Not So Good News On Willie Gay

Submitted by MINajee et Trois on January 2nd, 2017 at 10:26 PM

Willie Gay had an amazing first day of practice for the East today according to many scouts. It was hopeful that he would commit to Michigan but after reading this about LSU Id say its over.

“Did they have a linebacker de-commit today?” Gay asked SEC County.


“Well tell them Willie Gay is on his way.”

He later says hes going to give one of their coaches a call and see if that spot is open for him which I doubt theyd turn him down. Gay is a bad loss as its possible hell be bumped to a 5* if he continues playing how he did today but luckily Michigan got a few stud linebackers of their own before all this

More of the Story here:

EDIT: Not sure why people are negging me. Dont shoot the messenger. Just passing along pretty important sounding information from a top Michigan target.

This is REAL news. Willie Gay himself retweeted the article.


rob f

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Anyone with such a pathetic username deserves an immediate ban-hammer.

Edit: and now I'm seeing that the OP upvoted his own opening post. It's apparently not enough that he's mis-using a potential recruit's name as part of his username.

My New Year wish for MGoBlog: that the threshold for posting OP threads gets increased ten-fold. This guy has been here 8 days and already his posting history is strikingly bad.


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1) Shocking that the website "SEC Country" would have him leaning towards an SEC school.

2) Recruits retweet a ton of articles, tweets, pictures, etc of a number of different schools if it pertains to them, especially when a decision is coming up.

3) Willie Gay has been trending away from Michigan ever since the day he was born in Mississippi. He has always been a "believe it when he signs the letter of intent" type of recruit.  


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Remember the opening battle scene in "Gladiator," when Russell Crowe and the legion are waiting for the reply from the Germanic tribe? And the tribe answers by sending the messenger's headless body back strapped to his horse, and then catapult his head into the Roman lines?

Be grateful we only shoot you.


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I knew not to open this thread because it did not say News on Willie Gay-Good. But I figured we were on a role with the Najee news, Hoping against hope you know.


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Quit sweating it, man. Getting negged on MGoBoard is like quicksand. The more you put up a fight against it and start replying defensively to people, the quicker you're going to sink. Better to relax and accept the situation without struggle, as that's counter intuitively the best way to survive it.


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Many of us have posted stupid stuff and been on the receiving end. Another approach is to own up to it. Pay attention to people's reactions and look back at yourself with a critical eye. If you own up to it, folks around here may even give you a lil' posbang.