Nuss wont Make It-- Year-2

Submitted by TheBoLineage-- on November 9th, 2014 at 4:44 PM

I dont think Nuss is gonna make it into Year-2.  I think hes gonna be fired.


I-d like to think hes found a RunGame of one type or another following @-Nrw.  But its the PassGame Now.  I spose one can say--


yes, Nuss IS Calling an Effective PassGame.  But DG is Not Delivering.


For me though--  I still dont have a sense that the PassCalls are sequenced--  including The Pass ROUTES themselves--  in any Meaningful Way.


PassGame analysis can be Very Tricky--  ESP with passes thrown on 1st-2nd Down, because one can always say--


could not YOU have found an Effective RunPlay for that Ocall instead ??




Mpfnfu Ford

November 9th, 2014 at 4:48 PM ^

Because there's going to be a new coach who will want his own guys in. And most of the names being talked about for Michigan are offensive coaches with their own preferred scheme, so why would they keep around someone who doesn't do things their way?



November 9th, 2014 at 4:59 PM ^

Nuss won't make it into next year because his results on the field have been abysmal.  While I think David Brandon's input is mostly at fault, I don't see him being a positive presence on the scoreboard in relation to talent.  At best, I think Nuss' offense is neutral; they will not beat anyone they don't out-talent.  

This version, whether Brandon, Hoke or Nuss is at fault, is an offense that loses to those with equal talent due to predictability.


November 9th, 2014 at 8:11 PM ^

I mean every guy on Hoke's staff is likely to exit with his firing unless the incoming coach sees the need for their services. RR interviewed all of Carr's staff and kept only Fred Jackson, as did Hoke when RR was canned. That won't happen again. And based on this offense's performance, and the team's basic failure to make it work effectively, what kind of record would Nussmeir have to show in supporting his continued employment here?

I am very disappointed with the production overall. Regardless of whether the Devins are healthy and able to perform, this team has done little to make accommodations to help them become more effective. What's more DG has been forced to learn a new offense under three different OC's during his time at Michigan. That's three in four years of actual playing time outside his redshirt year, and three different guys when he was playing quarterback. 

During his career, he's beaten ND as a starting qb once. That is his only win over a rival. 

And still no other qb on this team is better than Gardner at this point. And another transition will put Michigan's logical choice as starter next year, Shane Morris, in the same boat as Gardner. That is the nature of Michigan football at this moment. While its rivals are getting better and stronger, Michigan is seemingly growing weaker. This trend has to be averted even when change will likely continue this trend line. 

At this point it matters not about what might happen to Nussmeier in my opinion. If he goes, he will receive an attractive buyout package.