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Because that gives him a direct view of all the things that the defense is trying to do (in terms of how they are adjusting, lining up, what they're running in certain situations, etc). You get that on the sidelines to a degree, but it's much, much more difficult. I like the actual guy calling plays in that instance to see that.

So hopefully this is a result of two things: Nuss is very comfortable with his support staff who will be taking those responsibilities now (I'm guessing Heck and/or maybe Ferrigno will be in the box, along with a GA and probably an offensive support staff). And that he believes this will help the offense as a whole stay more even tempered throughout games (get up when good things happen, but not too high, and never get too down).

On defense I have less of a preference, think there are positives and negatives to both, and you go by personal feel and feel of your team (I think the things you're looking for as a DC are more easily transferred from the box to the field, and directly from the players when they come off the field, so that the benefits of the box aren't as significant as they are for an OC). So I've never had an issue with G Matt on the sideline.

I'll reinforce that I don't think the OC on the sideline is a huge issue either. There are plenty that do it. For all intents and purposes, Rich Rod was on the sideline, but had his OC, Magee, in the box. It's just my preference, and would be my preference as an OC or as a HC to have the OC in the box.

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From my understanding, he pretty much always starts in the box, but he'll jump down to the field at anytime during the game (when his defense is off the field). I think it's just a going by feel thing. He trusts his defensive staff well enough to do that (they've been together for so long and trust so much in the scheme, that it's fairly easy to trust one another in that instance). Think it's another way to skin a cat, some would argue consistency is important, but I think it's just one of those things that has it's pros and cons and doens't really outweigh other ways of doing it. 


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No offense, but that is just dumb logic.  The thing that kept us from being a good team last year was offense.  If we don't improve this year it is because the offense didn't progress under the tutelage of Nuss.  So the answer to that would be broom the HC but keep the OC who couldn't change the offense enough to make improvements?  That just doesn't make any sense. If our offense looks good our record will be good and both will be back.  

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But after watching the painful Penn State game again, the coaches flat-out blew that game. Yes, offense scored enough to win (also, the defensive TD gave us the spark) and that last drive by PSU was crazy, but when you're up a TD with three minutes left, are driving well, and decide to go in a shell and fuck yourself out of field goal range for no reason and are forced to punt rather than go up 10, it becomes rather difficult to blame anyone but the coaches.

Also, Iowa was a travesty, but we went an entire goddamn half without scoring. AT IOWA. AND one of those TDs was defensive. That game's on the offense.


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This, I think, is a key point.  And even though Gardner is a senior, this is his first season with Nuss as his coach. There's a sports radio host here in Oklahoma who was a college QB and he said his preference was to have either a QB coach or OC on the sideline during games to help settle him down and convey info during the game that was often far more effective face-to-face than over a headset.


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I like this. Al always seemed so far away when they would show him sitting up in the box. I don't care about the headset thing. On or off, guy behind Hoke telling him every call, etc. I just like the fact that Nuss will be on the field coaching.

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I think it would be a reason to generally be upset. He'll have people telling him immediately if something is drastically off, and will rely on those people in the booth to be his eyes up there. So he should, in general, have a headset on while coaching on the sidelines (at least while calling plays, when his players come off he'll talk to them directly without a headset I'm sure).

But, if the whole staff went without headsets and went to some sort of smoke signal-esque communication system, I'd find that funny in an awful, awful way.


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Nuss intimates that Saban's preference was for him to coach from the booth.  However, he said that it was a transition he was comfortable making, the implication being he's been on the sideline on previous occasions.

Doug, usually offensive coordinators are in the booth and defensive coordinators are on the field. Is that Coach Saban's preference or yours? And is there an advantage or disadvantage to being in the booth rather than on the field?

"Well, you know, our structure that we have in place in our organization when I got here Coach McElwain had been up in the box, so it was an easy transition, and I'm very comfortable up there.…


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I've never been an OC, but it seems like it'd be hard to tell what's going on from field level (reading blitzes/coverages, watching your line's performance, etc). I always assumed it'd be much easier to do from the box with the "All-22" view. I'm not criticizing Nuss, he obviously knows more than I do, but I'm curious why he'd want to be on field level? Maybe so he can directly communicate with DG?


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I'm with you on this one - I'd rather he be upstairs if given a choice but if he's getting solid, reliable info it doesnt really matter.  I also think you touched on the "why" in your earlier post in this thread when you said this would give him a better read on the emotions and psyche of the team.  

If you've got a team that isnt real sure of itself and needs encouragement you want to be shoulder to shoulder with them on the field.  But my question is - isn't that what Brady was suppose to be doing?  I thought that he was sort of the "Chief Encourgement Officer" on the team.  Or is that just for the defense?

Makes me wonder.


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I get the same feeling that Hoke spent more time in his comfort zone with the defense last season.  Also comments around the fact that he thinks Gardner can also be in the leadership group with continued effort this year also is a bit telling from the article this was pulled from and a bit more confirmation that not everyone rallied around the QB last year.

I think having Nuss on the sidelines coaching Devin and keeping more leadership presence will be a good thing.  As long as the team in the box and he are on the same wavelength, this might be a very good move especially with such a young team on the offensive side of the ball.



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have have him on the side line for his energy and ability to lift players up and also set them straight. I'm sure whoever they put in the box is capable enough of handling the job, otherwise why are they there!


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Completely agree. I think his presense on the field will be a huge plus. He can motivate the players and set them straight if they're doing something he doesnt like. He can coach the coach's on what he wants them to look out for out of the box. Also, he can directly talk with Hoke.


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It made sense for Borges to be in the box because on game days he called the plays but did no real coaching. This is OK, and not uncommon. But it's possible Nuss wants to be more hands on with his guys when they're not on the field, and that's OK too. He'll need to rely on another coach to relay info down to him from the booth, but he'll be able to correct that stuff face to face.


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If Nuss coaches from the sidelines and the offense works, that's good.

If Nuss coaches from the sidelines and the offense doesn't work, that's bad.

If Nuss coaches from the booth and the offense works, that's good.

If Nuss coaches from the booth and the offense doesn't work, that's bad.