O'Korn or Speight: who ya got?

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on August 5th, 2016 at 12:14 PM

Stunned we haven't had this thread yet.

I say O'Korn. The mobility is what gives him the edge for me. Rudock had mobility last year, but O'Korn is even quicker.

Would it be out there to think that we could TRY a little read option stuff with Peppers at RB?



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To me, it's clear that Shane Morris was way overated coming out of HS. He has NFL arm strength and release, plus a good attitude. But it is now apparent he has no idea how to utilize his arm. He has limited touch, underwelming accuracy, has a hard time reading and reacting to opposing defenses, and maybe poor footwork (I'm no QB coach)


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I am good with either, I honestly think they will both be slightly better to start the season than Rudock as they have both been in the system for a year. Everything isn't quite so new.



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This is where I'm at. I feel like we've already seen enough from Speight to surmise that by the time Hawaii comes around,  he's going to be ahead of where Rudddddock was against Utah last year, and if O'Korn is better than that, we're golden. I think they both have at least equal-to or higher ceilings than Rudock, so whichever one steps up, let's go.   


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Agree that their knowledge of the system should be ahead of where Rudock was last year.  However, Speight has never started a game and has only seen limited snaps.  IMO, game experience counts a lot.  O'Korn got a good number of starts at Houston.  The good news is the non-conference slate should provide the starter 3 games to get their feet wet before conference play starts.


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O'Korn more experience and more upside. Also sounds like he's been putting in the work and has the respect of his teammates. With that said if Speight wins the job I won't be mad at all


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O'Korn.. I like Speight as a backup but all the hype surrounding O'Korn last season on the practice squad and from watching a few games with him at Houston, I'd give him the edge. I think he'll get great experience this season with some potential to be special next year. We'll see.

Goggles Paisano

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I say it will be O'Korn since he brings more versatility to the position.  Speight seems very stiff to me. I also think Harbaugh gave Speight a slight edge in the Spring to add more fire to O'Korn for his Summer work and Fall camp.  


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Brady and Luck are old school.

I feel like Speight fits Harbaugh's interests better so I'm also throwing him in the ring for me.

QB mobility for most teams is meant to help get out of trouble, but if you're structured, composed, correctly running assignments, and completing passes (all of which is where I think Speight has a slight edge), then you're golden.

Spirit of 69

August 11th, 2016 at 7:32 PM ^

Harbaugh has shown just how dangerous a dual threat QB can be at San Diego and San Francisco. I think he's going to go with whoever is the best and then call plays according to their strengths. Given our question marks on the offensive line and how the running game still isn't up to par, I wouldn't be shocked to see O'Korn because of his versatility in that regard.


August 5th, 2016 at 12:18 PM ^

I think a good Okorn is better than a good Speight just based off their skill sets. Both guys seem to be working very hard for the spot, I think we should be a good shape

rob f

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MAIZE, MAIZE signifies MICHIGAN, MICHIGAN-grown sweet corn is now RIPE, Michigan is RIPE 4 championships, #4 QB'd Michigan when we were CHAMPIONS,Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS, 'Wilton' STARTS with W-I-L, the QB with the most STARTING experience is O'Korn, and that progression leads me to the most logical choice for STARTING QB: O'Korn.


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I think the best QB is the one Harbaugh chooses. If there is anything about the team that isn't up for debate it's starting QB. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.


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I'm going with JO'K. I think since he has way more upside, mobilty, and playmaking ability, he will win the job. Of anybody can get his decision making under control, it's Harbaugh.