Notre Dame Week

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To Hell with Notre Dame. Thanks #Hail Edit: If your morning could use a good laugh, go and visit the game thread at Irish Envy.



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Damefan was rightfully chased away from here (at least for the time being) some time ago, but he does maintain a blog in which the last post was dated some four days ago. If nothing else, his skills of center justification and semmingly inappropriate emphasis on various words in the middle of sentences are greatly improved from last year. 

oriental andrew

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That's damefan1 on youtube, right? First video posted in 4 years is showcasing his new basement irish pub. Not irish (duh) and not a real fan of the irish pub style, but the basement setup is pretty impressive. Apparently got most of that stuff when a local pub shut down. I'm sure putting the whole thing together took a lot of time and money. The movie posters are... interesting.




The old UM-notre dame preview videos are still hilarious.


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From what I understand there is a meeting about it this week but outlook is they won't be back for the UM game. It's up to 5 players now as I understand it.


Then again its college football so anything can happen.


I think in general ND would rather lose games as opposed to vacating them so I give them credit for that.

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I cannot wait... Honestly, I think this could end up turning out to be another '06 game.  DG goes off, and we establish a solid run game.

As for my realist side, I think Golson will be a very tough test for the secondary, but I think they'll be able to handle him.  I'm really hopeful that the o-line establishes a strong run game on the young ND line.  

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There is just to much power at the skill positions... Smith and Green will be comparable to White and Gordon from Wisky last season by the end of the year, and ND just does not scare me defensively.  And with the defense as aggressive as it looked in the opener, I have every bit of confidence that Golson will be very limited


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I wouldn't pin a lot of hopes on the Michigan ground game.  ND's defensive line looks good, their back 8 look mostly bad (even if they get some starters back back there, the fact that rusty starters can push experienced reserves off the starting lineup says bad things about their backfield).  All I ask from the O-line is enough rush offense to keep them honest, and some adequate pass protection.  Michigan will win this thorugh the air, I think, or not at all.

The defense should be able to shut down their passing game, but their running game could well keep them in it, especially if JMFR doesn't come in as the JMFR of old.  

I like our chances a lot.  Golson looks great, but we match up well against what he does well.  I don't think they have an answer for what Garner does well.


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I think 2009 is the best comparable, but in reverse. That season, M had the mobile QB and the atrocious secondary; ND had the talented wide receivers and the unintimidating run game. It wound up being a pretty even matchup and a terrific football game.

Another season I thought about was 2002. That year, M had a veteran QB and a mostly complete team but with question marks on the o-line and a couple soft spots on defense; ND had a mobile QB and some running backs but no receivers--unlike this year, however, ND had an outstanding defense that season. The game was in S. Bend and ND won by forcing turnovers and hitting some big play-action passes.


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All I have been hearing from everyone here in South Bend is how Golson is going to pick us apart and we have no chance. I can't wait for this weekend and a Michigan victory.


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I want nothing less than absolute and complete destruction of the Domers.  This is the most important game of the season because it is the next game.  I want the Domers disillusioned and distraught with disbelief.  I want them questioning who they are as football players as they are banished indefinitely to the wallows of the ACC witness protection program.

This Saturday the gilded inflation will expire as its faux ranking intercedes violently with facts.  The time for reckoning rumbles in the distance.  The time for pretending is over.  You are doomed.

Fuck the Irish.



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A stirring harangue, Robocrofts. 

I would make only a single amendment.  Instead of, "This is the most important game of the season because it is the next game," I would say instead:  "This is the most important game of the season because we shan't play the golden fuckers again for a long while." 

We won't get another chance at the fighting chickens for a long, long while.  This non-rivalry may never be rekindled.  So we need to end it the right way:  5-1, Michigan. 


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True, but I think the leadership on this team is much different from the style of leadership that came from last year's guys. Hopefully Gardner and co won't let that happen. You have to imagine though they have learned the hard way enough times the last couple of years that no game is a guaranteed win.