O-line clarity from Hoke at B1G Media

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Per Rothstein: "Michigan's offensive line is still a question, but Brady Hoke offered some clarity today. Said if he had to play today, OL would be LT Taylor Lewan, LG Ben Braden, RG Kyle Kalis, RT Michael Schofield. Center is where the battle is between Jack Miller and Graham Glasgow" ""

Nothing breaking there, but Hoke usually doesn't get so specific.  Kind of surprised the real battle is still at Center. 

Also, Gardner said today that Darboh will be an All-American before he leaves.



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Kalis and Braden solidifying their presumed starting spots is good.  They have talent, have gotten praise from coaches and players alike, and they're big dudes. 

On the flip-side the continued uncertainty at center is bad news.  One can take the sunnier view that Glasgow is simply playing well, but in most cases when your presumed starter isn't seperating from a 6'6 soph walk-on that's not good news.  Also consider that the coaches preferred playing Burzynski last year.

Of course, take the coaches comments with a grain of salt -- might just be looking to motivate Miller -- but that's not a great situation either.


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Well, we do know that it was a position that received special mention as being more up in the air than the guard spots. I think it's not nothing that the center position is more unsettled than either guard spot.

But yeah, obviously someone will have to win the starting role by kick-off.

One Inch Woody…

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If there wasn't at least one position with a question on both sides of the ball, it wouldn't be the offseason. I think the fact that the only real (minor) questions this offseason are TE, center, and FS is very very reassuring, especially in comparison to last offseason when the O-line battle wasn't over until the first weeks of the season, receiver was a question, denard fusion cuisine was dubious, and the loss of Martin/RVB loomed on the D-line.


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The reason why he walked on was he had no offers (according to Rivals).

IIRC, he was first going to be a preferred walk-on at OSU, but decided last minute to walk-on at Michigan.


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It will be tough for Kugler or Kugler to play as a true freshman at center.  The physical demands usually require a year in the weight room and center is probably the toughest OL position to learn. 

All that said, if he comes in at a good weight, he's probably further along than most freshman with his dad being an NFL OL coach before his new gig.


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My favorite portion of the Oline comments was Brady mentioning that they considered playing Kalis as a true freshman but decided to give him the redshirt instead.  If they felt he was ready for such a position as a true freshman...he's going to be a monster.


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I believe one thing that came out perhaps yesterday which made me do a double take is that Hoke mentioned when he first came to Michigan in 2011, we had all of eight scholarship offensive linemen. I knew we were thin there then, but I didn't realize it was that thin at the time admittedly. 

The line he mentions here would average about 6'6" and slightly over 300 pounds or so per linemen, big enough to hopefully build some freeways for the running game this year. I do like the lineup proposed here. Hoke was very complimentary of the interior OL yesterday as well, which I will take as a good sign definitely. 


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I'm kinda surprised he's being so specific and concrete at this point, before fall camp has even started. Not that I'm that surprised, I think if it was anyone but those guys, there'd be a little bit of panic.


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have a mean streak. Thats what this team needs in the trenches.After rereading Kalis wikepedia page and reliving the O state decommitment fallout,im really pulling for this young monster


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the more nervous I get about it.

The fact that Kalis and Braden seem to have locked down the guard spots as RS Fr though is a great cause for optimism though so I'm hoping we'll still see a net-gain on the line this year (especially if Kalis could've played last year as indicated above)