The Official: I'm at work (sort of) thread. BEAT ND!

Submitted by BigTenBurrito on September 6th, 2013 at 10:39 AM

Well today might as well be a write-off.


Can't help but think this one goes our way by a couple scores. Am I drinking too much Kool-Aid?


Go Blue!



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is great about being a lawyer.  Everything about the job is annoying.  I am always annoyed so it takes absolutely no effort to conjure up the look of complete annoyance.  Somebody just walked by my office as I am typing this, I just shuffled through a bunch of papers, let out a small grunt and said "son of a bitch" under my breath but loud enough to be heard.  They completely think I am going all lawyer on someone when really I am typing this post!  It is great. 


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I am sort of in the same boat admittedly - I am physically at work, but that's about all of me that is here at the moment. Definitely far too excited about tomorrow to do much but peruse the blog and wait impatiently here for the next five hours or so. 

There is the MGoPatio event tonight, of course, and I plan on going, so that should help make this hopefully a weekend to remember in Ann Arbor. I was going to bring the wife, but she has opted for a football-free evening. 

Go Blue, and beat the FigThing Chickens!


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Listened to coach Hoke on DP. Was very calm, cool and collected. Almost had me relaxed thinking about the game. It lasted maybe five minutes(me being calm and maybe the interview).


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That's been me all day. I've been reading every ESPN, CBS Sports articles and watching a ton of ND-Michigan clips as well as footage from last week. I don't think I'm ready for tomorrow yet!

CRISPed in the DIAG

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I'm worried about: 1) our safeties, 2) no inside push from our interior OL, 3) Gardner INT's and assorted wasteful INC's, 4) Rees not throwing INT's,  5) DeVaris Daniels.  Other than that, I'm Kool and the Gang.


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It's football day in the office to celebrate the opening week of the NFL season, so everyone is representing their pro teams. Naturally I'm rocking my Chad Henne circa 2006 jersey. GO BLUE



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Colleagues at work today asked about ND vs Michigan and I gave them a good lecture on how ND are chicken.


My wonderful boss agreed to let me get off work early to make the drive to AA.


September 6th, 2013 at 11:02 AM ^

I was not in the office yesterday (Shanah Tovah everyone!) and so today's a catch up day, until I drive in the car and head to Ann Arbor. Should be a good one tomorrow.


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What posbangs have become? Well shit...I'm in!

I'm pretty excited about tomorrow. IMHO we will win. My dreams are that we crush them like we did when Brady Quinn cried. That would be glorious. Reality is more like a comfortable 2 score victory.

Go Blue
Beat ND!


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After the birth of my first baby a week ago, I'm on an 8 week parental leave (it's not just for mom's anymore!). So I am not at work and have plenty of time to think about the game.

I have a hard time seeing ND winning or even keeping this game close. Last season, they were never really impressive and just had every bounce go their way. Without Denard's turnover fest, they don't win last year's game. I think this time around, we show the Irish what should've happened in 2012 in impressive fashion. To put a spin on Lee Corso's saying, "Michigan, but NOT as close as the experts think."


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I usually wait until game day before hanging the "M" flag.  Hell''s bells, it's UTL.  The flag is flying and I am daydreaming.  The work will still be there Monday.  


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Just finished a corporate regulatory survey. It was kind of like a colonic with a firehose. Glad to have it over. Now I'm just going to try to avoid love bugs on my way down south for some gator hunting. I hope to bag one tonight so that I don't have to go back out tomorrow and miss the game.


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feels like 2 days away still. I quit working, stay at hoke dad, diapers all day 75 out today and a park full of moms flirting while I shoot them down. why would I ever leave a doctor for an unemployed depressed mom? its football time


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Hoke came in with ample opportunity to succeed or fail.  He didn't have typical Michigan talent, he was likely the 2nd or 3rd option for most of the fanbase, many didn't even want to see the former coach go, and he'd never coached a top tier program.  Since that time he has said all the right things and said them honestly.  ie- he doesn't wear red becuse he hates Ohio while his counterpart doesn't allow blue at practice because he likes his own hype.  Hoke has recruited well and reestablished who we are.  I always thought 2014 or 2015 was when our time would begin. I was wrong.  The time to win (writ large) is now.  I think Hoke will start tomorrow night.


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Kind of bizarre that we're playing last year's BCS-runner up who is #14 this year and probably 90+% of picks are going our way. There's a strange air of confidence that Michigan will win. I don't know if this means victory or certain doom, but I too have a strange feeling that Michigan is just the better team despite their world-devouring D-line


September 6th, 2013 at 12:03 PM ^

there is some serious cool-aid in circulation and yes, this fan base in drinking a little too much of this.  Michigan is better.  That much is certain.  But a beat down of Central Michigan does not a national champion make.  This is going to be a close game against 2 pretty evenly matched teams. 


September 6th, 2013 at 12:07 PM ^

the guinness book of world records people are on hand.

Looking forward to seeing the world's largest CHICKEN dance being performed as the sad Domers leave our stadium with a loss.


Nope, I am not  a fan of the dance, but the idea does make me chuckle.