Is is normal for Michigan to have this many football recruits this early?

Submitted by g_reaper3 on June 27th, 2011 at 3:53 PM

I haven't followed recruiting closely until the last couple years.  My recollection is that RR was getting recruits much closer to signing day and I guess I felt that was more normal.  I have no idea what it was like under Carr (i.e. - early or late or even).

Insight appreciated.



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No. This is a welcome development. It'll allow the coaches to coach in the fall, will allow for better long-term strategic planning for the program, makes it more likely there are early enrollees, and better prepares those already committed to prepare for college at a tough school like MICH.


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In addition to the benefits listed by jg2112, there is also:

1.  Allows the coaches to devote more time to 2013 recruiting, likely resulting in a better 2013 class;

2.  Allows these kids that already committed to get out there and act as recruiters, themselves (like Ringer and RJS have done), hence improving the chance of landing elite talent for the final spots in 2012 and also in 2013;


3. allows me to have some relevant Michigan topics to discuss during the long months of May, June and July (August is already pre-season, with practice updates and previews to occupy the 8-16 hours a day that I devote to Michigan topics). 


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There isn't which is what I'm getting at. Kalis isn't talking to the media so the source of this rumour probably isn't him so everyone should take this with a grain of salt. This rumour has been circulating since he visited, no reason to think it's more legit this time around then others.

Sean Connery

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Well ScoutExile used to be at Michigan's Scout site then he left for 247, and yesterday ScoutExile said that he got an email from a source that he trusted, and is usually right according to him, that Kalis could drop today.


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I might as well let the cat out of the bag.  Hoke was looking for a player in his mid-30's who runs a 6.5 40 and can't throw a pass beyond 20 yards due to shoulder pain.  I didn't want to announce publicly because Scout gave me a -5* rating (their first negative rating ever) and felt it best to preserve my "diamond in the rough" status.


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This is definitely a new thing.  I think it is also due to a changing culture with recruiting in general, as kids are commiting more and more frequently to schools prior to their senior years.


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It looks like the 2004 class had Zero recruits at this time in 2003.

The 2005 class had 5 recruits at this time in 2004.

The 2006 class had 3 recruits this time in 2005.


I'm gonna go ahead and say no, it's not normal.


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Well, commitments before this date by year:

2012: 18 (17 not counting clark)

2011: 4

2010: 14

2009: 6

2008: 8

2007: 7

2006: 2

2005: 4

2004: 0

and that's as far back as rivals "date of commitment" goes.

Average # of commitments by 6/27 of each year is: 5.625 (not counting this year)

So the answer would be that we are about 12/13 kids over the average # we usually have by now.