Now hear me out... Jorts. The shorts of the future.

Submitted by Frito Bandito on July 8th, 2015 at 8:39 PM
Somewhere down the road we've lost all faith in people that wear jorts. Michigan is now a Nike and Jumpman school. Last time I checked MJ was making jorts in some southeast asian country. Harbaugh might want to think about his branding and go from khaki to Jort. The leader of a new tomorrow indeed. My suggestion to you all is to write emails to the beloved AD. Let's get him and the students on our side and someday we can be...... Wait for it..... The Jort University



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Almost as I hate posts about jorts and posters who post about jorts. Yepp I came into the thread I said I hate... Please, point that out for the blog and I...

Everyone Murders

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That may be the best off-season reply in the history of the blog.  Yamada's quiet dignity through the whole ordeal is inspirational, and I think the girl's calm acquiescence is much more profound than anything I've seen on Game of Thrones or Orange is the New Black (leaving aside I've never seen those shows).

This obviously speaks to the Brandon era, almost directly.  Thanks, Don.


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I don't wear nice clothes but a couple times a year. So I don't mind jorts when working on the car or running errands or just hanging out in the backyard. Which is most of the time. If I wear shorts at work I wear khaki shorts.

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that UF is more highly ranked in the last US News survey than all B1G universities except Northeastern, Michigan, Illinois, and U Wisconsin? Just looked out of curiousity, but it's kinda interesting:…

Vandy's the only other SEC school that's highly ranked. . .