Not you too Jack Nicklaus?

Submitted by Wolfman on April 21st, 2011 at 4:58 PM

No matter the school, there have always been a few individuals that have been able to transcend the stereotype associated with the respective school's fan base.  UM and ND fans, rightly so, have earned the distinction of being among the most arrogant in cfb.  OSU, on the other hand, well suffice to say their fan base is better suited for the SEC than the Big X.

Two individuals who have stood above the pack as tOUS alum are, without doubt, Jesse Owens and Jack Nicklaus. Their accomplishments in their chosen sport are legendary, and both conducted themselves with a complete lack of controversy, thereby earning their status as men of uncompromised integrity.  Until yesterday that was true.

I'm certain a majority of the fans here have read what Nicklaus had to say on the Tressel' incident, calling out both the president and A.D. as being equally aware of the transgressions of the players as was Jim and that Tressel merely "took one for the team."

He actually went on - obviously forgetting Tress's days at YSU- to say the man is as honest a coach as you could hope to find and would not knowingly withhold information that could cause problems for the university.  This might be true because Tressel has never admitted to knowing anything negatively associated with his charges. 

Given the fact that an AD can be replaced far easier than one of the top five coaches in cfb, I have a difficult time believing Jack on this issue. With the money, prestige and all the other benefits associated with being among the elite BCS programs, your head coach is not going to be the sacrificial lamb. Coaches of his caliber are simply too difficult to come by.

As much as I enjoyed watching the Golden Bear on the links over the years, I have no choice but to call bullshit on this one. Sorry, Jack, but on this issue, you're merely another bucknut



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At this point any number of possibilities can come from the OSU situation. Everyone seems to be pointing fingers.I don't know whether or not the AD and President had knowledge like Tressel did. However, if they did have said knowledge, things are going to get a whole lot worse for that school. It's one thing to say your coach withheld information from the AD and Pres, that makes him at fault. It's clearly a completely different story if the AD and Pres knew and threw Tressel under the bus to save the school.

All will come out in the end, no secrets stay secrets forever.

King Douche Ornery

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Do people feel they can call out a guy like Jack Nicklaus? I mean, I KNOW we are all might moral message board guys and stuff--but Nicklaus is one of those guys who has earned the right to voice his opinions on stuff like this and they should be taken seriously.

Not to say he has carte blanche to come out and say something completely ridiculous, but is his opiniion that OSU is hanging Tressel out to dry really that far fetched?

You make your own point moot in one sentence: Top 5 CFB coaches are almost irreplaceable. WHo BETTER to dump this on than Tressel? He has the support of the fanbase, he can fall on his sword, and the whole thing is swept along.

Better him to have this dumped his lap than on OSU's lap and they get hung with that ol' "Lack of Institutional Control" thingy.


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Per his quote below, he knows NOTHING about the situation except for what was reported. Nothing that has been reported indicates that the President & AD had any prior knowledge of what Tressel was hiding. He is not Joe fan giving his opinion, he is Jack Nicklaus. USA Today does not write Joe fan does not write articles about Joe Fan. What Nicklaus said it totally irresponsible and shows poor judgement on his behalf.

"I don't know what really happened," Nicklaus said following a luncheon fundraiser for the Memorial Tournament, according to The Columbus Dispatch. "But I'll promise you that Tressel wasn't the only one who knew what happened. I'm going to bet you the university, I'm going to bet you (president E. Gordon) Gee and I'm going to bet you (athletics director) Gene (Smith) and everybody else knew, and Tressel probably took the hit for it. Whether I'm right or whether I'm wrong, I don't know."

True Blue Grit

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He should have just kept his mouth shut rather than making himself look stupid.  That being said, I actually hope what he said is true.  That would help confirm what all of us already know and the NCAA apparently doesn't - that there is a major lack of institutional control of the football program at OSU that has created a huge atmosphere of willful violations.  This whole situation with the five playersand Tressel lying about it is only the tip of the iceberg.


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... only said what many people (OSU fans included) think, namely that he believes Gene Smith (and possibly even Gordon Gee) knew much earlier than they are saying. If anything, the Bear deserves credit for calling shenanigans on his alma mater's lame ass story.


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While (1) it certainly seems unlikely Tressel would keep everything to himself and Gee knew nothing, and he could be a buffer of blame from institutional control, (2) it also seems far fetched the good old boys at the top would keep all their secrets around the poker table, avoid their sanctions people, and risk something like lack of institution control.


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Sorry but I agree with Nicklaus. I highly, highly doubt Tressel was the only one who knew. If found true doesn't that hurt the NCAA more than just Tressel knowing?

Blue X2

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I love it all....the ESPN interview yesterday where the AD bitches that Sweatervest did not appologize until he was told to, and now this pearl from Jack.  We all have suspectd for a while that the bucknuts were dirty and now it is coming out.  This is way better than Clarrett-gate and Pryor's mysterious summer car rental. 

Michigan was hung out because of 20 minutes of practice time while the NCAA looks the other way when Cam Newton's Dad is peddling his eligibily like girl scout cookies. 

The NCAA will be forced by the utter defiance of this latest incident to hit them hard.  But first tOSU will get to twist in the wind while the very slow NCAA process takes place.  This will haunt them all year and Tressell will have to answer for this in every interview from now on.  I bet it creates dissention on the team and a few sleepless nights as these clowns all wonder if they will get caught for their questionable acts.  I am betting they perform poorly because of it all.

I am looking forward to these bastards getting their just due for years of abuse, but almost don't want this to end.