Blue In NC

August 16th, 2012 at 4:18 PM ^

Wow, GA Tech like unis with TCU like helmets (1/2 anyway).  And to top it off, leprechaun gloves!  This is too good to be true.  Is this another one in the BHGP series?


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Adidas got into college football at the end of the 90s. By 2003, the schools they sponsored all had one thing in common: Shocking collapses of form from their glory days.

These are some of the teams that endured the Adidas curse in the first decade of the 21st century:

Notre Dame
Texas A&M
Arizona State

There are others. When Michigan signed with Adidas, this is what I was afraid of... and it's exactly what happened. 

Now, Adidas is trying to get "creative" with its uniform designs. This Notre Dame abomination is about the worst new uniform I have ever seen, given Notre Dame's "tradition." 


snarling wolverine

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It is a weird trend, but in fairness, a lot of those schools (like ND and Texas A&M) had started their decline before they signed with Adidas.  Maybe their decline made them more affordable for Adidas to sign.

Conversely, Wisconsin has emerged as an annual Big Ten power under Adidas, so not everyone gets jinxed.  (Is Northwestern really "cursed", also?  If anything, they seem more consistent now than ever before.)

Section 1

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Dammit.  Somebody post that video.  Fast.  Dammit.

Is there such a thing as "team-uniform malpractice"?  Somebody called this debacle "scary."  That was how I felt.  This looks like a trip to the Casual Sportswear corner at TJ Maxx.  On acid.

Perkis-Size Me

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If there was one thing Notre Dame had that was superior to most every other team in the country, it was their helmet.

Now that's gone, too. Seriously, what does Notre Dame have left?


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Where are the three holes in the helmet to put your fingers? As comical  as the game is likely to be between two has-been powers, this uniform will be even more hilarious.

angry byrne

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Someone needs to stop the madness with these alternate uniforms already.  Some look cool, I guess but it seems an overwhelming majority of them just look sad.


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The not-even-half-and-half helmet with that godawful leprechaun... Just as "We are ND" outlclasses all other attempts at horrible hype videos, this dreadful costume somehow makes the new Nebraska and UW looks seem classy and unoffensive.


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I am really starting to feel sorry for the fan base. Nothing is going right for ND. The one thing they even being taken away. I like Adidas...but hate those uni's!!


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Classic.  Hard to pick a favorite comment, but this is in the top 5:

"If you are going to go out in public dressed like that you had better win, and win big. So big that no one would dare make fun of you.

It is the uniform sartorial equivalent of naming your son Sue.

But I am at the point of not caring."