not to be outdone, MSU removes 2 players from active roster

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anything you can do, i can do better...…

hopefully, tomorrow we kick 3 guys off our team. come on, if we all pull together, we can win this battle!

EDIT: title of thread changed to avoid flagrant misinformation, and unfortunately lessen humor. as of now, there is no official comment as to why the players are no longer with the team (i.e. could be by choice)



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The two guys dismissed, Caulton Ray and Andre Anderson, both appear to be back up running backs. Neither of them were rated very high.

Apparently they are still in the school. Odd that it doesn't say why they were kicked off the team.


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to 97.1 when the change over from the karsch/anderson show went to valenti/foster. gator brought up the topic of the 2 kids being dismissed from the team, and they asked mike if he knew what was going on. he basically pleaded the 5th. so there could be a good chance that they kids did something really stupid or they weren't going to class.


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Noticed that CRMB added Cissoko to the "Rodriguezed" threat, and one of the first posts was whether or not he would sign with MSU and if it would open up a pipeline to Cass Tech.

What I never understand about schools (and UM is guilty of this as well) is why they are so interested in nabbing kids kicked off other football teams. I understand that sometimes there are factors that may explain the dismissal, but if it is true that Cissoko wasn't going to class and was missing out on practices and study tables, I'm not sure going to a different school (but with the same pressures) is really going to help. Sure, the academic standards may be a bit more lax at another school, but it's not like he was being asked to study nuclear engineering or gain admittance to the b-school. Of course, if he does wind up going to MSU because UM was too academically rigorous, it would certainly be a backhanded compliment to MSU.

All of these kids might need to take a break from football for a bit and figure out what they want to do with their lives, and if playing D-1 football (and all the accompanying responsibilities) fits into that goal. You wish everyone the best, but being an athlete at D-1 school requires you to be on your game all week, not just on Saturday.


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They should really just start listing anyone who leaves the school, even some random professor in the history department who decides to retire. The list is starting to look like one of those bad SNL sketches where the joke just keeps getting hammered and hammered until it is impossible to laugh. Kind of like everything they did in the late 90's.

Tim Waymen

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That's hilarious. Well, Coach D-Bag has a reputation as an authoritative figure to preserve. He can't be outdone by that corner-cutting hotshot down in Ann Arbor.


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Am I missing something? It doesn't mention anywhere that I've seen anywhere on the internet that the two were dismissed for doing any wrong. Every interpretation I've read is that they aren't getting playing time so they want to transfer to another school where they have a chance to play.

Where the hell did this idea that they broke rules come from?


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That could be. The guys at The Only Colors were wondering what so long themselves. Most college transfer deadlines are in the next few weeks. Perhaps they were just putting in ample thought on the transfer and waited until the last minute. I mean, one of them was a projected starter before the freshman class came in and took there jobs (tuk der joabs? [/southpark]).

Still, jumping to the conclusion that they are thugs that are being dismissed from the team when not once does it say anything remotely close to that in the article is a bit over the top [/understatement].


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these kids either did something worse than Winston.....or.....Dantonio has a HUGE double standard problem now to explain to his players...(and the media, though they'll never ask).

Either that or its possible the AD stepped in here and said "ok Mark you got your one free pass but these guys have to be disciplined harshly."


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well, if it turns out that these guys are just transferring, i guess it will finally answer the question about glenn winston: for him to be removed from the team, he would've had to assault someone, be convicted of misdemeanor counts of assault and battery and aggravated assault, spend 180 days in jail, AND request to transfer.


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UM will never win a battle with MSU over removing marginal players from the team; MSU has an entire roster of marginal players to choose from.


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interesting that D'ton thought a Spartan still had his hands on the control when he expressed surprised how Iowa could get all of those plays off and still have 2 seconds left for the 4th down play. I seem to recall another game with a similar outcome in the same end zone which resulted in a rule change removing the homers from the clock controls.