Not a great start for Lewis

Submitted by ldevon1 on March 6th, 2017 at 12:07 PM

Jordan Lewis ran a 4.55 / 40  (official 4.54)

Channing Stribling ran a 4.68 / 40

1st run of the day for both. not sure how much time they give them before the second run, but not very good times considering it looks like most everyone is running in the 4.3 - 4.47 range. 


My bad, I forgot the 4 in my original post, but it looks like times are dropping after they have become official anyway. If his time doesn't drop, it isn't really isn't much different than other highly rated / considered corners. 


Lewis :  121 Broad jump / 34.5  vertical

Stribling : 114  Broad jump / 31.5 vertical - Striblings 40 has been updated to a 4.60 



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I was talking about Stribling, I think you guys might be talking about Lewis? Sorry, got a bit confused throughout this thread. I definitely think Lewis is a good 2nd round pick, if he drops to the 3rd, which some say he might, that's a steal. Could be a nickle CB starting from day 1. 

Everyone Murders

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Lewis has an impressive body of work against some top tier teams/players.  I'm sure that any bowl game blips will be viewed just as that - bowl game blips. 

Lewis's biggest challenge, IMO, is his height and length (reach).  The combine is notoriously about measureables, and it's amazing how much players shrink between the end of their college season and the combine.

[Edit - Just reread and saw that this minithread had become about Stribling.  Do I like Stribling?  I don't know - I've never stribbled.  My comment re: Lewis stands, though.]


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That time isn't awful for Lewis if he runs an exceptional shuttle. He makes his money by living in guys' hip pockets and will most likely be in the slot in the league. If he runs a 4.0 to 4.2 shuttle he will be fine. It is a slower 40 than I expected him to run, however.


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His quickness and ability to adjust and play the ball have always been his most important assets.  That's not to say Lewis isn't fast, but he's better than a lot of the guys running similar times because of his quick feet and hands.

A 4.3-4.4 guy is still gonna be a lousy corner if a WR can create separation because the DB can't move his feet quickly enough or play the ball in the air.  Pick one of those guys ahead of Lewis if you don't value your job as GM.


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Perspective is tough here. We're used to recruits routinely producing 4/5 FAKE quality times that hit numbers like 4.3 and 4.4, and then when a guy runs a 4.5 in the NFL combine we think it's slow.

I saw Jabrill's 4.46 number and was genuinely disappointed. But then someone (I forget who) posted one of those comparison videos of 40s superimposing runs, and Jabrill cleanly beat Tyrann Mathieu, Earl Thomas, and one other guy whom I can't remember. His time is also faster than that of (of all people) Dalvin Cook.

The fact is, a guy who runs a 40 at the NFL combine is what his time says he is. If he is banged up enough to affect his time, he doesn't run. And no 40-yard dash is more carefully measured. It is the real thing.

So Lewis's time isn't the best, but it's still pretty good. It would be more informative to compare him with other cover cornerbacks.


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The range of 4.3-4.7 is the spectrum between fast and slow, its a very big spread in terms of 40 times. A 4.55 is a tad slow maybe, but not terrible.


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I do not at all to mean this in a "dickish" way, but I am starting to think Stribling didn't take training for the combine particularly seriously. If you're going to be a skinny cover-corner that isn't particularly strong, don't you at least have to have blazing speed? 


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You at least have to demonstrate supreme athleticism to be able to stay with NFL receivers. Maybe he is relying on his senior film, but I think that and a poor combine performance isn't enough to keep him in the first 4 rounds. He's got real run-defending issues. He had a great year in coverage, but no team wants to be playing with 10 guys whenever their opponent runs the ball.

Ali G Bomaye

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Stribling has never had blazing speed. And his body type (tall and skinny) will always suck at the bench press. His value comes in his length and agility - NFL teams are always looking for corners who can both keep up with WRs in the quick pass game and not be dominated on jump balls downfield. He'll be fine.


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"His value comes in his length and agility."

...except he's not known for his agility, either.

Stribling a) has decent height/length, b) is pretty grabby, and c) is an intelligent pass defender. He was also the beneficiary of having great coaching and a great pass rush up front. That's what got him to where he is today.

He has never been an elite athlete, and that goes all the way back to high school.

We are back

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Why didn't you train harder so you could be in the NFL? Just cause he trained hard doesn't mean he is going to get blazing speed, look at Peppers they say he's the hardest worker why did he only run a 4.45? Maybe Stribb just isn't that strong, maybe he's just not that fast, fuck you guys are miserable people


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He weighs 188 pounds, which is 13 pounds heavier than he was coming into the program from HS (175 per 24/7, and I'm assuming that's a bit inflated).  Some guys just can't put on weight, and that can affect your bench press.  Insinuating that he could train his way to a better bench after 4 years of high-level training already because "now it matters" isn't true.

And more importantly, this isn't cross-fit; Stribling (and all players) are training to be the best they can at football, not bench press and shuttle times.  Yes, they'll prepare more for those particular events before the camp, but benching for 3-4 months just to bench would likely mess up other parts of his game and, in the end, probably wouldn't move the needle either way with him.  He's going to get drafted because the NFL likes his size and can see him being a solid corner off the bench or in nickel/dime situations.  


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I'm coming across as a Stribling "hater" and really am not trying to do so. I certainly hope I'm wrong, but just to recap:


5 reps at the bench press, worst among DBs and S (by 4 reps);

114.0 broad jump, worst among DBs and S; 

4.6 40 yard dash, which puts him in the bottom 5 among DBs and S;

31.5 vertical, which puts in a tie for 4th worst among DBs and S. 


As many above have said, this may be "just who Stribling is" athletically and he still gets drafted based on what he's done on the field. This looks to me like at the VERY LEAST scouts are going to have work ethic questions, whether fair or not. Hopefully, he hasn't hurt his draft stock by coming to the combine, rather than just working out at UM's pro day? 


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Stribling was the 3rd corner behind Lewis and Clark.  He was 3rd for a reason.  The fact our 3rd corner could get drafted is a good thing.  As Magnus said he was not an elite athlete at any point.  He was a low star guy who was productive.  Usually STARZ are based a lot on athleticism ex OL.  Then you have 3 star guyz like Mike Hart who are very productive in college but still lack the NFL athleticism.  That seems to be what Channing is.

While I am upvoting much of what you are saying what this says to me is he was a heady guy who happened to be tall.  And in college being tall and decent at the corner helps you get away with things --- ESPECIALLY in a conference that lacks almost any QBs who can do diddly in the passing game.  This isnt the Pac 12 or Big 12 where corners get tested constantly.  Plus he had a NFL DL.... so this made Stribling out to have a pretty damn good senior year.   Again he lost out to Clark in the pecking order.

So I read this as Stribling is an adequate college athlete who lacks NFL elite athleticism.     It is noted he is bad in run support - which was also hidden this year by a generally ferocious DL.

In the end, Stribling is a borderline NFL prospect it appears. Maybe he is the "Ben Gedeon of corners". (although Gedeon appears to have tested better in the olympic venue of the combine)  No shame in that.  He was an afterthought recruit who I believe camped at Michigan and that was how he was found.   People here get all giddy about anyone tall as if that is going to make then a great NFL corner.


March 6th, 2017 at 2:00 PM ^

I mean he's had four years in a college Strength & Conditioning program. At that point your not likely going to make huge strength gains over the course of a couple of months. Regardless the fact that he never put on any substantial weight over the course of his time at UM is baffling.


March 6th, 2017 at 2:54 PM ^

Yeah, he did... After three years of not doing much (1 INT, 3 PBUs), he had a solid year. But still, looking at the numbers he's putting up at the Combine (31.5" vertical, 4.68 speed, etc.), there's probably a pretty good indication of why he is/was an "almost" type of player.


March 6th, 2017 at 3:43 PM ^

good instincts but just lacks the quick twitch to take advantage of the opportunities.

I was hopeful that S&C could give him the added strength to improve his power capacity to jump or cut better if his speed was subpar. Based on the bench and jumps, it's questionable if his strength improved much.

Still an "almost" athlete ...


March 6th, 2017 at 1:27 PM ^

Speed is hard to get much better at in just a couple months. Some people just have it and some people don't. I'm not saying you can't get faster, but people act like if you train for a month and a half, then you are going to knock off .2 or .3 seconds off your time. That's not going to happen! I've never considered him a burner, so his time really isn't too much off from what I would have guessed.

Also I'm not wild about people questioning a kid's work ethic when they have no clue what is going on with him. Even if he didn't get much training in, you don't know why. He could still be in a full workload of classes, he could have been sick or injured which prevented him from training, or he could have busted his butt training and this is the best he could do.  


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Eh. So many shitty corners lions have drafted run fast. Suck at everything else. I'd bet he falls to 3-4 round,because of his size. Someone will get a steal.

His get off was slow. The laser time starts the second your body moves and he leaned a little before actually coming out on his first step.

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How is it "not a great start" for either if you explicitly note that their times both fall within the range of other DBs? Lewis in particular seems to be comfortably within the range you provide. 

Duval Wolverine

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For a guy like lewis who is on the smaller side, it will be hard to cover bigger receivers that run faster than that, and slot receivers who are just as fast as they are quick.   You usually want to trade a little speed for size, but if you dont have size you really need to have speed to last in the NFL, its a big jump from college athleticism wise.