Obi Ezeh/3-3-5/2007 West Virginia/UFR

Submitted by mrlmichael on September 9th, 2010 at 7:13 AM

I was reading the comments under the Defense UFR today and noticed a lot of people seem to disagree with how Obi Ezeh graded out. I saw someone suggest that Brian should do a UFR of a good West Virginia defense to see how the MLB grade out in those games.

I don't think Brian will have time to do this although it would be pretty cool. With that being said I went back and looked at the 2007 West Virginia scores and they didn't seem to have that great of a defense (although I know scores do not show the entire picture).

I was thinking maybe someone could do a diary on this subject. Since Brian is probably busy working on the offense UFR from UConn. I could do it but I'm afriad how I grade out wouldn't be how Brian does, and therfor the numbers would be skewed. Also, what game could I use?

Just looking for some suggestions on how we could get this done because it seems like an interesting topic for comparison. I have the time to do it, but need some suggestions.



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Depends on what you're looking to find.  Do you pick a Pass happy offense, a run happy offense? Balanced?  A game with a similar score of the Uconn game? 

I'd probably take a game where the box score (defensive stats) indicate the defense was stellar (against a good opponent) and see perhaps what's the ceiling for a MLB (assuming there is one.)

I wish i had the skill/time to do this as well. 


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With that being said I went back and looked at the 2007 West Virginia scores and they didn't seem to have that great of a defense 

How can you possibly think this will tell you how good the West Virginia defense was? Well, obviously it can't, actually - they were the #18 rush defense, the #28 pass efficiency D, and the #7 overall defense in the country.


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I was the one who suggested this (unless somebody else did, too, and I didn't see it), and as the OP said, I don't expect Brian to UFR a WVU game.  He's got enough on his plate.

I just thought it would be an interesting comparison.  I've never coached a 3-3-5 team (although we have a 3-3-5 package), but I'd assume that playing MLB is pretty tough in that scheme.  Ezeh would probably be taking on guards (who outweigh him by 60-70 lbs.) and fullbacks nearly every play.  The real playmakers in this defense need to be the OLBs and the hangers.


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(or any MLB) eating blocks in this D is not such a bad thing? I'm cool with that if he makes quick reads and mucks up the lanes and lets Mouton and Roh clean up.  I think you and Brian and some other have indicated as much. I wish there was someone pushing him from the group youngsters -- you see anyone pushing him or Mondrous for the back up spot this year and seeing some quality snaps?


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I just wrote a long reply to this, and then the comment didn't go through.

Essentially, what I said was...

In my team's 3-3-5 package, our MLB almost always gets blocked (and he's a very good player).  The guys who usually make the plays are the outside stack guys (Mouton, Roh) and the hangers (Johnson, Kovacs).


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I don't necessarily think a "push" will come from anywhere.  Obi Ezeh is going to do whatever he can to be a good football player.  By all accounts, he's a good kid, intelligent, and hardworking.  If Moundros or Demens happens to be better than him, they'll play. 

I don't think either one would be a significant upgrade, so I have a feeling that Ezeh will maintain his hold on the job.  Regardless, I don't think Ezeh's a kid who will improve by competition.  If he improves, it's because he wants to.


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him. Every time I see him talk, he comes off a very humble and intelligent kid. I'd like to see him have a great senior season and get rewarded for putting in the 5 years of effort (all of these upper classmen, really). 

I was just wondering about the younger kids, thinking down the road as Obi and Moundros' eligibilty expire, and curious if anyone who takes up the mantle in spring ball will have any significant experience under his belt.


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Watch a group of games by teams that have excelled with the 3-3-5 and examine middle linebacker play. Maybe it IS a little poorly defined, or maybe you have to learn to see it. Offer suggestions about how the position's effectiveness might be optimized in the system, or how Ezeh might play to his strengths within it. 


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FWIW, Matt Millen (who I know was a crappy GM, but I'd trust his ability to break down a play) gave a heap of credit to Ezeh on the fumble. He pointed out (accurately, it seemed) that by actually eating TWO blockers, he freed Floyd. In other words, if Ezeh hadn't occupied a second guy, the pulling G is smearing Floyd across the endzone as Shoemate walks in.


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Exactly. The whole idea was to free up one person--the Hammer, he called it--to come in and make the tackle.

Now folks can quibble and say, yeah, but it was fourth and less than 1 and the tackle there wouldnt have stopped the first down. Eh, whatever. The D play worked as design and JT was in perfect position to put helmet on ball and create a turnover

Somebody in the UFR thread thought it should have been RPS -1, but come on, the D called all but forced the TO.


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It's apparent the defense as a whole is going to be average at best this year. I enjoy the UFR and the subsequent UFR of the UFR, but it is frustrating because it's obvious we are still average at best and hence make a lot of mistakes. Obi is a guy who is particularly frustrating because he seems to have the basic tools of an impact MLB and he's been around for awhile.  What I hope for is that this defense can gain momentum to be an opportunistic defense. Some may say lucky defense. But I think an attitude of expecting a turnover, or the other team to bog down, drop a pass ....maybe knowing that the M offense will produce even if defense isnt perfect. A confidence. Attitude. Winners.  Thats maybe what we can be and what I believe WV defenses were. Now, add an impact player at each defensive level thru recruiting and its the same attitude but a different beast altogether.  Im just gonna try to be encouraged by the takeaway inthe red zone and hope the defense gain more confidence this week.


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I thought Ezeh played reasonably well in the game.  It does seem like the MLB's job on many plays in the 3-3-5 is to occupy a blocker and open up a lane for somebody else to make a play.  While I'm sure a good MLB would be making his fair share of plays as well, Obi seems to have a plan out there on most snaps, which is more than we can say for the past few years.  It should probably not be surprising that Mouton has made solid strides so far under GERG's tutelage, and it is safe to assume that Obi has also improved even if he does not grade out as well as expected.


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is our 335 from WVU. We have gerg calling the shots and i dont know what the differences between them are. RR is an offensive genious but i think that he leaves the defensive scheming to his coaches. another factor is how many of his defensive assistants did he bring and are still there.