Official Tom Brady 8 touchdown NFL record thread

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So Tom Brady is close to breaking the NFL all time single game touchdown record. Are you watching?!



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I didn't flamebait the fellow MGoer I will acknowledge my support for Tebow backed by the evidence and analysis proffered by Dilfer and the win over Pittsburgh as base capabilities. Where he goes from here is up to his work ethic and opportunity.

Re Brady, the Pats didn't beat any team during the regular seasons with a winning record. Also, Brady looks great in a clean pocket, but you send pressure and he gets rattled easily. Or, simply, he's a great media story so we here about him everyday. Peel back the curtain and we see, from the successive play-off losses to Ravens (courtesy of Greg Mattison) and the Jets, and the defensive schooling by Pittsburgh this year, we see Brady is stoppable:

- Jam receivers at line of scrimmage

- Constant pocket pressure

- chip TEs hard at line of scrimmage

- disguise coverage like Pittsburgh did in their win against NE this year

So, its great to celebrate the Pats but there's some holes there to fix. Let's see what Bill Belichik can videotape between now and AFC Championship.

OT: Paterno saying "i never had to deal with anything like that, i felt inadequate" "I never heard of rape and a man" is disgusting self-preservation versus protecting innocents. Note to Armani Reeves: Is that the legacy you want to surround yourself with for life?

Wolverine in Troy

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and it can be a lot of fun to say things like this. Unfortunately, "statistics are like a bikini: what they reveal is important, but what they conceal is vital". 


This season, the patriots beat the Eagles, Cowbows, Broncos (twice including playoffs), Chargers, Jets (twice), and Raiders. All of these teams would have had winning records if it wasn't for the patriots; they all finished 8-8.


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- Jam receivers at line of scrimmage

- Constant pocket pressure

- chip TEs hard at line of scrimmage


Funny, this is all it takes to beat the Patriots... and the Packers, and the Saints.  This is the gameplan against all timing offenses, disrupt the timing.  Look at what the Chiefs did to the Packer's in their win.  Jam-man coverage, disrupting the pocket, and running the ball.  Its not that hard to gameplan for (albiet a lot more difficult then how much I am simplifying it) but it is hard to execute because you have to have the defensive backfield to be able to match-up man-to-man and not get beaten too often.


I took out the Pittsburg game, because NE scored almost a point per minute of offense...


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Are Woodson and Brady the two best Michigan football products ever?  One dominated the college game and went on to be a successfull superbowl winning pro.  The other had a successfull college career and went on the dominate the NFL.  Would any other Michigan player be in the conversation with these two?


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ummm...yes, it is the op's fault.  how much of a dumbass moron do you have to be to not realize that posting a thread titled "tom brady's 8 td's" is not the right thing to do.  i'm continually amazed on this site that you "michigan men" with your snooty, better than thou attitudes don't have a whole lot of common sense.  


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oh, so now we're talking about the morality of posting inaccurate titles on an internet message board. got it. 


Also: you deducted that I have a  "snooty, better than thou attitude" from a comment stating that its pretty ridiculous to blame a random stranger about a title on an internet message board? You are some sort of wizard. 


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No, but it's important to be factual. For example, it would be inaccurate to say that CRAIG JAMES KILLED 8 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU, when in reality it is only alleged that CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU.



Edit: Just to be clear, I'm not stating as fact that CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU. I'm simply saying that's the rumor. My point remains.


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Brady actually got NINE but Tebow somehow managed to alter the time-space continuum and had three removed so as to embarrass his Broncos.  Tebow didn't feel it was fair to actually go back and WIN the game when he was altering time (although he considered it) but he didn't think it was that bad to just eliminate three TD passes from the record books thereby denying our beloved Brady his chance at football imortality.

The scoundrel!