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So, after reading through the recent MGoProfile, I decided to go back and watch the 2007 Michigan-MSU game.  Watching Obi Ezeh's play as a (redshirt) freshmen got me kind of excited.  This was the only time, up to this point in his career, where he has had the same defensive scheme for two straight years.  He did not play unbelievably well or anything.  However, he showed flashes of knowing what he was doing and being in the right place at the right time.  Obviously, this coming season will be his second year in a row under GERG's defense.

From my experience playing football, I can tell you that having multiple years running the same defense is immensely helpful.  Hold me back... but I dare say this may be an ok linebacking core after all.



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I read in some ESPN article that he battled a back injury all last year.  If that is true, it makes me more optimistic for him next year.


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I read that Obi was trying too hard last year. Jonas and Obi were trying to cover both their assignements, and where they thought other people needed help. This caused them to be out of position a lot.

I'll agree with the OP, being in the same system two years in a row, and having GERG directly coaching them should do wonders for understanding the defense and assignements, and staying focused on their assignments while leading the backfield.


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I don't know about Obi, I really hope he shows up this year. But I have a great deal of faith in Mouton this year, he's going to show up big time.


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I remember watching Obi against Florida when he was a young buck. Announcer was saying his name often. Big difference compared to last year as all have said. I hope there isn't total regression and hold to optimism of much senior success.


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Effort and a little coaching can go a long way. Getting him into the position to make plays is something that can be taught.

(I realize that's not a perfect analogy, since Stevie switched positions. But still.)


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not just for the Teams sake but for Obi as well he has a great year.  The guy has been there and will need to be a leader on the field with his play.  The out of posistion stuff, the delayed reaction seem to be a product of too many DCs and defensive schemes in his head.  Go Blue Obi!!!


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looks like a young Obi.  I like young Obi.  So we're covered (w/ Leach) if Ezeh is again inexplicable

But I also believe both he and Mouton can recover.  Jonas eyeballed as NFL ready at the spring game.  Obi looked a bit more like himself.  Of course, the offense wasn't very confusing

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Should have a better year along with Mouton. Read where they were out of position alot and when Leach took over for Ezi he had mono and just didnt recover the rest of the season. Hopefully with another year ,as some of stated in same system, will make for better overall improvement.