NYT Article on the UM-Slippery Rock Relationship

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I always have trouble explaining the Slippery Rock thing to guests attending a Michigan game for the first time, probably because I didn't know many details myself, so it was nice to see it spelled out for me.

That being said, I was puzzled by this tidbit:

For a time, announcing the Slippery Rock score lapsed, partly because of a technological period during which wires had ceased to exist but the Internet had not yet evolved to a place where scores of obscure Division II football games were instantly accessible. Dave Brandon, the Michigan athletic director from 2010 to 2014, remembered the tradition from his days as a player (for Michigan, not Slippery Rock) and brought it back several years ago.

Does anyone remember a stretch when Slippery Rock scores were not being announced? I was attending a game or two a year in leadup to the Brandon era and don't remember a gap, but might not have noticed.


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Slippery Rock scores weren't announced during the RR years I'm pretty sure. My dad and I got season tickets during Lloyd's last year, and I remember the first time I ever heard a Slippery Rock score wasn't until either the last RR year or Hoke's first year.

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This is false, the scores were certainly announced during RR years.  Here's proof, via MGOBLOG!  


and I am 95% sure they were announced my freshmen and sophomore years, which were Lloyd's last two years.

Dave Brandon deserves no credit for bringing back the scores (but does for bringing the SRU team to the Big House again)

EDIT: It might not have been verball announced, just shown on the scoreboard.  At some point they started making a bigger deal of it and had Grapentine's really sell it.