Odoms and Floyd could practice before Gator Bowl

Submitted by jhackney on December 7th, 2010 at 10:35 AM

Article on annarbor.com quote's RR saying Odoms and J.T. Floyd might possibly practice before the Gator Bowl

Rodriguez said Monday he expects many of the players injured before or during the loss to Ohio State will be recovered in time to play in the Gator Bowl.

He expects Martin (ankles), Darryl Stonum (ankle) and Junior Hemingway (head) to play against the Bulldogs.

Linebacker Mike Jones (leg), cornerback J.T. Floyd (ankle) and receiver Martavious Odoms (foot) are still out, although Odoms and Floyd could practice shortly before the game.

It will be great to see our plague of injuries healing up. Even better if Floyd and Odoms can get in the mix. My only question is if they will be practicing for practicing sake or does this mean they have a chance to play?

P.S. I did not post link because the beginning of it has write up on coaching controversy and I don't want this thread turning into another one of those...

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hmmmm, that's interesting.  I'm pretty sure both Floyd and Odoms played too much for a medical redshirt, so if they are capable of practicing, I would hope they can play.  Floyd in particular would be a boost.  Not that I don't love Odoms, we are just deeper at WR.


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Seems like his practice time is the most important. Will help him be ready to hopefully start next year and a position of need.

I'm always a little fuzzy on how this works, does anyone know if his injury was serious enough to get a medical redshirt for a sixth year? If he is eligible for such a thing, would his participating in bowl practices but not playing in the game hurt his case?


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Just my e-pinion, but I doubt they'd be able to play in the bowl. They might be practicing to get back in the swing of things, and they might get to travel with the team to the bowl, but my guess is they'll just be practicing to practice.

No inside info or anything.

Also, you can probably post the link with your caveat - credit where credit is due and the like


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In the press conference yesterday I got the impression he meant they could return to practice but in a very limited sense. He said something like "We're hoping they'll be able to do some things in practice - I'm not sure how much they'll be able to do once we get full pads on" or something like that. So I didn't take that to mean they have a shot at game action


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this was mentioned in a previous article about a month ago

these players won't be 'practicing' per se but, rather, going through walk-throughs, doing workouts geared towards their injuries, etc.  the idea where you can sit in on meetings and watch drills while in a cast type of thing. mental more than physical gains to be made.


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one kid left the team and one was out the majority of time. other than that:

Sophomore WR Chad Bumphis will miss the bowl game due to a broken collarbone suffered during the Egg Bowl (against Ole Miss).  Bumphis led the Bulldogs in receiving this season (44 receptions, 634 yards, 5 touchdowns).



• Another top wide receiver, Leon Berry, dislocated his ankle in the Oct. 9 win over Houston and was once thought to be able to return for a bowl. But according to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger, he’s doubtful.



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My understanding from RR's press conference (I think it was his presser) was Odoms and Floyd might practice but definitely not play in the bowl game.