordinator on the opposite side of the ball unbridled control, and the results are awful. 

THAT MADE 12 STRAIGHT QUARTERS UM hasn't scored a touchdown vs quality/key opponents (ND/MSU/Neb), 10 of which involved a senior all-world QB at the helm.  The other two?  Watching the Bellomy offense gave me Sheridan/Threet flashbacks.  How could Borges have him this unprepared knowing the propensity for Denard to get injured?

I look at the 3/4/5 stars on OSU's offense and compare them to our offense and there really isn't that much disparity.  Yet they dropped over 60 on Nebraska and we couldn't even find one lousy TD...  I look at the offensive talent on an Arizon team and they find a way to drop 38 on USC.  But not one effing TD in 12 quarters?

Borges HAS to be in the doghouse.  All we hear is how he's such a champ for patchworking the offense without the pro-style parts he needs, but to have it be this inept?  To have Bellomy this unprepared?  To have so little gameplan? 

I still have hope, but what I lost this game was confidence in Borges that was already waning.  Now I'm dubious about our offense for the future, with or without Denard.

Blah blah recruits read this board, whatever.  Borges deserves heat.  12 quarters, count them, 12.

NYC Blue

October 28th, 2012 at 12:40 AM ^

If you are critical of Al Borges, I would like to ask one question.  Of the following:

Al Borges

Rich Rodriguez

Mike Debord

Stan Parrish

Are there any that you would classify as good coaches? 

My point is simply that I do not recall the last OC at Michigan that was NOT criticized.  It is simply not possible that they are all incompetent (well, I suppose it is possible, but unlikely). 

Maybe we are putting too much blame on our coaches-- or setting expectiations that are simply unachievable.

(a flamebait tag? really? that's pretty funny)



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Just throwing this out there as a question for anyone: do you think that he would fair better with players he specifically recruited? ie drop back passers at QB, bruisers at HB, and 6'3" big targets at WR?

I think it had more to do with play calling which definitely warrants some scrutiny to him. In the past I have felt that he's just not comfortable with his personnel, but recent games (Alabama, MSU, ND, and to a certain extent even Iowa last year) have made me believe that he's just not a great play caller in general.


October 27th, 2012 at 11:30 PM ^

The defense was not the problem today. They had one bad sequence in the first 3 quarters. They seemed to mentally check out of the game after Bellomy threw that pick right after we got the ball back, but at that point we were basically done anyway.

If we still had Tate Forcier (who would have been a senior) I think we would have won this game.



October 28th, 2012 at 3:50 AM ^

We're pining away for Forcier?  Wow

What hurt us this season as well was Stonum being a dummy.  Had he been around we would have had a deep threat at WR and maybe Gardner would have been able to stay at QB.

But college kids gonna college kid, and Tate and Stonum are gone.

Right now let's rest Denard's arm, we can beat Minnesota w/o him.  I think.  Get him healthy for NW, Iowa, and Ohio.



October 28th, 2012 at 1:57 AM ^

How could you possibly blame the defense ever at all once this season? Alabama? We forced a three and out on the first drive and played very well until half our offense played absolutely horrible all day. Notre Dame? How many times did our defense save our asses? And not just save it forcing field goals when Denard threw another int that was returned to their side of the field? 5 turnovers (maybe more?) and they only beat us by one touchdown. That game should have been a blowout yet our offense had 2 drives where it should have at least been OT. We just fumbled there.

Nebraska? We had some bad calls (the ground causing that fumble/int and the first replayed call on the made catch that went back) and it was still close for much of the game. Denard had some good passes today in tight coverage. Can't possibly ask this Defense to do more. They can't be on the field this much. We had BAD calls o offense all night and the defense can't possibly do more in any game. Yes Alabama scored a lot but with any kind of offense it's a close game, ND we win, Nebraska we win.

Never have been a big Denard guy but last year and this year combined he's beaten al Big Ten schools we should beat (convincingly I might add) and ND, MSU and OSU. He hasn't improved any this year vs last year and the pays don't help him. You want him to throw more yet call zone read for every run? Gimmie a break. Our offense isn't good enough to win out much less OSU and we can't expect more from our defense..

Closing I'd like to say I prefer this over Rich Rod. I'd rather lose 6-13, 9-24 or whatever than 60-75. Yes he beat USC which is more than he could do at Michigan in 3 years. Hoke knows more about Offense than Rod knows about Defense but we need a decent/good offense and we'll be a serious threat.


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"Closing I'd like to say I prefer this over Rich Rod. I'd rather lose 6-13, 9-24 or whatever than 60-75. Yes he beat USC which is more than he could do at Michigan in 3 years. Hoke knows more about Offense than Rod knows about Defense but we need a decent/good offense and we'll be a serious threat."

the unsilent m…

October 27th, 2012 at 11:42 PM ^

but I bet their kidneys are sore.  I swear to God Fitz cannot see anymore.  I spent most of the game rewinding and slow-motioning trying to figure out what the f he was looking at.   

I was all for allowing Fitz to get into a rythm, but that time has passed.  He is just not seeing things well at all.  I'll recant and align myself with those calling for a little more Rawls.  I hope we're not being Lloyd Carr loyal/stubborn in sticking with Fitz.

And I'll say it again: Vinson Smith is 175 pounds of determination


October 28th, 2012 at 1:24 AM ^

Wtf were you watching. OLine couldn't pick up a blitz package to save their lives. Can't open a hole. At some point, it has to become a pride thing. Doesn't help that every running play is a race to the short side of the field. Really piss poor play calling and no push on the OLine. Base package pass pro is the only thing our OLine can do competently. Throw in a blitzing linebacker or I don't know, anyone other than the front 3 - 4 DLine and we leak like a submarine with a screen door.

Waters Demos

October 27th, 2012 at 11:36 PM ^

Deal with the pain the old-fashioned way.  Light a candle, take your pants off, and stand over the flame as close to it as you can as long as you can.  Those third-degree burns on your man-parts will help you endure the insufferable pain of what you think is a bad OL. 

That's the only way to heal the pain of your disappointed entitlement. 


October 27th, 2012 at 11:20 PM ^

Our defense did not implode. Held them to field goals after being on the field ALL 2nd half pretty much and finally gave up a TD. Our defense was solid. Not the best, but definitely did not implode.