Northwestern to offer free tickets and transport for all undergrads to Indy

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Associate AD Paul Kennedy announced at the team’s weekly press conference that Northwestern will be offering free tickets and transportation to any undergraduate student that wants to attend the Big Ten Championship in Indianapolis. Students are scheduled to receive an email today and need to respond by Wednesday to reserve their requests.


That's pretty cool and a good way (maybe the only way) to ensure a good crowd for Northwestern.




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I didn't see any reference to lodging, so I'm going to guess it's a one-day road trip -- over on the day of the game, and return after the game.  Indianapolis is not that far from Chicago, so that should be possible.  Long day, but possible.


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yeah but what they didn't share is that it is part of Northwestern's new business arrangement with Greyhound "Go Greyhound and Go Cats!"  They are incorporating experiential learning as part of the trip and allowing their students to sit in the back near the restrooms and share seats with a guy named Skeeter who has an inexplicable tattoo of Kathy Griffin on his shoulder blade that he wants to make sure you see.


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I know you were aware ... I was just amplifying the point that Michigan really is in the driver's seat if they just keep winning.  

I'm pretty sure Michigan will beat Indiana, but a close game could work against Michigan if the committee is really torn between Oklahoma or a one-loss Alabama.  But if Michigan continues to dominate defensively they'll be okay when it comes to picking the four teams for the playoff.

Speaking of Oklahoma ... everyone is assuming a WVU-vs-OU showdown, but WVU goes to Stillwater this weekend, and OK State is a tough game at home.  I would not be shocked if WVU drops that game.  Then the Big 12 enters the chaos zone, unless OU kills WVU and takes the championship.



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I agree, I don't see any scenario of Georgia beating Alabama.  None. Alabama is taking everyone's lunch money like it's owed to them. Got to give credit to Saban.  When many programs get fat and lazy after success, Alabama looks like they are on their own revenge tour.  This is coming from a guy who doesn't like Saban and the SEC in general.


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Hey Folks--I have been witnessing this same conversation in only slightly altered form for days now here at Mgoblog. Let's give all our fellow bloggers credit and assume that they too can add their ones together and get twos and threes, okay?

I assume you are sweet people but "[w]in out and we're in the driver's seat" is just not all that useful at this stage. Lovingly yrs, mglobules


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Why would anyone harbor any animosity for NW?

High academic school which runs a clean program with a head coach who is a little goofy at times but not a douche/scumbag.

NW is like the three legged grayhound who wins the race to save Auntie May's farm in classic Disney fashion.

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In all seriousness, that's pretty cool, and makes a lot of sense for them to do. First time they have a real chance to win the Big Ten in over 20 years, first time in the BTCG, relatively small student body so the economics of pulling this off are more feasible, and like you mentioned, they're going up against what will be a massive Michigan or OSU contingent of fans. Northwestern has the benefit of knowing two weeks ahead of time that they're going to Indy. OSU/Michigan fans won't know until a week and a half from now, so it gives Northwestern a big head start on getting fans to the game. This initiative certainly helps in that regard. 

This is a great way for them to get a noticeable contingent of their own fans to the game. I'm sure NW fans will still be considerably outnumbered regardless of who they play, but its still a very cool idea. Kudos to the AD. 

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That’s an excellent point.  These quasi neutral site games where no one local cares for the teams involved typically suck, unless you are talking major bowl games.  I suppose the league wants to be guaranteed a large venue for potential ticket sales, and maybe prefers an indoor venue late in the year.  But, yeah, do it like baseball now does, best record gets home field.