Official Michigan Colors in Paint?

Submitted by joeyb on August 23rd, 2013 at 1:13 PM

Has anyone had any luck matching the official Michigan colors in paint? I found the official colors on this site:

I've found some colors that match the Maize pretty closely, but the companies don't have a matching blue.

So, has anyone found any colors that match these and, if you found them, what brand and name of the paints were they?



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Ive bought them at Lowes and Menards.  They have them on file in thier computer.  Both the Maize and the Blue look pretty good to me


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Glidden (available at Home Depot) has the colors laid out.  If you have a paint preference, most places have computers that can match colors to their paint from examples, like a poster or something.  Fabric doesn't always work well though.


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I looked at the catalog online and the colors didn't really match that well, although, they were probably closer than any other combination I've found in other brands. I guess I'm just hoping to get as close as possible to the "official" colors, but I might just have to fall back on Glidden if I can't find anything closer.


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I found the Glidden catalog online (HERE). I think the GLidden site actually has a Visualizer too so you can get a better look at how they might approximately look.

If anyone wants the Pantone colors for online stuff - here is the page from the Michigan style guide (LINK)


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I work at the U.  The new University logo and pantones was a HUGE negotiation between all parts of the university (hospital, schools and colleges, and athletics).  Apparently there was a TON of back and forth on the color "Maize", with athletics continually pushing back for less orange-y tones.  We've been given this academic year to move to the new color scheme - wouldn't be suprised to see that the athletic uniforms turn out to be a little less day-glo highlighter this year.


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I brought a jersey to Sherwin Williams to compare it against the paint chips, and got it pretty close to the old home Henne #7 Nike replica.  I painted up a ping pong table that turned out quite accurate.


oriental andrew

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Is it sad that I originally thought you were talking about MS Paint?  I was all like, "Dood, MS Paint is so easy to match col...  Oh, you meant real paint in the real world..."

Behr Marigold looks pretty close to Maize, as do Sherwin Williams Citrus and Forsythia.  

Blue definitely seems tougher for stock paint colors.  



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Thanks. Marigold and Citrus were the two I was looking at in those brands. Unfortuneately, our blue apparently has a bit of green in it and you have to choose between having the green in it or having it dark enough. I was hoping that I could go to Home Depot today, have them just type in the RBG, and then mix the paint based on that, but no dice.


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We are told these are the official computer colors:



But that Maize matches the "Pantone" above, and it looks nothing like the bright-yellow on the helmet or the uniforms.  I don't understand how someone with a multi-million dollar marketing budget can't figure out what the fraking trademarked color scheme is.  Make a fraking decision, and stick with it.  The birght color in small amounts (e.g. the helmet) probably plays better on a TV, but in person and in large quantity (e.g. a shirt) makes you dizzy.  So maybe they futz with the color based on its usage.  But it's embarrassing.

Think tOSU has multiple shades of scarlet?

Or USC(YTUSC) has mutilple shades of maroon?

Or ND has multiple shades of gold on... scratch that, I'll give you that one.



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we built a new shot put ring. I painted a block M on it, and the University supplied the paint. It was Sherwin Williams. They asked if I wanted University blue, so I said sure...turned out there is an athletics blue too which is deeper in color...I'd venture if you contact buildings and grounds they may share the color code with you...


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Behr - Sunny Side Up (P270-7) "Maize"

Behr - Very Navy (M-500) "Blue"

Just got done creating a Michigan Friendly room in enemy territory. I tried very hard to get them to match the cmyk values from the Michigan website, but they refused. So I used the eye test.

I can post a pic later

Edit with Pic

 photo 20130822_204421_zps086f3622.jpg


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 photo 20130817_165444_zps341a8623.jpg  photo 20130817_172201_zps3110155e.jpg

 photo 20130817_174755_zps57753ada.jpg

I scaled it up from a computer screen (printer was out of ink) and I really wanted to get it going. It's about 81" by 58"~, I did some helmet stripes on a narrow wall also. For clean lines just remember to paint the basecolor and tape over it, then paint the base color over the tape (bleeding in.) Then paint the top color and try to remove while it's still wet (prevents the paint from "tearing away.) If you want more dimensions let me know.