Odds of M/MSU being a College Gameday battle

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As other MGoUsers pointed out there is still no game time for the MSU game. It's starting to shape up like this could be a top-15 matchup two weeks from now. The number 3, 6, 7, 8, 19, 21, 23 ranked teams all lost games yesterday so there will be some serious reshuffling in the rankings today.

Michigan will almost certainly move into the top 20, while Northwestern was already No. 16 before their shutout yesterday, so they'll move into the top 15. A win vs NW next week would catapult the good guys into the same position. 

What are the odds we still haven't heard a game time because the value of the game won't be decided until next week? Could this be a potential College Gameday game?



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I wouldn't put any money on it just for the fact that college game day has picked some head scratchers in the past, but if MSU remains #2 in the polls and we end up holding Northwestern under double digits while scoring more than 24 points, then I predict us getting college game day.


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It's also a factor of what other big games are competing for attention and if they have already been to the home team's campus.

It's not unprecedented, but they don't generally like to go to the same campus twice in the same season. 

They may be looking out of the corner of their eye trying to determine if they should wait for Michigan-Ohio State in Ann Arbor in anticipation that it could be a big matchup.

If OSU keeps playing like they are playing however, Game Day should just shoot their Ann Arbor wad now on Michigan-MSU.  OSU may not even be a top 5 team by the time of The Game.



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To be fair, we did not think it would be either.  It's scheduled for Homecoming where teams like Michigan usually schedule easy wins that are not competitive games to give the alums something to feel good about while they wander around the campus and wonder what the hell happened to Blimpy Burger?


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These things are picked weeks in advance.  And if you look at who's playing on the Disney channels this weekend, it's not a surprise they were picked over us.  Oklahoma-Texas, Miami-Florida St., WVU-OK St (both ranked, btw), Arkansas-Alabama (who were both ranked preseason), Clemson-GT (same), Wisco-Neb (same) and LSU-South Carolina.  

Those all looked like bigger match ups a month ago, and the rivalry games (Miami-FSU and OU-Texas) were always going to be primary network games.


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Agreed.  They may be saving Ann Arbor for Michigan-Ohio State if we both keep winning.  Hell, probably even if we don't win out until then but OSU does. 

An Ohio State team in position for a Playoff berth versus Jim "I Guarantee we will win" Harbaugh will make for a compelling story line for CGD.



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Florida lsu has more national appeal and could easily also be a top 15 matchup. My guess is college GameDay goes there and then goes to either michigan/osu or msu/osu later in the year based on who wins the game. But it doesn't really matter if we don't beat northwestern and pat Fitzgerald is a good coach coming in with a really confident team so I'm not counting any chickens yet.


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In addition to the ones mentioned above, WVU-Baylor is a good match up (though not as good as ours), and Alabama-TAMU.  I don't think any of those get it, but after Florida's game yesterday, I think Florida-LSU will be a good option.  

That said, since Game Day hasn't been in Ann Arbor in a while and the Harbaugh factor, I feel like Michigan-MSU is the no-brainer option here.   


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However, of the four teams in question (UM, MSU, LSU, FLA), MSU would be the highest ranked and Michigan has the largest national draw/fanbase of those schools. That combo, plus the rivalry and fact that we're in the same division within our conference, and I think we have GameDay no matter what happens elsewhere (assuming Michigan beats Northwestern, of course).


They won't go to Bama and Texas A&M because they have already been to two Bama games and both Michigan (assuming a Northwestern win) and MSU will be ranked higher than USC/ND. 


That said, all that really matters right now is beating those Wildcats. GO BLUE!!!

Perkis-Size Me

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If we get past Northwestern, which is no guarantee by any means, and if MSU wins next week, which they should, then I'd say the odds are good they show up.

It'd make for a very intriguing matchup with a lot of storylines. But if we piss our pants against NW, you can probably kiss it good bye.

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October 4th, 2015 at 8:51 AM ^

Will be at the Florida vs LSU game. They won't be able to help themselves when it come to promoting their brand. The SEC has lost some luster this year and they will do whatever it takes to promote it.


October 4th, 2015 at 9:03 AM ^


I wouldn't be surprised if the love fest carries Florida into the top 10 after this weekend. It's hard to imagine the mothership picking another CGD location with two top 10 teams in Death Valley where they always play at night.



October 4th, 2015 at 8:56 AM ^

It's all about the match ups and both teams winning.
UCLA vs Stanford got less appealing last night with UCLA losing

The 2 games I worry about is
Bama vs A&M
LSU vs Florida

We all know ESPN sucks the SEC so by no means is it guaranteed


October 4th, 2015 at 9:45 AM ^

Both teams are terrible, but no way Purdue is better than Rutgers. Because they played MSU close does not mean Purdue is better. They are terrible. They were pretty whipped by everyone except MSU and one other team I am forgetting. Rutgers have their own issues, but they are a better team even with missing players. But we are talking about two terrible football teams.


October 4th, 2015 at 4:42 PM ^

won't pick this because they've already been to two Bama games. The max Gameday has done in the past in a season is 3 I believe, but that would be 3 in one half of the season. They won't go. I bet that Gameday is planning long term to be at LSU-Bama in November. 


October 4th, 2015 at 8:57 AM ^

They love "The Hype" and Leonard Fournette is the big story this year so far. I believe Harbaugh making Dantonio break down and cry at the post game interview would be a much bigger story.