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This is an awesome post and probably deserves it's own thread...

Some others:

Athletic Director: Brian (obvs)

Head Coach: MGoShoe

O-Coordinator: The Mathlete

D-Coordinator: Magnus

Lead Recruiter/Special Teams Coach: TomVH

Bruce Madej-esque Public Relations guy: MGoShoe

Crazy old alumnus: THE_KNOWLEDGE

I could go on, but really I'm just throwing out names at this point.


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I must revamp mine now:

AD: Brian...he would have called Patterson by now.

Asst. AD: MGoShoe

Public Relations: pasadenablue

Quality Control: formalyanonymous

HC: Mangus

OC: Purple Stuff...but he must update playbook to Madden 2005 at least.

DC: profitgoblue....always on defensive from chitownblue82

ST: Gary Busey

S&C: Dreisbach Turner Orverdrive

Equipment Manager: Lloyd Brady

Head recruiting coach: Blue in South Bend...steals ND recruits they can never use to full potential anyways

Crazy Alumnus: aaamichfan, big boutros, Ill_legal, victors_valiant, Les Miles

Official Jock Strap washer: Brady Hoke...gotta start somewhere buddy.


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Madden '94 has worked for years.  Michigan Men have dominated the competition, even when playing with my crappy Richie Petitbon led Washington Redskins rather than the more talented Cowboys or Forty Niners.  We must return to tradition in this time of crisis. 

Also, if we just have a guy run around their linemen I bet we can block a ton of punts.


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On defense, my buddy and I created our own players (named "Cock" and "Balls"), both linebackers, and we dominated.  I think I'm shifting my scheme and we will run a 2-2-7.  That outta blow people's minds!  You think it will be such a drastic change that I'll only get 3 years in this position?


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I think that is a marvelous defensive scheme as long as Cock and Balls play cover two and don't let anyone get behind them on play action. You may want to check with AD Cook though first.

Also, a beaver wouldn't hurt.


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I work in business and our HR follows a similar posting process with all jobs.  Typically the hiring manager has to continue to interview candidates throught the 7 days even if the manager already has their candidate.  When I have received promotions internally, I have been given a "wink-wink" and a heads up to apply on-line.  Then told I have the job but not to say a freaking word for 7 days while we interview all the candidates we are not interested in to satisfy the policy (I don't know if this is internal policy or law). 

I am not saying this is DB's process (especially since mid-level management hirings are a little different than CEO/Head Coach hirings) but does anyone know if there is some sort of rule that Michigan technically can't announce a hiring until the end of the posting (1-14)?


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I'm not sure if this will answer your question or not, but earlier today I posted a link to a U-M HR document I found that has the requirements for posting jobs. It does say that a job "will be posted for a minimum of seven calendar days prior to being filled," but then also indicates that a "posting waiver" can be requested. I had speculated in another thread (before the head coaching position had been [briefly] posted) that perhaps they had requested a waiver from the posting requirement. I still think it's possible they could request a waiver and fill the position before the seven days are up on 1/14.

A. Posting Requirement

Regular openings of 50% effort or more (twenty hours or more on a standard work schedule) will be posted for a minimum of seven calendar days prior to being filled. Regular openings of less than 50 % effort (less than twenty hours on a standard work schedule) may be posted at the discretion of the unit.

1. Posting Waiver:

A unit may request a waiver of the posting requirement from the appropriate Human Resource office. The standard for considering a request for a waiver of the posting requirement is whether the legitimate business needs of the unit outweigh the University’s intent to provide notice of employment opportunities to the University community and others through the posting process. Examples of a business need include, but are not limited to, the University’s commitment to assist reduction-in-force candidates and dual career candidates.