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Submitted by LJ on October 3rd, 2011 at 9:48 PM

For those of you who have purchased tickets to away games in the past, have you noticed whether prices tend to hold steady the week of the game?  I'm trying to find a group of 4-8 tickets for the Northwestern game, but haven't had much luck finding anything under around 90 bucks--surprisingly expensive for a game at Ryan Field.  Anyone have a good sense of whether it's best to hold off for a price drop the few days before the game?



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and would say if you need 8 (assumedly close to each other) buying earlier rather than later is going to be your best bet as the supply will reduce as we get closer to Saturday night. Now if you were only looking for a pair, it might be worth the gamble to wait a little.


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I want to have good seats considering I don't get a chance to go to many games. What is resonable for each section at Ryan field? Also when should I wait until to buy them. The cheapest I found was $70.


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Yea, i feel you. This game is going to be bittersweet for me. On one hand, this is my 1st michigan game and I'm very excited. On the other, my parents waited too long to buy the tickets from northwestern's ticket office ($50) and ended up paying $99 cause stubhub had the lowest prices.


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I paid $43 each for six. But that was a month or so ago. You are not going to get cheap tickets, and especially not eight together.

  1. This is the "Super Bowl" for Northwestern.
  2. Michigan is 5 - 0 and has a ton of fans who want to go. They are jumping on the bandwagon to the max.
  3. UTL game.
  4. Weather is supposed to be absolutely perfect (clear, low of 55 that night, 0% chance of rain.)
  5. I'd suck it up and buy them for $90, if anything, the price is going to go higher.

FYI, I've been looking for Iowa tickets for a month, and they're even harder to find, and already cost more.

Edit:  And you can absolutely forget about any decent tickets between the 20 yard lines for a decent price.


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If the game was in Columbus, you might find them. Also, if you click on mgoboard on the top bar, you'll find a sticky with tickets for sale (and tickets wanted.) Put a post there. However, because the game is in Ann Arbor, and because many Michigan fans believe we have a chance to win (unlike the last 3 or 7 years,) I'm betting the demand will stay very high.


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Hey guys, sorry for the off-topic post, but I created some wallpaper for the Northwestern game, and just wanted to share it with you guys.  I originally posted it saturday night, but since I can't start new threads yet, it just got buried in some random thread.

(~4mb zip file; 4 pics--1920x1200 (x2), 1600x1200 (x2) )


Original posting with more info on the papers:  (towards the bottom...)


Go blue!!!






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Iowa and northwestern on craigslist/by the stadium and prices seem to collapse in the days leading up to the game. Northwestern last two times we played there and Iowa in 2009. I don't know about that large of a group but in the 2-4 range I think you can get them face.


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More info:
<br>Against Iowa in 2009 Michigan had one loss (I think) and Iowa was ranked. It was a big night game and I bought tickets 2 weeks early then hand to sell them and watched the price fall through the floor on the last couple of days before the game.
<br>In 2005 (I think) both Michigan and northwestern ranked and I needed to sell 2 tickets outside the stadium and was only able to get face.
<br>Like I said, I'd bet they come down quite a bit.


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I'll save everyone my 'cool story bro' but the person ordering our tickets ordered 5 for our group of 5 and just found out they only gave us 4 because it was the max a grad student could buy. Now my fifth wheel is without a ticket.