Notable head coaching records through 31 games

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I’m sure this has been discussed somewhere on the blog, but I thought it warranted emphasis. Through their first 31 games as head coach at their schools: Urban Meyer: 28-3 Nick Saban 23-8 Brian Kelly 21-10 Dabo Swinney 18-13 James Franklin 17-14 Where does Jim Harbaugh fit? 24-7, good for second on the list. I’ve seen and heard a lot of negativity from our fan base over the season. First, we were winning but not by large enough margins. Then it was bad qb play and play calling (understandable to an extent). Now it’s turned to none other than Harbaugh himself. Can he really develop talent? Etc etc. I say all that to say this, there is no other head coach in America more equipped to be our head coach than Jim Harbaugh. Yeah our team may have some holes right now, but they are being addressed via recruiting and coaching. We’re also one of the youngest teams in the nation. I mean, based on all the bitching I’ve seen you’d think people thought we would be undefeated this year. We knew this year was going to have its ups and downs. So let’s not lose our minds and act like the sky is falling. Regardless of how this year turns out, the future is as bright as its ever been in Ann Arbor. Keep calm and GO BLUE!


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If only he was at Notre Dame, they would have extended his contract by 5+ years with a fully-vested buyout.  It's what they do.

Back on the farm, we are blessed to have Harbaugh at the helm of this program, and such fine players on the team.  Here's to hoping that Drevno's right about the OL making the turn.  It's a hell of a start - they could turn into a monster - if they all pull together as a team.

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I think that's a pretty solid line with Bredesen and big Mike playing guard. Sure, there's not a lot of depth, but that's a very good line. They have no losses at the skill positions, and Peters, Speight and D-Caf will be a stong QB battle. Not to mention a defense that returns everyone but McCray, which is scary good. Things are still trending upward.


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Yeah that MSU loss was program defining imo. Major loss. However, you can't blame Harbaugh for having his top wideout and quarterback out for the season. Michigan has been snake bitten for a while now. Hopefully our horse shit luck changes soon.

It's one thing to be down. It's another for your rivals to be at their best while curb stopping you in the process.


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U have to not fumble to win. Our luck we would’ve fumbled in the goal line 4 times.

It just was not meant to be...

I concur with the snake bitten shit. I think our fan base is OVER IT. From the 2015 spartan debacle to JT was short...Speight fumbling on the goal line vs OSU.

GD. Can u help a brother out someone!?


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Michigan wins the MSU game if:

- It starts at noon or 4 pm, and is over before Hurricane Mork hits.

- Michigan passes in the first half and runs in the second, instead of vice-versa.

- The turnover margin is somewhere north of -5.  In other words, the offensive skill players stop handling the ball as if they just got off doing a shift as a fry cook.

- A fifth year senior in his third year in the program calms the heck down and goes through his progressions.

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Yeah, 14-10 isn't a curb stomping. Neither is what happened in Columbus last year or MSU's luck ass win in JH year 1. Yeah, that first OSU game with JH was bad. Curb stomping is what we did to PSU last year and what Clemson did to OSU, Bama did to Sparty and way back when Ga Tech took out Cumberland 222-0. 


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Would have liked to win that game but I am looking forward to playing PSU, OSU, and probably a two loss Miami in Orlando (or the #3 or #4 SEC team dejour.) 

I am starting to believe these Harbaugh doubters are MSU fans trolling. No objective person can be worried about our performance.  We lost a close game by four points. There are no ifs and or buts, a loss is a loss. It is easy to see, however, that there existed circumstances that led to UM's loss that had little to do with MSU's skill. MSU got a way with one. Does anyone on this board fear replaying MSU 10-20 times this season? I would wager that our record would be impressive. I know that is hypothetical rubish but seriously, I have no fear of replaying MSU. Our 4 point loss to them does not sink our seasons. We are in contention of winning a Big 10 title. We can win out and be a play-off team.  Will this happen?  I would say doubtful. Does this make Harbaugh a bad coach? If you think so, do me a favor and run to the nearest beach and pound sand.  Don't leave until the sand is nice and compacted. Maybe you can solicit the help of Brady Hoke if he can find a headset.

Go Blue!


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It needs to turn the corner and start beating its biggest rivals. Harbaugh must stop OSU from being a consistent L at the end of the year. Nobody cares about close losses. And for goodness sake find some consistency at the QB and RB positions while you're at it.

That's been the definition of the program for a long time. Although, a powerful D is nicely becoming a thing.


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We are in the head of every MSU fan pretending to be a UM fan and posting none-sense on the board.

Let me be clear:

An MSU victory is no more or less relevant than any other Big Ten victory. 

I congratulate MSU on their victory - they should focus on their next opponent, however. 

MSU has a troubled program that fails to instill values in its student athletes.

I feel sorry for MSU fans that are so disappointed by UM alumnae’s lack of disappointment with a close loss to a cross-state rival.

If UM finishes the season with the same record as MSU, UM will go to a better bowl game. We can argue as to the why, but the fact is inarguable. How does that make you feel, sparty? You guys are a walking inferiority complex looking for a UM fan who gives a damn. I feel sorry for you.

I hope other aspects of your life fill the obvious painful void being an MSU fan has inflected upon you.


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but you'd be an idiot not to realize how much not beating your rivals adds ammunition to those programs that are negatively recruiting against Michigan.

Fit's wonderfully into the "Harbaugh is all hype and can only fiinish 3rd" narrative.  

At the end of this season Michigan will have had 6 rivalry games and (hopefully) 3 bowl games in Harbaugh's tenure.  Going 2 - 7 would look . . . ?


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I have been disappointed with the offense, QB mostly, play calling as well but everything else has been close to fantastic in my eyes. Sparty loss was unexpected and it stung. I am hoping we get a run against those guys. they are so loud! I saw a car the other day with 5 Sparty emblems. What is it with that?


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I don't think he got outcoached.  The offense worked great until Isaac's fumble, which is when they needed to go ultra-conservative to avoid turnovers.  Shit happened, MSU was up 14-3, and all of a sudden they had to resort to JOK trying to throw us back into it.  Bad circumstances coupled with shit luck.  He's trying hard to coach/scheme around an amzingly poor QB situation that can be - literally - traced back to Hoke.  Throwing a redshirt freshman out there, with this offense, is doom.

And before you say something stoopid like 'why not, USC did it, or Clemson did it', remember that thier offenses are a fraction of the complexity of Harbaugh's.  And before you say anything stoopid like 'then its too complex, simplify it', remember that Harbaugh's offense will beat the crap out of everything when its rolling.  Once there are talented, experienced, upper-classmen running it, then the talented, inexperienced under-classmen can learn it.  That's when it rolls...  You gotta get there before you can be there.  It just sucks getting there...


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I don't know. Both coaches knew rain was heading that way. You say "bad circumstances" but they both knew an early lead was critical so that defense could take over during the rain. When Harbaugh got in the red zone, he started throwing fades and settled for a field goal. Dantonio made the most of his early red zone trips and had a clever play up his sleeve. He called it early, didn't save it for later, and it set MSU's defense up for the game.


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All we have heard since he got the job, from this site especially, is how player x will be the next player y because of what Harbaugh did at Stanford and San Fransisco.

The way he was hyped we were supposed to have an entire offensive line of All-Americans, 2 Andrew Lucks and a Richard Sherman. Eventually people start to wonder when it's going to come.


October 20th, 2017 at 5:46 AM ^

If INDIVIDUALS developed unrealistic expectations you don't blame the "board"...its time for those people to look at the man in the mirror.

I'm all in on Harbaugh just as much as when he was hired. They have changed the dynamic of the program beyond my expectations and are setting the foundation for years of success. But that foundation was leaky as hell and still has a few leaks to plug.