Official Postgame Open Thread

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on September 11th, 2010 at 7:22 PM

I'm going to the bar. Keep every thought, awesome analysis and creative notion IN THIS THREAD. 





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Final Drive Summary: 12 plays, 72 yards

1st-10 MICH 28 D. Robinson incomplete pass to the right
2nd-10 MICH 28 D. Robinson rushed up the middle for 13 yard gain
1st-10 MICH 40 D. Robinson passed to D. Stonum to the right for 16 yard gain
1st-10 ND 44 D. Robinson passed to D. Stonum to the right for 7 yard gain
2nd-3 ND 37 D. Robinson rushed to the right for 2 yard gain
3rd-1 ND 35 D. Robinson rushed up the middle for no gain
4th-1 ND 35 D. Robinson rushed to the right for 1 yard gain
1st-10 ND 34 D. Robinson passed to M. Shaw to the right for 12 yard gain
1st-10 ND 22 D. Robinson passed to M. Shaw to the right for 5 yard gain
2nd-5 ND 17 D. Robinson rushed to the left for no gain
3rd-5 ND 17 D. Robinson passed to R. Roundtree down the middle for 15 yard gain
1st-2 ND 2 D. Robinson rushed up the middle for 2 yard touchdown. S. Broekhuizen made PAT


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i'm pretty sure we'll see denard for at most 2 series' next week, barring a disaster.  there should be no need to play him at all, but i'd guess he'll see a few reps just to stay sharp, much like tate last year against delaware state. 


what a great damn game today!


double blue

September 11th, 2010 at 7:40 PM ^

defense made some horrendous plays, but for a young bunch of guys they did pretty good.  if you told me that this is what we would have after twolf went down and turner transfered i would have said wow that's great.  so...yeah wow that's great


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Outside of the prevent defense at the end, the only two really horrendous plays were both by Cam Gordon and both lead to TDs, but outside of those two plays the D played very well I'd say. I'm definitely coming out of this game with a lot more enthusiasm with our D than I was going into it. Sure, those plays were both very bad, but they are also very correctable mistakes. Both plays Cam was playing like a CB that has safety help over the top.


At the very least, this doesn't seem like a D that will give up 30-40 to the likes of Illinois and Purdue. If that's all they do, we'll win 8-9 games.

Bando Calrissian

September 11th, 2010 at 7:25 PM ^

Hats off to Brian Kelly for turning in one of the worst non-Ron-Zook-Charlie-Weis coaching days I've seen in a while.  We deserve to win this game every time, but holy crap did Kelly coach himself into a hole today.


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I kept the faith.  My biggest fear was ND doing what we did - score with 30 seconds left.  When we had 3:30 to go, I knew we were going to do it.  GO BLUE!


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I have never needed for Michigan to play a cupcake more than I do this week...Thank you schedule maker!!  My heart couldnt take much more of that, and Denard will hopefully get a quick hook and get some much deserved rest.



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We have a lot to clean up. But it is good to see this team tough it out in a tough situation.  Last week everything pretty much went right. This week very little offensively in the second half went right but they kept battling.

After that long TD to Rudolph, that determines what a team is about.  This team fights.

Hats off to the coaches for that as well.

Hoken's Heroes

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I hope recruits who say, "it's a spread offense and they don't throw the ball" get a wake up call and tell other coaches that tell them that, "Hey you are full of it, coach!"


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I'm exhausted. Cannot imagine the players/coaches. Time to call my ND "friends." They already hate me. Now to make it worse. I suggest calling any "friends" you may have with ND tendencies. 


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at the end of the half "WOOO!"

at the end of the game "PHEW!"

I thought we went a bit conservative in the 3rd, but the defense really stepped up.  two breakdowns in the second half, but they totally exceeded expectations.  Thank god ND's QB's keep overthrowing fly and fade routes.


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We went 6 possessions in the 2nd half without either turning the ball over or scoring. That does concern me, but we can revisit that in a later date.

It's time to go WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!