Odds on some remaining Recruits & Class Size

Submitted by StephenRKass on April 16th, 2012 at 4:43 PM

We are at 17 recruits verbally committed, and are finished with the QB, OL & TE position. I'm interested in two things. First, I'd like to get a sense of the odds of the following recruits coming to Michigan. Second, with seventeen already, do we have room to take all eight below and end up with 25? I realize that the odds and the timetable are different for each recruit, and the one thing I'm sure of is that it probably won't be exactly these individuals who commit. However, this would be a great finish to the class, and would fill all the needs.

  1. Poggi
  2. LaCouture
  3. Treadwell
  4. Isaac
  5. Levenberry
  6. Cravens
  7. Fuller
  8. One more unidentified WR. (Allen?  Massington? LaRue?)



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This would not be a great finish to the class.  This would be a stupid TREMENDOUS finish to the class.

Though, if we land Cravens we probably land Mathis, so I'd sub him for LaCouture.


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He's not coming here. He said later that it would come down to UM and OSU but was Tweeting negative things about Michigan apparently, which has Urban Meyer shadiness written all over it. He's likely going to Ohio but is trying to create drama to make it look like Urban is kicking our ass on the recruiting trail. This is pretty much speculation that was posted over on 247, but there's evidence that this very well may be the case since the Pouncey brothers did the same thing when being recruited by Florida, saying that they were lifelong FSU fans when they were Florida all the way.


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The odds of that are somewhere between "Cubs win the World Series" and "Cubs win the World Series"... but it would be great


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IMHO, players 2-5 are the only above 50% at this moment.

Poggi is around 40%
Cravens (and Mathis for that matter) are about .001%

Another random wideout is also very likely.

lastly, could we take all 8? doubt it. depends on possible departures but as it stands now its very unlikely and should be 23-24 kids.


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I feel that one or two schollies will go to late rising prospects or one high four five star that we had no idea was interested (ala Garnett)


1) Isaac

2) Poggi

3) Levenberry

4) Treadwell

5) Massington or unknown WR prospect

6) Kenton Gibbs

7) unknown


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On the tremendous blog, they went 70 percent for Isaac and 51 for treadwell. Said they will rate the odds, in their opinion, of defensive recruits sometime today.