"official" game ??

Submitted by TorontoBlue on September 3rd, 2011 at 8:00 PM

hearing it reported that a college football game is not an "official" game unless it goes for three full quarters.  anybody have confirmation/explanation of this issue?

also, just took a look at advanced weather forecast and it's bleak again in AA for Sept 10 - ugh.




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A) Weather forecasts this far out are not the best predictor. Especially in Michigan.

B) I don't know if it will be official, but both ADs agreed upon the outcome so I would assume in that event it is official.

Durham Blue

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The result is "no action" if the game does not complete 4 full quarters.  I had a bet on Michigan -14 at sportsbook.com and it came out "no action".  So I received my wager back.  Now, I also had ND -10.5 and, of course, they didn't suspend that game.  Of course...

Well, that's what I get for betting on ND to cover.



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They should but we didn't have many offensive possessions and in the ones we did the RBs had more of an impact than Denard (obviously Western accounting and game planning for Denard allowed this). We were just starting to get rolling when the game ended. The game ended with 144 total yards for him.


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ND is trying to get their loss postponed. There was no storm in South Bend, everything was east of the area but they will end up calling the game and playing a make up game later this year. Nice way to avoid a loss.


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The game would not be "replayed" at a later date. Worst case scenario would have the game being resumed where it left off, or the NCAA would qulaify the game as a USF win since 3 full quarters were completed


Space Ghost

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I just checked ESPN (I know I know) and they are showing the final UM - 34 WMU - 10 with both of their records showing 0-0. Anything to this or just more ESPN jackassery?


Edit - They finally updated.


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The actual rules from the NCAA Rules Book have 2 areas on the matter. There is nothing that states that 3 quarters need to have been played as seen in 3.3.3.c. The only exception would be overiding terminology unique to a particular conference. Since this game was not a conference matchup, it does not apply.  Here are the actual rules if you are interested:

Winning Team and Final Score

ARTICLE 3. a. The teams shall be awarded points for scoring according to rule and, unless the game is forfeited, the team having the larger score at the end of the game, including extra periods, shall be the winning team.
b. The game is ended and the score is final when the referee so declares.

Suspending the Game


a. The referee may suspend the game temporarily when conditions warrant such action.

b. When the game is stopped by actions of a person(s) not subject to the rules or for any other reasons not in the rules and cannot continue, the referee shall:

1. Suspend play and direct the players to their team areas. 

2. Refer the problem to those responsible for the game’s management. 

3. Resume the game when he determines conditions are satisfactory.

c. If a game is suspended under Rules 3-3-3-a and b before the end of the fourth period and cannot be resumed, there are four possible options:

1. Resume the game at a later date; 
2. Terminate the game with a determined final score; 

3. Forfeit of the game; 

or 4. Declare a no contest.
The option that takes effect shall be determined by conference policy if both institutions are members of the same conference. In non-conference competition, the directors of athletics at the participating institutions or their designees, in consultation with the coaches, must agree on one of the four options. This agreement will include the final score if the game is terminated (Rule 8-1-2).

d. If a game is suspended under Rules 3-3-3-a and b after four periods of play and cannot be resumed, the game shall be ruled a tie. The final score shall be the score at the end of the last completed period. (Note: If a winner must be determined in a conference playoff game, conference policy shall determine when and where the game will be resumed.)

e. A suspended game, if resumed, will begin with the same time remaining and under the identical conditions of down, distance, field position and player eligibility.