January 7th, 2011 at 3:02 PM ^

This came up when I clicked the "Apply Now" button:

Unable to Locate Job

The system is unable to locate the job you requested. The job posting may have expired. If you believe you have reached this page in error, please contact [email protected]


January 7th, 2011 at 3:11 PM ^

Here's the posting:


Job Summary

The University of Michigan invites applications for the position of Head Football Coach. The position entails the leadership of all phases of the Football program. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to; coaching, the recruitment of qualified student-athletes, support of the academic progress of student athletes, budget management, and community relations.

Required Qualifications*

Bachelor's degree required. A thorough knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations is required.

Desired Qualifications*

Preferred qualifications: Graduate degree. Previous collegiate head coaching experience.

U-M EEO/AA Statement

The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

Note also:

Posting Begin/End Date: 1/07/2011 – 1/14/2011


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Public Institutions have to post the job, by law.  They posted it -- now they took it down.  Legally, it has been posted.  They don't want to flood their database with bullshit resumes.  It doesn't mean it's filled.  I'm pretty sure DB didn't make a call from wherever he is:  "Hey Cindy, we got one!  Take down the posting!"

EZ Bud

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fairly easy? Perhaps this is the new, revised template, post-RichRod. "A thorough knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations is required."


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They legally had to put it up....Don't read into the "job has been taken". If your qualified enough you would know how to get in contact with DB, and won't be applying through this posting.


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This must've been posted within the last hour or so, and then immediately taken down because I've been looking for this posting all morning. I think I'm highly qualified for the job having recruited extensively for numerous football teams, won a championship, graduated from the University of Michigan and have a graduate degree with strong local ties having lived in Ann Arbor for the last 18 years. Albeit the extent of my athletic experience is in the intramural realm, but it should translate easily to I-A right? Should I just email DB my resume and cover letter then?


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Oh you have no idea.  I had to deal with his total epic fail for six years, and watched both of my schools get run into the ground by him.  Syracuse is back and I look forward to Michigan being back to kicking Ohio State's ass on a yearly basis.

But yes, there is a special place in football hell for that man.

So, so many dead kittens.


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Gotta click the right link if you want to run this internet. 

I will be calling all the offensive plays.  I have loads of experience running the sweep on every play with Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl, so you have nothing to fear, fans!


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What would be the MGoBlog dream team coaches?

My vote:


Purple Stuff- Offensive.......coordinator

profitgoblue- Defensive coordinator

Gary Busey- Special Teams