Notre Dame schadenfrude

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Now this isn't schadenfreude in the sense that this is a message board post I found. But for those of you who weren't at the game, you probably didn't hear this on tv. But late in the 3rd quarter, the section of Notre Dame fans that we stuck up at the top of the Big House in one of the endzones started a chant where they said "It be...a Michigan Wolverine." Pretty funny considering it was 24-7 at they time. Spoke too soon. Woops. Anyways, does anyone else have any non-Internet related schadenfreude stories they would like to share?




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Ahh yea, I told the 2 Notre Dame fans I know about this since they both watched on TV.  I was in section 19 so I was somewhat close to them.  Once we had game in hand we gave em the "It's great-to be-a Michigan Wolverine". I guess in the moment I couldn't tell if it was just the group around me doing it or if it was the whole stadium (it all seemed surreal).


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Yup yup, pretty similar experience where I was at. The Ohhhh oh oh oh Ohhhhh Ohhhhh chant was pretty cool (at least I thought so). Hugged a couple of grown men I've never met before, was jumping around screaming going bizerk(sp?) at the end.  Not going to lie though I had to bend over to catch my breath a couple of times. I was thoroughly exhausted after that.


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I was in Section 13, Row 14 - just a few seats to the right of all the Domers.  It was fantastic throwing "It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine" back at them, but I forgot to taunt that old bastard in the green sweatshirt down in row 3 or 4 who kept doing a "y u no make a bunch of noise right after ND scored" gesture at us Michigan fans.

Ah, well - he did have one of the very best seats in the house to see Roundtree's catch (mine were pretty awesome too!), so I suppose he got his.


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I must've been right next to you in seats 1 and 2 (with my ND girlfriend). There really is nothing worse than sitting in/next to the visiting section.
<br>Great win. Stadium was electric like I've never seen before. Amazing.

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I'm in Section 12, row 60.  We head the Domers at the top of the stadium start that chant.  It was a lot of fun to turn it around when there were 2 seconds left on the clock.  Of course, at that point I had already broken myself yelling at certain Big East refs and the AD that allowed them into Ann Arbor.


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This is screaming for a "cool story bro" but I will share anyway. I was at the bar in Ames (celebrating victory over Iowa of course) and I was camped in front of the TV. ND scores their last touchdown and this guy(ND fan) comes and stand beside me. He must have seen me celebrate the previous Michigan touchdown so he knew I was a Michigan fan. He told me it was over and proceeded to talk smack. I told him that there was 30 seconds left, we have Denard two timeouts, you're still Notre Dame and that anything could happen. Anything did happen.

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wow, I had an almost identical experience.

at the bar of a buffalo wild wings north of boston, was watching with 3 other wolverines, ND fans had been invisible all game, but a handful stood behind us for the last ND drive, and started screaming lame smack in my ear after their TD, which I honestly laughed off, and pointed out that with 2 TOs and Denard, I liked our chances. ND guffawed. after the gallon bomb, they were shaken in their arrogance, but said that they were happy it would go OT. I pointed out, we've got 8 seconds and 2 TOs still, we're beating you right now. boom, roundtree, and commence sad ND. their ringleader was man enough to shake my hand and handle the defeat relatively graciously. tons of fun.


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A ND guy at work had to sit next to superfan. He sent pictures to work this morning. Knowing him, I'm sure he was smack talking even into the 4th quarter and he probably talk a lot back from the Michigan fan co-worker that he went with and superfan.


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I walked by him on the field before the game and it looked as though he was having a great time. I imagine he still did by the end of the game, but I was sitting in the boxes not around the recruits. If anyone did sit near the recruits, did they look excited? Overhear anything? I noticed the 2012 and 2013 recruits tended to talk to guys who are/would be in their classes.


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I certainly heard them chant, " It's great to beat a Michigan Woverine"  and do the Oooh O O Oooh O" chant when they were doing well. Oh course we had the last laugh and was way louder than what they were able to do. It was great  when the last TD was made and seeing them just stare blankly out into the field. It only go better when the kickoff  ended the way it did and no one was leaving and they had a hard time leaving ( at least the ones next to me). All they could do was sit there listening to us cheer and sing for a good 10 minutes after the game was done 


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I guess this a probably "cool story bro" material, too, but here goes.  A few months back, I had a Notre Dame fan bet me $100 that Denard wouldn't have 200 yards total offense.  Of course I jumped on that.  Then I got a text sometime in the 4th while at the game from another friend, betting $20 that ND would win.  Not only did I get to attend one of the greatest games I've ever seen, but I won a little money on top.


"Whaaaaat?" -DR after being told how many total yards he had


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I was watching the game with about 15 other Michigan fans here at a bar in shanghai, with 3 ND off watching on their own TV.

When it was 24-7 when one of the bigger ones waddled over and props himself up against a wall near us and said (as nonchalantly as he can).

Him: "Good game so far..."

Us: "Still a long way to go..."

Him: "Yea, well I am pretty happy with ND's play..."

He then stood there for another 20 seconds with a shit eating grin on his face and then waddled away.

We of course being fans with actual class did not take the opportunity to stop by his little powwow after we finished our victory shots.


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Oh awesome, I love the Camel. Didn't realize they played college football. I'm not a huge Bubba's fan but I thought that was the only spot that played college football live.

If Boxing Cat would get on board w/ live college football I'd be there every Sunday morning.


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One row in front of us were 3 ND fans.  After Michigan's first TD, with all the maize pompons waving the "wise elder" of the group (~55-60 years old) turns around and yells (way beyond a pleasant request) at my 13 year old daughter to stop hitting him with the pompon.

If the thing had brushed him, it was one time.  We told him to leave her alone, and that she hadn't done anthing wrong.

That's when the "young dude" of the three turned around and started swearing and threatening me.  Rather than escalate I suggested that we would get an usher but he stayed in my face.

By this time, my daughter was terrified and crying (perhaps over reaction, but she *is* 13).  My wife went to get the usher.  Usher was pretty useless, but suggested we all calm down.  He did say that the police would be involved if there were further problems.

There wasn't too much more from them after that.  In the third quarter my daughter and I had a little chuckle over the comment we quietly shared between us ("I wish it were 114,802 instead...")  But the sweetest revenge was how quickly they high-tailed it out of there following those glorious words with 00:02 remaining -- "The ruling on the field is confirmed.  Touchdown."


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And I agree with everything you said.  

It was weird.  As the game went on, and my daughter calmed down I went bipolar.  I calmed down too, but then just felt so aggravated that there wasn't an outcome I could have enjoyed more.

I guess at the end of it all, it was a learning experience for my daughter.  Not all people are nice, and there are OK and not OK ways to handle things.  She also saw that there was no way that guy was getting past me to get to her...


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I was on the corner of Stadium and Main when the Notre Dame busses were driving out of the stadium.  Everyone was waving good-bye and jeering the hell out of them.  Great stuff.


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...not literally. but i had a great time doing that gesture during the last 5 min of the game. my seats are a couple rows behind the ND bench.

the only other time i broke out that choke hold was during our comeback against MSU (the Braylon game).

Mind you we were still behind in both games, yet won both.


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Before the game, on my way to the Stadium, I stopped at the rest room on the golf course. Notre Dame fan told me he could save me 3 hours of my life because the final was going to be 31-10 Irish. He got the Notre Dame part of the score right........


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Not really a surprise but still annoying.

2) I had ND fans texting me, talking a whole bunch shit, that I ain't trying to hear (Props if you caught that reference) while we were losing, only to play nice as soon as we won. It was disgusting how quickly they stopped talking shit and started saying good game.

3) ND fans talking about how Denard is still a shitty quarterback and just a RB who throws the ball. Last time I checked, he threw for more yards then Rees.