Notre Dame vs Michigan 2011 Uniforms for the game. Is this confirmed as official? [locked for troll]

Submitted by the_big_house 500th on September 28th, 2010 at 1:36 AM

I came across this video on youtube and I would like to know if anybody else has seen this, posted anything about it or heard rumors?



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but I know Roundtree's (public!) twitter said that he wants an alternate jersey to change things up, citing the fact that he wears the exact same jersey his dad wore.  he said we can still maintain the tradition of winning at Michigan and still "update" our uniforms.


just an FYI -- interesting perspective from a player.  wonder if it is more widely shared around the team.

ND Sux

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would really help our road uni's, which I have always thought are lame. 

Maize with blue pant would be interesting for the road also.  Keep the blue at home. 


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the all whites of MSU PSU and Texas always look good, but I think the yellow pants are iconic

I would not mind seeing these uni's in the spring game or practice if they want to sell a few more items to help offset some costs

or if addidas gave some cash to the general scholarship fund

Tim Waymen

September 28th, 2010 at 9:43 AM ^

Years earlier, Kellen Winslow offended people by making those stupid comments about being a "fucking soldier," and then 7 years later Nike dresses up the Hurricanes in its Pro Combat unis.  I'm not offended nor do I really care; I just find some irony in that.


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HEY, now we all know the moon is not made of green cheese.

Yes, that's true Harry.

But what if it where made of barbecue spare ribs? Would you eat it then?


I know I would. Heck, I'd have seconds. And then polish it off with a tall cool budweiser.


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Michigan will NEVER, ever change their home jersey/pants.   

Michigan will NEVER have maize colored jerseys as the base color.


Michigan could, however change the road unis to white jersey/blue pants,  but that would be about it......


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Michigan is going to change uniform 5 times like a Barbie fashion show: A new uniform set for each quarter of the game, plus a special presentation pirouette at halftime for uniform change no. 3.

OMG Shirtless

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I always knew the_big_house 500th was a little off, I mean he did threaten to fight me, david from wyoming and several others, but this takes the cake.  I had no idea he was this delusional.  


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Damn, big house 500th, not even waiting for Red Wings playoff season to meltdown this time? As soon as you got back to 20 points you decided to lose them all again, good job sir.


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First, I don't particularly like the uniforms from the Youtube video. And I definitely don't like the weird uniforms at Oregon, etc.

But, this does not mean I am opposed to change in general, and change in uniforms, in particular. Things change, and that's ok. Sometimes even good. I think tOSU's current uniforms look better than their throwbacks. The Chicago Bears wore throwback uniforms last night, did nothing for me, pretty meh. And it wouldn't hurt Penn State to change, tho they never will. Maybe UofM can make some changes too.

The analogy is our stadium, our beloved "Big House." Change was painful, hard, and made some of us nervous. A few said that change would "ruin" the stadium. But we were way behind the times, and the change ended up being a great thing.

The stadium change is a template for future uniform change. Always stay classy, always do things the right way, don't just follow the crowd, strive to be the leaders and best. What this means, I don't know exactly. How this will play out is anyone's guess. But we can't stay the same forever.

Here's a different suggestion:  maybe we could actually have "maize and blue" uniforms sometime. The official colors are not our uniform colors. To have UofM maize and blue instead of the navy and gold used by the football team would be a unique and different change that could be very interesting.

Edit:  I don't know why the photo pasted in doesn't show. It was cut from a link at UofM on our official colors:


photo of 1912 colors that U-M now recognizes as official

The Barwis Effect

September 28th, 2010 at 10:14 AM ^

The worst part of those uniforms are not the maize jerseys, but the two-piece NFL-style blue and white socks ... they can make just about any uniform design look bad.

Purely from a design standpoint, I could live with just about any of those uniforms except for the 'maize outs' .... those things are to uniforms what Boise's turf is to football fields.

I especially like the all whites, which harken back to the early-70's era Bo teams.  I also like the contrast the blue pants provide to the white jersey in the 4th design.  To be honest, I don't even mind the look of the maize jersey with the blue pants ... reminds me of my favorite look for the hockey team.


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In the politest way possible "kill yoself". We have the best uniforms in sports no need to go out there in all maize uniforms, but i am not opposed to wearing blue pants every now and then on the road.


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I would love to see a maize jersey. I am not saying we need 300 alternates like Oregon but I would like to see a maize jersey either on the road or at home. There are some "traditions" that should be kept eternally but there also needs to be change to instill new traditions. This isn't your Dad's Michigan team anymore. Accept that fact and get over it. I bet the same people that don't want a maize jersey also don't want a night game! $1.8 million says you will have more than 1 night game in our future.


September 28th, 2010 at 10:19 AM ^

This was a tweet from last week:


@TWoolf29 (Troy Woolfolk): I'm starting a petition for us to get new uniforms, I'm wearing the same dang jersey as my dad. … (cont.) As long as we keep the tradition of winning then we good. Don't you want to see something different, let's spice up the jersey a little bit.


Personally, I really hope they keep our home unis the same, but I wouldn't be opposed to an alternate jersey combo of some kind for the away jerseys. Just no maize - our QBs practice jerseys, although they look like mustard yellow, look horrible.