Notre Dame TE Niklas declares for NFL draft

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But was way too inconsistent. Guy was a mismatch, great athlete, but would lose focus, drop the ball, run a wrong route, not hit a hole, etc. Pure talent was there, and because of that he'll get a chance at the next level, but I'm sure he was also a very frustrating player for ND fans (he certainly helped Michigan enough in that game).


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If we win next season, no one will be saying "Series ends with Michigan getting totally fake win because Notre Dame wasn't as good". The storyline will be "Series ends on sour note for Notre Dame as Michigan wins 7 of the final 9 games"

And 20 years from now, even the Domer-est of Domers will barely remember their conspiracy theories about the 2014 game. You only remember the 'W' or the 'L'


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Big news. He was supposed to be their number 1 receiving option for the upcoming season. That game just became much more manageable. Boy the good news just keeps coming in 2014.


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Brian VanGorder, until recently the LB coach for the Jets, will be the new defensive coordinator for Notre Dame. I believe he held the position at Georgia and Auburn at various points in his career, and going way back, Kelly and VanGorder were both on the staff at Grand Valley State back in the 1990s. I haven't heard anything about an OC candidate yet though. 

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Why should I fear a guy that only caught 10 passes for 171 yards and 3 TDs last year and 14 total passes in his 3 years playing to date? I think Jake Butt doubled that output as a true freshman. I admit ND has recruited the position well, but there is a big difference between potential prospects and proven players. ND is now losing 2 of their top 3 receivers from last year. I think current redshirting freshmen Mike Heuerman or Durham Smythe are most likely to end up filling this position.

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Koyack finished 5th in receptions and total yards this year for ND. Niklas didn't have a huge year behind Eifert as a sophomore in 2012, but I don't think Koyack stood out that much when I watched ND this year and Niklas was a younger player at the time. I guess we'll see next year, but I think it is unlikely that a guy who has barely made an impact through his first three years is going to start setting the world on fire.

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But that was my original point. No one knows if he will be any good or not. At the same time I can say, show me a TE who has produced little in his first 3 years who went on to be an All-American/NFL first rounder in his senior year. Of course there will be a couple exceptions, just like I could name Zack Ertz and Coby Fleener at Stanford in 2011. But there are 2 things that don't project well for Koyack:

1. Koyack hasn't shown much through 3 years at the position.

2. Koyack played TE in 2011. Niklas played defense in 2011. Niklas switched to offense in 2012 (with Eifert still on the team) and passed Koyack on the depth chart. That doesn't really support Koyack being an impact player or bode well for his future.


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Gone this long, but I'll bite.  My point was simply don't sleep on Koyack, and lack of production is understandable with the NFL players that were in front of him.  My original point was that ND has recruited TEs well, they got three impressive TE prospects last year, and 2 this year.

Stanford ran 2 TE sets with Andrew Luck throwing to both of those guys.  In 2011 ND had Michael Floyd and Tyler Eifert.  My guess is with a couple seconds to throw, the QB is going to look at those 2 guys first, Floyd had 100 receptions, Eifert had 63.  They were also running Cierre Wood and Jonas Gray hard that year.  There's only 1 football to go around.

Ok, I'm done thinking about Notre Dame's 2nd string TE, NUSSMEIER!!!

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notre dame recruits TE very well, every time a TE graduates a new TE steps up

First there was zach rudolph, then tyler eifert, then niklas, and now koyak

I dont remember how many years that has been now, but before that there was john carlson, then will yeatman (who was looking to be great for ND before getting kicked off the team), and anthony fasano was before john carlson.  I dont remember how far this goes back, but regardless, they have been utilizing their TEs well and getting the good recruits because of it.

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that they have more guys leaving early than surprising by staying (like Lewan, for example).  Perhaps they get the sense that Kelly is only around until something better comes along, so why not take THEIR money when it presents itself. 

If a guy is going first round, or maybe even top half of the second, it does not strike me as a crazy move to jump.  Plenty of examples of guys who came back for another year (thinking Leinert, Quinn here) who do not seem to have improved their draft position.  


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Niklas just days previous said he was staying.  He graded out at a 2-4th round prospect.  Being a heavy part of the offense this year would have raised his draft prospects tremendously (a la Eifert).

Both Nix & Tuitt were not surprises.   Atkinson was somewhat because he certainly could use another year of development.  He was suspended for the bowl game because he was twittering during a team dinner or something.


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This seems dumb to me.

This is a relatively stacked TE class. With Jace Amaro, Eric Ebron, and Austin Sefarian-Jenkins. All late 1st rounders. The lions will maybe get him?