Now that Michigan won...I can post this

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I dont mean to rag on a kid but Hagerup has been the worst punter that we have had in a long time... Wiley is better and we have the kid from South Lyon i think it is coming in next year...Hagerup is on a short leash


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In all seriousness, it was great to see the sideline reactions to this. The coaches didn't beat the kid up, players trying to pick him up, and Hagerup himself getting pumped on the goal line stand. Stuff like that makes this team one of the most fun to follow in years

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Now that it's over I have to say that I've been expecting a screw up from Hagerup all year long. He picked a hell of a time to do it. I hope he's matured and learned from his past mistakes. He's got a ways to go still to earn his stripes...


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Man Will looks like Tobey Maguire when he is in full "holy shit" mode. I loved how everyone kept their compusure. Not like the kid was trying to do that, so no sense going ape at him.

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His eyes have a look of sheer terror. I could not imagine what he must have been feeling right then.

Good thing we pulled it out! He can rest easy tonight, even though I'm sure he'll never forget that moment.


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Hey man... dude was high. Cut him a break

Yeah, I know this will take a hit, but after missing last year's The Game, and 4 games this year, then that... Time to grow up and man up. Mistakes happen. Inattention to detail should not. Kid owes his teamates to fix his history.