Not that I would ever endorse gambling...

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But if that sort of thing does interest you there's an online sports book that's taking bets on where Jim Harbaugh will be coaching next year.


If you're an optimist, a wager of $100 on Michigan will pay $900 when Jimmy ultimately follows his heart back to Ann Arbor.  If you're more like me and feel the need to hedge against emotional devastation a $100 wager on the NFL will pay $150 if the unthinkable occurs.



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Baugh in the Burbs

Imagine him
- in the stands at a Little League game
- behind someone with three too many items in the express lane
- picking up his khakis at the dry cleaner
- at parent teacher conferences
- playing a couple rounds of Pictionary with the neighbors

I'd watch.


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I only use Bovada, but damn it's hard to believe they'd throw away money like that. How is "he's not going to be coaching" have better odds than Michigan?


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Firstly, odds can (drastically) change and depending on the sportsbook and what you are gambling on, the odds you initially bet on may not be locked in.

Secondly, those who place their bet almost solely over what will net them a profit are either morons, addicts, professionals, or people who are just missing the best part of gambling: the suspense and thrill of seeing if a reckless (yet ideally affordable) decision will pay off.


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Bet a few hundred on Harbaugh to go to the NFL.  If he goes you'll win some money to sooth the pain.  If he comes here, you'll be so happy, you won't miss the few hundred.

BTW, they don't seem too optimistic about him coming here with those kind of odds. 


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But you can't bet JUST on the NFL


You can bet on Oakland, the Niners, OR any other NFL team.  Those are all 3 individual bets.  You would have to lay 4 bets to cover all of the likely options (Michigan or anywhere in the NFL)




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I find it strange that all of these national sports radio guys and many "experts" have said they "know for a fact" that Harbaugh isn't going to Michigan.  What sucks is that these guys won't take any responsibility if Michigan is able to pull this off.  

At this point, Florida and Nebraska have done UM a favor by deciding quickly.  Michigan can afford a little patience to make sure they do their dilligence with Harbaugh, and if he says no they might be using their time currently to have a great plan b in mind.


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I funny understand the lingo/rules but it's so blatantly designed to always be a win for the house. I can think of only a few bets where Vegas/bookies lost their ass: Buster Douglas over Tyson, I assume App st vs UM and....? I went count the millions of point based bets over the years. In fact, I may be a gambler if it was just a flat out odds or "pick the winner" game. I'm pretty good at calling upsets.


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A fair number of books even said flat out, as I recall, that they would not offer a line for this game because their wasn't much of a point in their estimation - as far as anyone knew then, it was a colossal mismatch. There are sites where you can get the lines on most every game played on September 1st, 2007, but ours is notably absent. 


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Of course it's designed to be a win for the house, otherwise there would be no houses.  That's like saying a restaurant is set up so that the money you give them is actually more than it costs them to make the food.  Because that's the point.  

All casinos are set up to make money, but in the long term for a large sample size.  Depending on the game, the house wins between 51 and 58 percent of the time.  The trick is to figure out how to be in the 42-49% that wins more often than not.


December 5th, 2014 at 9:52 PM ^



What are the lines for this on other sites? this is worth the gamble even without the hedge, even though the hedge is the correct move...



I've never used this site, anyone ever get a payout from them?  These odds are too good not to toss a little bit of loot at. 



December 5th, 2014 at 10:34 PM ^

Took me a while to get money in and the odds dropped by the time I did so... still made the bet since my money was tied up in there...

Also, note that the $100 bonus you get for depositing doesn't work on this bet.  So I'll have to find something else to bet on in the next month.


December 6th, 2014 at 1:04 AM ^

Odd, Bovada is no longer taking bets on Jim Harbaugh's coaching destination. Maybe too many bettors were betting on Jim to Michigan (considering the odds dropped down to at least 9/2)?


December 6th, 2014 at 1:05 PM ^

Ha. I love what happened to this thread: Jim Harbaugh 2015 Coaching odds suspended after a stream of bets on Michigan moved them from 8-1 to 2-1 yesterday afternoon

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