Obi Ezeh - Arm Injury

Submitted by TyroneButterfield on April 4th, 2010 at 11:31 AM

While I was at Grand Woods Lounge in downtown Grand Rapids yesterday to watch the final four festivities, I noticed Obi was there as well partying. He had a soft cast on his left wrist. Has anyone heard about how serious this injury was? It didn't look extremely bad, as this is the hand he was consistently drinking his bud lite out of...



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I didn't know Budweiser got into the chocolate milk business. Makes sense - it is definitely a booming niche market here in MI. I guess the bud light version is 1% milk fat?


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It's apparently a failed (or just dumb) reference on my part to one of the more famous aspects of the Barwis Training Program:

"Barwis is equal parts old- and new-school. The old part: He believes in "Olympic movements," so his players perform a lot of power cleans and squats. Another old part: Don't tell the energy drink industry, but when his players finish their workout, he has them drink -- I kid you not -- chocolate milk.

Barwis is happy to explain how milk is the best delivery system for casein and whey, the proteins your body needs after a workout. The chocolate syrup replenishes glucose. But he also can explain it in a way that any former kindergartener can understand.

"It's pretty simple," Barwis said. "What did you drink when you were a baby? When did you grow faster than that? Never did. Evidently, Mom and Dad knew right in the first place."



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soft cast? It doesn't sound like a big deal at all. It is only April. Heck, he still has two weeks until the spring game. The season is still four months away. He will be just fine.


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Rivals hinted at some serious injury that will affect the two-deep on defense. They said Rodriguez would probably discuss it this week, but I don't know who they were referring to. I wouldn't think they were talking about Ezeh because they said the player isn't a starter, and Ezeh would probably be considered a starter.


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Hopefully he got it by actually hitting a offensive player. But seriously we still have two whole weeks until the spring game so if he's still out then we can be concerned.