Ode to Denard

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On this eve of the new college football season, I’ve already started to become a bit sentimental.  Starting tomorrow we will watch one of the single most important figures in the history of Michigan football play the first game of his final season in the Maize and Blue.  From his first snap against Western where he made the collect minds of the Michigan faithful blow out the back of their skulls, to the Notre Dame game last year, Denard has made Michigan fans hopeful again.  His exuberant smile and dedication to our favorite university has made him a beloved figure in Michigan lore.

Denard, I think I speak on behalf of the Michigan faithful when saying, “Thank you!”  Thank you for being a fantastic representative of the University of Michigan in the national spotlight.  Thank you for bringing Michigan football back from the depths of Hell.  Thank you for everything that you’ve done.  I look forward to watching you play your final season in a Michigan uniform.

I guess to end this short but earnest post; I would like to ask the MGoFaithful what their favorite Denard moment has been? 




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When told of his stats in the UTL game.  Showed how happy he is to be playing football and how he really had no idea how crazy his performance was.


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I liked the Whaaah?? just about as much as the drive that immediately preceded it.

I liked seeing his face up on the big screen at the basketball gane in Crisler when we were all worried he would leave, and listening to the crowd erupt when they saw him because they knew what it meant, and watching him bounce up and down with the Maize Rage just being one of us.


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Will come tomorrow when he shows improvement in the passing game and leads Michigan to victory over the Tide! I don't even want to think about this being his last season but if it must be so, let's get this one.

Go Blue!


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Well of course his first ever snap in college football versus Western Michigan.  Fumble turned touchdown with the announcers yelling about shoelaces.  Love Denard.


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1. He was being interviewed after a game, and was patiently answering all of the questions the reporter had for him. As the interview was wrapping up (midfield) the reporter said to him, OK, why don't you go celebrate with your teammantes, (or something to that effect) and Denard's eyes just lit up, like it was the greatest idea he had ever heard. He said, OK, then just sprinted off ot be with his teammates. 

2. His long TD run against Ohio - Seeing the intensity and knowing how much the game meant to him, winning it for himself and for his seniors. 


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One of mine is definitely him jogging to do an ESPN interview on the field after the UTL game.  People stayed for a long time after the game, just enjoying the atmosphere, when all of a sudden here comes #16 running onto the field again.  The crowd went wild and he was so appreciative of us during his interview.  Pretty darn cool moment.



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Meeting Denard was my favorite Denard memory! At Fan Day he took the time to make my 4 year old daughter feel special (and he was signing a giganto amount of autographs!). He is just a genuine person.

My favorite Denard Moments; UTL & Beating Ohio.


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Our home schedule is kind of weak and I thought about not going to some of the games.  Then, I realized it was the last year for Denard, someone I think Michigan fans will be talking about for a long time to come.  So, I did my civic duty and will see him six more times at the  Big House.

Looking down the road a bit, it is going to be a bittersweet moment senior day when Hoke and Denard embrace.

It will be hard to top UTL.  I am so happy and feel very fortunate to have been there. One of those moments in sports that you remember forever.

Rather be on BA

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My favorite Denard moment will come tomorrow night when Denard PUTS DA TEAM ON HIS BACK (in Greg Jennings guy voice) and surprises everyone against Alabama leading Michigan to a victory in a game no one but true Michigan Men thought they could win! 

/s. Maybe?  I don't even know.



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is my favorite Denard moment. And his first carry for the touchdown against WMU. This young man has been one of the classiest football players in Michigan history. He is humble, exuberant, has a great work ethic, and he seems to be a very genuine human being. Denard stayed when others might have left. His athletic ability is electrifying. At this point he is my favorite Wolverine of all time.


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I was born and raised in the state of FL and have been a michigan fan for over 25 years. I fell in love with the program as a whole watching them play on a hotel television while visiting my brother who had just started at Central Michigan. As a fan of Florida HS football I was well aware of who Denard Robinson was and felt as if I had struck the lottery when he decided to play for the Wolverines. My favorite Denard moment was the speech he gave at the Big 10 Conference this year because it further shows what an amazing and inspirational story he is as a player and as an individual. 

On the field... It has to be his game against ND his sophmore year. It was a big stage and he blew the doors off of everyone who thought he was a DB coming into college. 

Go Denard and Go Blue!!!