Not OT: Henri Aroused From Slumber, Attacks

Submitted by DoctorDave on December 1st, 2010 at 10:49 AM

Henri, the Otter of Ennui, is mad as hell and he is not going to take it any more.

In Boca Raton, FL, two days before the Wisconsin game, he attacked and bit a dog. The day after the game, two people were attacked and bitten. Three days after the Ohio State debacle, Henri struck with a vengeance and the young man in the video was attacked.

Animal control has fielded over 100 calls from residents in and around Boca of an out-of-control otter - suspected to be the same one.

David Hitzig, executive director of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter, says, "It is a mystery as to what's going on and why we've had these attacks recently." "The behavior we've seen in these incidents does not point to a diseased animal." Experts say if the otter was rabid, it would have likely have died by now.

Reports are uncertain as to whether Henri's behavior is related to Michigan's football coaching situation, area recruits, or existential angst within the MGoBlogosphere.

A speedy recovery to those upon whom Henri's pent up wrath was unleashed. A pox on those who provoked him.