Notre Dame Pulls 4 Star WR's Commitment 5 days later

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Really strange.  Kid is a highly rated WR from TN that doesn't seem to have any red flags.



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More has been made about Harbaugh pulling the offer for an offensive lineman than Kelly telling a kid to stand in a wind storm on top of a crane and dying.  Or ND having to forfeit a near-perfect season due to academic fraud by multiple players. For whatever reason ND remains this Golden child to the media.


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Bizarre. That being said, due to recruiting rules you aren’t able to hear ND’s side of the story. As a program that has had that happen to us in the recent past, we should remember that. 


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I saw this on reddit, and ND fans are saying that the WR coach pulled the trigger too quickly. In any case, the kid handled the situation with class. 


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The part where he says ND told him they pulled it due to a "change of plans" sounds like they've decided to use that scholarship on another position.

Maybe they've decided they don't need a/another WR in this class after reviewing their board.  It sucks for the kids to emotionally go through that process then feel like they've found their dream school only to have it yanked away but they did it a long enough way out that hopefully he can find another school that he likes as much

Boogie down

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I don't know, maybe it's me, but its July. This kid has plenty of time to get another offer. I can think of a number of things to rip Kelly and ND on, but this isn't one of them. They change their mind, for whatever reason, but for goodness sake, the kid hasn't played a down in his senior season yet.


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I get it...kid will accept a full ride athletic scholarship from another great school, but this just speaks to the lack of integrity in college recruiting.  I also know this swings both way.  The student athlete can back out of a commitment at any time too.  


I think one expects more from a grown ass man and an institution like Notre Dame.  You extend a kid an offer and kid accepts it.  You then rescind offer 5 days later!?  What the Hell!?  I expect "wishy washy" from a kid under the age of 18.  I don't expect douche baggery like this from a grown man...but this is Kelly we are talking about.


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Ben Roethlesberger...Kid from Findlay didn't play qb until his senior season because the Findaly head coach played his son over Ben...the talent gap was clearly night and day. As a result Ben had zero film as a qb and power five schools never batted an eye at the kid. He didn't accumulate the stats all the bean crunchers want, so he ends up at Miami (NTM) and rewrites a few MAC records, goes on to win a Super Bowl, and plays above ranking. 

Yeah, maybe the kid lands on his feet somewhere, but as an incoming senior, his chances are probably limited. Most programs are already filling out their 2021 class charts. Someone will take a shot at the kid, but he will choose out of desperation more than likely. With two kids entering their senior years as athletes...the time has passed for dream school time.


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I mean...the kid is a 4-star and top-250 player. He's going to land on his feet and he's going to have good chances. Its not going to be an instance of someone "taking a shot" with the kid.

I dont say that to say the situation doesnt suck for Sheffield, but your comments about it are...odd. 


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It's a bad look for ND and I believe Del Alexander (WR coach at ND) messed up and was caught off guard by the commitment. None of the ND insiders saw this one coming and I believe some had him pegged to commit to Purdue. ND's WR class will be very small this year (1, maybe 2) after taking 4 last year and just got a WR commit from Cam Hart on July 4th for this class. In a recent interview Sheffield said he hadn't had any communication with ND "for months" and then calls Del telling him he's going to commit and Del congratulated him when he should have had a better handle on ND's WR board and 2019 class as a whole. The one excuse Del has is that he was supposedly on vacation but he should still know better than to just accept the kids commitment, especially when the kid's commitment tweet specifically says that he will be taking other visits in the fall. Del messed up but at least he let TJ know soon after that they couldn't accept his commitment. And Kelly never accepted the commitment and never sent out his normal "#WeareND" tweet when someone commits. And yes, I know Michigan has been in this situation before too. Sucks that you never hear the schools side of things like in the whole Matt Falcon ordeal where Michigan turned out to be right.


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I don't get why Coaching staffs do that to kids...even Michigan.  Why be a prick to a kid by not calling him when he is a commit and just tell him up front that you have changed your mind based upon his current film and production.  Don't get the childish "Lets not call him for 2 months so he ends up decommitting."  Kind of like acting like a complete ass to your girlfriend so you can say that she broke up with you.  Just be up front with the kid.


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This doesn't seem like all that big a story, but I'm surprised there's only 40 comments—in the MGoBlog olden days of yore, this would still have led to a 200-comment thread boiling with anti-ND/Kelly vituperation.

Maybe it's because it's summer and people are off doing things in the real world, but it seems odd to me.

Matte Kudasai

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This shouldn't be a big deal.  So what, they changed their mind.  Kid has plenty of time to find a home.  Welcome to the world of "offers" vs. "Committable offers".  

Ten years ago that term didn't exist.


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I don’t know which program I hate more Notre Dame football or Michigan football. In any event, Michigan, the football program, tends to have class. Same can’t be said for ND and Brian “my face is purple” Kelly. Bad look. Kid is from Independence HS, very strong, big school, state championship HS program in one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Kelly and ND can kiss goodbye pulling anymore kids out of Independence, and probably Ravenwood, Franklin, CPA, Blackmun, Brentwood Academy, etc etc as well.